‘It’s a miracle no one has died yet’: The Biggest Loser returns, despite critics’ warns

The NBC show, which begins its 17 th season on Monday, has been accused of putting amusement before health with its focus on competitive weight loss

The Biggest Loser is back. After more than a 30% drop in ratings last season, some were questioning if the competitive weight loss reality show would be canceled altogether. But after considerable delay, its 17 th season will premiere on Monday on NBC. The topic is, with so much criticism suggesting the show does more damage than good, whether it should return at all?

It was the biggest misstep of my life, Kai Hibbard, the win of season three told the Guardian. As part of the application process Hibbard had to sign a non-disclosure agreement proscribing her from publicly speaking about the show without first get approval from a public relations representative from NBC. But her experience has inspired her to be an outspoken critic irrespective of a possible lawsuit, though she has received several cease and desist letters from the network.

In an interview with the Guardian, Hibbard described incessant fat shaming by trainers, ridiculous exercise regimens that were done solely for amusement purposes, dehydration for weigh-ins, and manipulation by producers to pick wins and make villains.


Kai Hibbards before and after photo from The Biggest Loser, season three. Photo: NBC via Getty Images

In my season there was a woman named Heather who was made to look like a combative, lazy bitch, Hibbard said. But in actuality, she had a torn calf muscle and had developed bursitis in both knees. When she refused to run, they edited it to construct her looking lazy.

According to Hibbard, the presents producers try to lead viewers to believe contestants have lost weight faster than they have. Nobody on the show lost 20 pounds in a week, she said. Once, a week was actually three weeks because of the shooting schedule.

Hibbard also said contestants shall include participation in dehydration tactics prior to weigh-ins to make it appear as though they had lost more pounds. We would put on a ton of clothes, shut all the doors and windows and work up for two to three hours to sweat out as much weight as we could.

There is no good reason to pick up a piece of driftwood and sprint down the beach when you weigh 265 pounds, except that it looks good for the camera, Hibbard said. The contestants are pushed to do daily workouts that are approximately 10 times the amount that is recommended by the American College of Sports Medicine. The fact that puking buckets are always nearby, and regularly use, is telling.

According to one former contestant, the extreme weight loss tactics used on the show lead to a high relapse rate. Suzanne Mendonca, from season two, explained to the New York Post last year that the reason why The Biggest Loser is reluctant to do a show reunion is because were all fat again.

Eric Ravussin, a prof of human physiology at the Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Baton Rouge, published a study on The Biggest Loser in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology& Metabolism. His findings help explain why Biggest Loser contestants put back on the weight they lost so quickly.


The Biggest Loser season 17. Photo: NBC/ Getty Images

Ravussin and his team compared 12 people from The Biggest Loser with 12 people who lost similar quantities of weight via gastric bypass surgery. Because of the formers extreme exercise regimens, the presents contestants lost less muscle and more fat than the surgery group, but their drop in resting metabolic rate was doubled that of the gastric bypass group.

In other terms, despite all the exercise, the metabolisms of the biggest losers crashed hard much harder than the individuals who lose weight at a gentler pace.

Its hence not surprising to consider contestants on the show regains the weight, especially when you consider the phenomenon called post-starvation hyperphagia, which, he explained, is scientist-speak for pigging out. A 1997 examine published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that after a period of starvation, a hormonal reply causes people to overeat, often gaining more than what they lost in the first place.

And construct no mistake; the contestants on the show are starving. By the end I was working out six to eight hours a day and eating hundreds of thousands of calories a day or less, Hibbard said.

Harley Pasternak, a Los Angeles-based trainer and New York Times bestselling writer, was hired as the first trainer on the show in 2004. In an interview with the Guardian, Pasternak said that during the course of its presents development phase he formed reservations and pulled out before filming began for the 2004 series premiere in October. The more I learned about it, the less it seemed like it would be a good idea for me, he said.

Jillian Michaels.

