Betches Love This Display: ‘This Is Us’

Betches Love This Show: 'This Is Us'

Betches Love This Display: 'This Is Us'

Betches Love This Display: 'This Is Us'

NBC’s is one of the best shows on television. Don’t trust us strictly based on our past experience of being right about everything. Trust us on our tears.

This show will give you all of the damn feels–from sobbing uncontrollably to giggling, and then back to sobbing uncontrollably( but happy tears this time ). In the same vein as depicts like and, weaves the mostly happy, reasonably fucked up lives of family members and friends. And, without giving away any spoilers, the show has also managed to make me knock over several glass of wine in surprise. But it’s so good, I’m not even mad.

is great in the fact that not all of its characters conform to the conventional standards of beauty. The characters deal with real shit, like combating racism and weight loss and self-doubt, and the indicate producers don’t try and tie-in it up in a pretty package. It addresses the uncomfortable stuff( like, am I a super shitty mother? Am I a sociopath girlfriend ?) but manages to do it without attaining the spectators feel uncomfortable. Fucking genius.

Added bonus is that Milo Ventimiglia( aka Jess Mariano) appears shirtless fairly regularly. And Mandy Moore singing is a flashback to the — back before we detested Anne Hathaway, of course. And Toby is a really damn good boyfriend and all the girls deserves a Toby in their own lives. And William spews wisdom so magical he’s basically Harry Potter. And everything is just so good that if I had any emotions( which betches plainly don’t) I would tear up just thinking about it.

With the second season premiering TOMORROW, you need to get your friend’s boyfriend’s dog’s roommate’s Hulu password and binge. It has literally managed to get better each episode, so lawd merely knows what the second season will bring. Besides tears.

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