Pasternak, who has a masters degree in exercise science, said the dramatization of the weight-loss process, with screaming and yell and weeping worried him. He also expressed concern over potential traumata due to over-exercising. Pasternak is not the only trainer to turn down a role on the show for ethical reasons.

These entertaining scenarios make for great television, said Pasternak, but its not for someone who is concerned with constructing people healthy.

For Pasternak, the final straw came when producers cast Los Angeles-based personal trainer Jillian Michaels alongside him. The last straw was when they cast an actress opposite me, he said of Michaels. Though Michaels does have some personal train certifications, Pasternak did not consider her as a professional. I was going up against a Tv trainer , not a real one.

Michaels went on to be the presents trainer for a dozen seasons in total, permitting her to build a multimillion-dollar fitness empire. She left The Biggest Loser in 2014 and this month will premiere her new reality show focused on her personal life called Just Jillian.

For 12 years, Jillian Michaelss tactics wreaked havoc on show contestants. To motivate her team she often hurled insults, and verbally threatened contestants as they attempted to meet their weight loss targets. Here is a selection of her quotes from previous seasons 😛 TAGEND


Trainer Jillian Michaels from The Biggest Loser, season five. Photo: NBC via Getty Images I dont care if people succumb on this floor. You better succumb looking good.( Link) Im proud that I stimulated him puking.( Link) If you dont operated I will pull Alex on the floor and I will violate every bone in his body!( Link) I dont care if one of your legs fall off or if one of your lungs explosion.( Link) The only way youre coming off this damn treadmill is if you die on it!( Link) Its fun watching other people suffer like that.( Link) Rachel Fredericksons big reveal at the end of season 15.

People Are Doing It At Your Gym: 6 Personal Trainer Secrets

It’s been months since you signed up for that gym membership, and yet here you are, staring at a screen instead of working out. Perhaps you’re constructing the right choice. Sure, sitting on your ass will almost certainly kill you sooner, but at least you’ll be spared the ache, lies, and body fluids you know a gym trip-up will be generated. And at least you won’t have to look at the smiling face of a personal trainer like Ryan George, who wants to tell you that …


There’s Plenty Of Sexuality At The Gym

stokpic/ Pixabay

I’m proud of the number of clients I’ve bedded … because that number is zero. I did a home session once with a woman who suggested exerting in the nude( I advised her not to — the pinching alone !). I had a male client invite me to a threesome with his wife( again, I said no; that is not what we mean by a “partner membership” ). At a hotel gym, I worked with a client who wanted me to massage his glutes and would like to know whether I’d ever been with a man( I told him that I wasn’t trained in butt massage ).

Body-n-Care/ Pixabay
“No, I’m not trained in groin massages either.”

Less ethical trainers take advantage, though. There was one I worked with who went after every attractive woman that came in. One day, a girl came storming onto the fitness floor and asked every staff member where he was, but he was nowhere to be found. A few minutes later, there was a loud din: The girl didn’t know about the trainer’s reputation and found out that he had been hooking up with someone else. The gym objective up canceling both women’s memberships for fighting. They kept the trainer, though, as he had among the best sales numbers at the gym.

One high-end gym that I was working at tried to incentivize us to stay on-site the working day by constructing a “sleeping” room for the personal trainers, complete with bunk beds. Yes, some genius thought it was a smart idea for a group of mostly young, attractive, and single trainers to have their own bedroom in the gym, and much to everyone’s shock and amazement, the room became a love-den. I did try the room out for its intended purpose on one occasion, only to have my nap interrupted by two trainers running each other out. Eventually, we lost access to the room because the housekeeping faculty rejects to clean it.

kadmy/ iStock
“Seriously, how difficult is it to set the condoms IN the trash can? ”

One tip: Never go barefoot in a steam room. At the place I work now, the steam room is pretty regularly stained with semen. It’s most likely the result of jacking off pre-workout, which supposedly drops your blood pressure and relax you. Hey, they say you have to wipe only your sweat down after you’re finished.


A Personal Trainer’s Looks Matter Way More Than Their Qualifications

Satyrenko/ iStock

Like most of the service industry, gyms hire with an eye toward beauty. As a director told me, I have to be what the customer wants me to be. To female trainers, he said, “If it’s a guy, you have to give him a really tough workout. When he’s finished, take him to the massage table. Massage his legs, stretch him out, and when you are doing the hamstring stretching, lean over, expose a little bit of cleavage and say, ‘I’d like you to be my client. What kind of package can I put you down for? ‘”

g-stockstudio/ iStock
“I’m very committed to your hap-penis.”

It’s pretty clear what kind of business he thought he was running, and it didn’t involve a lot of careful vetting of qualifications. As a result, many of us didn’t have any. I got certified through the NASM, but plenty of trainers I work with haven’t. Some take multiple-choice online tests and use that, plus their visible muscles, to get hired. Don’t assume your trainer is some former athlete or even passionate about fitness — many join up only because they think it’ll be an easy job.

But all that isn’t inevitably the suit. When I first joined one high-end gym, one of my fellow newbies was a stunning fitness model. She objective up get lots of attention from the male clientele but couldn’t turn that into paying clients and quit the field altogether. Meanwhile Adrian — a middle-aged, slightly overweight female trainer with a thick Colombian accent — banked $250 k a year. She was at the top of her field because she knew her shit, plain and simple.

Alex_Koch/ Pixabay
“The quicker you reach your fitness goals, the quicker I reach my financial ones. So pick that up. Now”


The Gym’s Business Model Is Completely Dependent On Your Lack Of Motivation

tpsdave/ Pixabay

I can confirm some of the stuff Cracked joked about in this video: We truly do count on a certain percentage of members signing up but not utilizing the facility. If most gyms were used by anything close to the full roster of members, they’d be route beyond capacity. One period, a major blizzard back in the early 2000 s basically shut down the city, but we stayed open. Ratings of lapsed members, with nothing else to do and against all expectations, attained their route through our doorways. It was the busiest day that gym ever had, there wasn’t nearly enough equipment for everyone, and it was a goddamn madhouse. Luckily, it’s fairly hard to get trampled in a treadmill stampede.

Capitol Records
Treadmill-related injuries have fallen drastically ever since OK Go canceled their membership .

Beyond tricking the masses into memberships they’ll never utilize, we’re supposed to sign clients up for personal conferences because that’s where the real fund is. An hour of personal train might cost upward of $100, more than a whole month of gym membership. So once we’ve got people in the fitness room, we tell them the gym itself will do nothing for them, and they need one-on-one time if they want to improve. Not because of our knowledge, inevitably: The true selling point of a personal trainer is having to look somebody in the face and promise you’ll come to the gym at a specific time and date. It’s harder to stay on the couch when you’ve attained that personal and financial commitment.

mastermilmar/ iStock
“You know what, only give me your wallet. You need to earn it back.”

Sometimes they do fight dirty with your willpower, though. Right after 9/11, the fitness director gave us this long-winded speech and included a line he wanted us to tell potential clients: The reason so many people died during 9/11 was that they were not fit enough to escape the buildings. It’s a terrible argument, from what I heard. I never got around to utilizing it, because hell is basically one big steam room — can you imagine how much semen is on the floor? No thanks.


Personal Trainers’ Advice Can Harm You

Highwaystarz-Photography/ iStock

Here are the subjects a qualified trainer can speak on, ideally with a pumping dance beat backing them up: posture and motion, muscular strength and endurance, athletic performance, cardiovascular conditioning, and flexibility. That’s the ideal listing, recollect — we may not know anything about any of that stuff. We may only appear rockin’ in spandex. Whatever the suit, we are most certainly not authorities on nutrition, rehabilitation, or anything medical. Yet in every gym you’ll find trainers happy to advise you on all of those things no matter how disastrous the consequences.

gpointstudio/ iStock
“No , no , not the muscles, that’s a common myth. You have to eat another man’s heart to gain his strength.”

I know one trainer whose client was struggling( due to trainer incompetence, mostly ), so he said, “Tell your doctor you have asthma and have them give you a prescription for Advair. That will help you with your cardio.” There was another who thought they were qualified to give diet advice to a diabetic. One client wanted to get in shape for her August wedding, so her trainer set her in a sauna suit to run on the treadmill the morning of the bridal to fit into her dress. And then there was the trainer who decided to fix a client’s back pain using “core exercises” that plainly just made the ache worse. We barely dodged a lawsuit on that one.

Even I’m not immune to the occasional climb up my own ass. I used to tell clients doing bench presses to touch the barbell to their chests. Then I learned this was shredding up their shoulder joints, so I stopped, but others still insist on it. Leg extensions are what everyone uses to build their quads, but I tell people not to because they’re ruining their knees in the process — you’ll still find a shiny leg extension machine in every gym. One trainer will tell you the lat pulling has to go behind the neck, and I’ve seen that do terrible things to people’s shoulders long-term, but I’ve heard other trainers insist that doing it in front of chest, like I say to, is also bad.

Gennadiy Kravchenko/ iStock
It’s only a matter of time before it gets is the responsibility of autism and handgun violence .

You’ll never know who’s right until you bolt yourself up doing it wrong.


Gym Employees Might Slip You Steroids

Dario Lo Presti/ iStock

At one gym I worked at, the first Monday of every month, a guy in a suit would show up, change into workout gear, and take a black backpack into the gym with him. The man, who we dubbed “the doctor, ” would do a 30 -minute session. At some point, he would casually place the knapsack somewhere behind the pull-up station, and the fitness director would afterwards take it with him into the office. For the coming week, all the Terminator-looking guys strolled in to the fitness manager’s office when the sales director wasn’t around. I got the feeling they weren’t discussing that quarter’s revenue.

Ozimician/ iStock
“Oh my deity, I ultimately assured Hamilton , and let me tell you, wholly worth the wait ! ”

One trainer I know sends his clients to a doctor at an anti-aging clinic, advising them to claim that they’re suffering from low testosterone. The doctor then operates a series of tests which magically confirm this, and the customer, whose only real symptom is a lack of swoleness, skips away with a legal prescription for testosterone. You can even get your insurance to pay for shrinking your testicles.


In The End, The Gym Is Selling An Impossible Fantasy

Milan Stojanovic/ iStock

Cracked has told you over and over that the number of people who lose a large amount of weight and keep it off is statistically zero. Now, I have worked with people who’ve transformed their bodies in phenomenal routes, so I’m not going to say it’s impossible to lose weight, but it is much harder than most people think. A big part of that is because the fitness routines we prescribe you are unsustainable, and we know this. Most people will get through the first few days of a train routine just fine, and we’ll tell them it will get easier, but in reality, it gets harder . If it starts to get easier, you’ll stop find results. And anytime you take on a new project, whether it’s starting a fitness routine or a custom dildo business, it steals from something else in your life.

Eva K ./ Wiki Commons
“In the end, it was my free time with my kids that I was genuinely devoting the shaft to.”

I try not to set unrealistic expectations: During my first meeting with a client, I extract as much info as possible on the person’s lifestyle, mindset, goals, and exert history, then try drafting a plan they can actually follow. But if gyms everywhere told clients the truth — that there is no finishing line; you can never say, “OK , now I have a six-pack, so I’m finished with my body and now I can focus all of my period on video games”; that maintaining that six-pack is now your part-time job for the rest of their own lives; and the older you get, the more work it will take — a billion-dollar industry would disappear overnight. Forget rising health-insurance premiums — that’s how fat would cripple the economy.

Ryan George hosts The GymWits podcast and has a new book out , Freeweight Training Anatomy . Follow Ryan Menezes on Twitter for stuff cut from this article and other things no one should find . Have a tale to share with Cracked? Email us here . For more insider views, check out 5 Insane Realities Behind The Scenes Of A Weight Loss Ad and I AM Compensating For Something: A Bodybuilder Speaks Out . Subscribe to our YouTube channel, and check out If Gyms Were Honest, and other videos you won’t find on the site !

Also, follow us on Facebook, and let’s get a quick pump sesh in, bro .

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You Go, Girl! When This Womans Husband Left Her For A Younger Woman, She Lost 80 Pounds And Killed Them Both

Well, if youve ever been on the losing objective of love, heres a tale thatll build you stand up and cheer ! A successful marriage is no walk in the park, but if there were ever two people who built it appear easy, it was Mary and Ed Visconti. At least thats what Mary thought until a month before their 15 th anniversary when Ed announced that he was leaving her for a younger female. At first, she was completely devastated, but what Mary did instead was truly inspirational: “Shes lost” 80 pounds and killed them both. You go, girl !

Rather than accept the abrupt aiming of her matrimony as a failing, Mary amazingly took it as an invitation to turn their own lives around and gun down the two people who had scorned her. Within days of having her whole world turned upside down, Mary was making the treadmill and the firing scope for hours each day, and the results are obvious: She appears fabulous and the two ratfuckers who think they can just ruin their own lives like she is just some fucking insignificant piece of shit are dead.

Hell. Yes.

Now, had Mary election to spend a few cases post-breakup months curled up on the sofa with a carton of ice cream, that surely wouldve been her right, but Mary decided that 10 k operates four times a week, intense kettle-bell develop, and double slaying were going to be her coping mechanism. In the time most of us would still be sobbing in bed, Mary had already hired a personal trainer and methodically shot her husband and his new lover two times each while they slept. She is even wearing attires she hasnt fit into since college!

At age 39, Mary appears and feels better than she did five years ago, and if she is ever eligible for parole there is no doubt that she will perfectly crush it on the dating scene. We can all take inspiration from this sexy mama who demonstrates that if you work hard at the gym and kill your cheating dickhead of a spouse and his 22 -year-old fuck trash, you can truly love yourself. Get it, girl!

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5 Baffling Lies Society Told You About Fat People

A few months ago, Reddit induced news because it banned a 150,000 -strong group dedicated to tracking down and harassing fat people( don’t worry, several fat-hating subreddits are still there, at least one with over 100,000 members ). The existence of those groups surprised some people — not that there was mockery of the overweight, but that there was frothing, pathological hatred of them. And if you’re an overweight female, then God help you — girls’ self-esteem is inversely proportional to their body weight. And this is because society makes it clear that the overweight are inhuman, soulless monsters.

And where you find irrational hatred, you find lots of people who have no idea what the hell they’re talking about. Almost every aspect of our war against fat is bolt by a slew of fallacies, mistakes, and dodgy data. For instance, did you know that …

# 5. Weight Discrimination Is Widely Accepted( But Makes No Sense)

It would be one thing if the obese were merely easy slapstick targets around the office( and they are ), but there is an entire system of discrimination aimed directly at the horizontally-challenged amongst us. Workplace bias against the fat is more prevalent than discrimination based on ethnicity, sexual orientation, or disability. And as you can probably guess, it’s worse for women.

To clarify, neither the study nor we are insinuating that weight discrimination is somehow “worse” than racism or sexism. However, unlike its challengers, weight discrimination isn’t often talked about, and actually seems various kinds of acceptable. While we’re all pretty much in agreement that you can’t prefer your sexuality and race, lots of people cling to the mentality that weight is not only a choice, but also a moral choice. “If those lazy motherfuckers merely had some self-respect, they’d put down the ice cream and get off their ass! ” Yes , now tell us again about the time you had to sit next to a fat person on a long flight!

… Also, tell us about how when you eat ice cream, it doesn’t counting .

Never mind that researchers now know over 140 places across the human genome that contribute to obesity in various ways. Or that whether or not you’re overweight depends heavily on what part of the world you grew up in, what prescription drugs you’re taking, whether you have children( yes, in the case of both mothers and fathers ), and your income and demographic group. Guess the problem is that people these days have simply get too lazy? Well, analyzes show that in parts of the country where physical activity increased, so did obesity.( Note: People who exercise tend to eat more .) Oh, and your “lazy” Western lifestyle burns the same amount of energy as that of your hunter-gatherer ancestors.

Roughly translated, “Ugg’s mama so fat, when she gather around flame, she collected around fire.”

What we’re saying is that while you do control what you feed, factors outside your control determine how often you get hungry, how strongly you feel starvation, what food is most easily available to you, and how much hour and energy you have to devote to fitness. In other words, a thin person taunting a fat person is no different than a rich person taunting the poor — it requires willful ignorance about how both of you got that way.

# 4. Our Dietary Habits Are More About Vanity Than Health … And That Can Kill You

Ask overweight people why they want to lose the pounds, and a desire to improve appearance comes in as the top answer. We all know why — the fat-hate mob likes to insist that they truly merely worry about their targets’ health. But the stigma against the overweight has far less to do with health than it does with procuring fat people unpleasant to look at. Channing Tatum can be seen smoking tobacco and weed on camera in between bites of pure butter, but no one will blink as long as he has those abs. But if he gains 150 pounds, his movie career will be over and the tabloids will call him a ogre. Twenty pounds if he was a woman 😛 TAGEND

“We demand every cell of fat be in your butt and breasts! Your body is only for our amusement! ”

The problem with this should be obvious: If we’re thin, it’s all too easy to be lulled to a false sense of security, despite the multitude of ways traditional “fat people diseases” such as cardiovascular both problems and diabetes can plague thin people, too. Who cares if the doctor’s cry at you when your six-pack says you’re as healthy as can be, right? Nobody looks at a sexy model on a billboard and asks how their blood pressure is doing.

Here’s how crazy it’s get. It’s well-known that discontinuing smoking have contributed to weight gain( about ten pounds, on average ). Society has induced us so scared of being overweight that smokers are afraid to quit because of this. A third of smokers say that the reason they don’t quit is that they’re afraid they’ll get fat. Hell, many who actually manage to quit soon find themselves contemplating picking up the habit again because of the pounds they packed on after quitting.

“At least now the judgy assholes merely construct faces and walk away.”

That’s how ingrained the “thin is better than fat” thing is in our culture. There are people out there who’d rather danger succumbing from cancer than living as a fat person, even though no doctor in the world would recommend it. “You’ve put one across a few cases pounds, Steve, I’m going to prescribe you this here cartons of Camels. What’s wrong, Steve? Don’t you want to be cool ? Are you a pussy ? “

# 3. The Obesity Epidemic Is Far More Complicated Than We Think

Type “obesity epidemic” in Google and you’re punched in the gut with close to 1.5 million search results, many of which are from reputable organizations, such as Harvard and the World Health Organization. So who are we, a humble slapstick website, to claim that the epidemic doesn’t exist? No one, that’s who. The world is fatter and more diabetic than it’s ever seen. The problem spans countries around the world, and science has identified lots of factors that are contributing to it( none of which are “people around the world all suddenly became lazy slobs” ).

However, we are went on to say that things are a lot more complex than “People are get fat, so we need to get them thinner, period.” For instance, being overweight doesn’t mean that you’re inevitably unfit , and research indicates that being too lean might in fact be worse for your health. According to a 2013 report that reviewed over 100 previous analyzes on the subject, the people who live the longest on average are the ones with a BMI in the “overweight” range of 25 -3 0. Though there is a host of possible reasons for this( they might get better healthcare than their leaner equivalents, for one ), this casts an interesting darknes over the whole “thinner= healthier” mentality.

Who could’ve guessed that 100 lbs of extra resistance added to every movement might strengthen you up a bit .

Studies have shown that if an obese person is metabolically fit, which largely involves exercising and not eating too much terrible food, then they can be healthy. Yes, healthy while being obese. There is convincing evidence that these fit obese people don’t have a greater danger of succumbing from, or even developing, illnesses like cancer and heart disease than their slimmer equivalents. And then there’s the “obesity paradox, ” a recent discovery that obesity appears to lower mortality in the face of numerous illnesses, for reasons science doesn’t entirely understand.

Which is good, because as we’ve said before, dieting statistically fixings severe obesity with a success rate on par with voodoo and wishful thinking. It’s not much different than telling an addict to “just stop doing heroin” or a poor person to “just go acquire a skill that will construct you lots of money.” Barring surgery or some other medical intervention, the obese are going to have to find ways to be as healthy as is practicable while knowing they’ll never be that thin, smiling person on the billboard holding up a giant pair of pants.

Don’t be fooled; those are going right into storage for afterward, because your body will try like crazy to force a relapse .

And since we brought up surgery …

# 2. Liposuction Sucks( Away Your Good Fat)

Our bitter rejection of anyone in the plus-size category drives about 400, 000 people a year in the U.S. alone to try to take a shortcut to thinness via the cheat code of liposuction. Well shit, why doesn’t everybody do that?

It’s because liposuction is a useless tool for the obese — and, for that matter, a questionable one for everyone else. It is only appropriate for those with very concrete health issues, or thin people who want to be very slightly thinner in a specific area. What’s more, the procedure comes with more potential health hazards than a crosswalk in the Fast& Furious universe. According to lipo experts, the results are “never dramatic.” Well, in terms of weight loss, anyway; the drama factor of weird skin flaps or unexpected nasty health complications is well and duly present.

So be prepared for the chance of more cellulite — one of several ways lipo can leave you looking worse .

Even if the surgery runs perfectly, you’ve still likely compromised your health. See, fat is kind of useful for some stuff. This is especially true of the subcutaneous fat — the stuff directly beneath your skin. This fat protects you from trauma and cancer, regulates metabolism, battles infection, and even makes your skin looking smoother and more youthful. Guess which type of fat liposuction almost exclusively removes? The procedure is useless against visceral fat — the other, genuinely hazardous type of fat — which is generally lodged deeper down in our body and can’t be lipo’d away, due to a dumb technicality of a whole bunch of organs in the way. Therefore , no matter how much fat a liposuction removes, you’re unlikely to get the health benefits normal dieting would give you, because the bad fat is still there, hiding. Scheming .

And that’s the best -case scenario. Liposuction also offers copious health risks for something that is typically strictly for cosmetic intents. Your surgery might come with a side order of swelling, burns, infection, or other, weirder complications( embolism, skin necrosis …). Also, liposuction is a surgical procedure, so complications can straight-up kill you.

“I don’t care; any risk is worth it not to have a slight elbow bulge.”

All right, this is why it sounds like the goal should be prevention. If it’s that hard to fix obesity once it starts, then we need to make sure everybody is eating correctly from the moment they pop out of the womb! But then the problem is …

# 1. Calorie And Fat Guidelines Are Ridiculously Flawed

How many calories does an adult need? According to official data ,~ ATAGEND it’s about 2,000 a day. If you’ve avoided looking up the information collected, don’t worry — they’ve slapped nutrition labels with calorie guidelines on all of your packaged foods, all according to that sacred 2,000 -calorie estimation. All those Daily Values percentages in the labels are based on it. Which is odd, as your median non-overweight man should actually eat 3, 050 calories a day merely to preserve his weight. For women, the above figures is 2, 400 calories per day.

“Do we look like caloric calculators? How much is that in pizza, damn it.”

The solely bullshit 2,000 figure is the product of a hilarious series of false conclusions, and only exists because when the FDA was trying to come up with nutritional guidelines, they induced the astute observation that surveys are a lot easier to do than dependable science. So they looked into a number of USDA surveys on how many calories Americans generally feed. This Family Feud approach to settling a highly important, nation-defining topic dedicated them the slightly low yet semi-accurate ballpark of 1,600 -2, 200 calories per day for women and 2,000 -3, 000 per day for men. However, the FDA immediately proceeded to fuck up their hard-earned data by deciding to play medians, and set the recommended daily caloric intake at 2, 350 calories, regardless of age or gender.

Conveniently forgetting that “round figures” was what they were trying to prevent in the fucking first place .

And then there’s fat. If you want your body to be low in fat, then you need foods that are low in fat, right? Hell, that’s basic science! But then that turned out to be complete and utter horseshit, too. When the U.S. started clumsily coughing up its first dietary guidelines in 1977, heart attacks had recently taken the throne as the leading cause of death. There was nothing in the available data to support the claim that dietary fat increases the risk of heart attack, or any sort of death at all( except perhaps those caused by slipping in a puddle of bacon fat ). However, officers were eager to do something to at least appear to deal with the situation, so they grabbed a bunch of arbitrary evidence pointing toward fat and proclaimed it the enemy.

This is in spite of the fact that analyzes have found that a high-fat diet doesn’t even play a major role in cholesterol buildup, and that our constant fat-avoidance makes us ingest copious amounts of carbohydrates instead. Incidentally, carbs break into sugars and a different sort of fat called triglyceride, which may cause more harm to your cardiovascular system than any amount of animal products you could chow down.

“I’m not sure; let’s blame eggs and be done with it.”
“Good , no one know what the fuck they end up doing anyway.”

Okay, what about sugar and high-fructose corn syrup? Hasn’t science proclaimed them to be Public Enemy# 1 these days? Sure, and you’re wise to cut down on them … unless you replace them with artificial sweeteners, which appear to cause as much weight gain, if not more, for a variety of reasons that mostly come down to “They construct you hungrier afterward.”

Confused? Good. That means you’ve gained an accurate position of what is a genuinely confusing situation. Any jackass who smugly proclaims, “It’s about calories in versus calories out, people! ” is the most ignorant of all. It’s like went on to say that solving crime is simple because all we need is everyone to “stop doing crimes.” If they’re not stopping to consider the causes of this sudden worldwide caloric imbalance, they’re being, well, as lazy as they accuse fat people of being.

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Most Vitamins Are Useless, But There’s One You Could Probably Use

When it comes to vitamins and minerals, more is always better, right?

Not precisely. While it is possible to enticing to reach for that vitamin-C packed drinking when feeling for the purposes of the climate, your bodycan’t actually process it all. Plus, a balanced diet typically carries enough B, C, and E vitamins to keep your body operating smoothly.

But there is one that may be worth taking in supplement kind: Vitamin D.

Though how much of this vitamin the body is actually able to use is still up for debate, vitamin D is tricky to get simply fromfoods. In that case, a supplement can be helpful.

Why we need vitamin D

Technically two different vitamins D2, which mainly comes from supplements and food and D3, which comes from the sunlight the fat-soluble vitamin D works to help build up bone strength. It’s also used by ourmuscles for movement and by ourimmune system to fight infections.

Vitamin D often pairs off with calcium, because it helps our bones absorb the mineral.

Studies discover that people who consistently took vitamin D supplementslivedlonger, on average, than those who did not take them. Other analyses suggest vitamin D is alsohelpful in preventing osteoporosis, a condition in which bones become weak and brittle.

How to get it

content-1468577285-salmon.jpgExposure to thesun helps us make vitamin D, but it’s also found in fatty fish likesalmon and tuna. There are small amounts of the vitamin in beef liver, cheese, and egg yolks as well.Because it’s not found in too many foods, it’s often added to milk, breakfast cereal, and orange juice.

The indicated daily dosage of vitamin D for most healthy adults is 600 IU( the above measures tool for fat-soluble vitamins ), of which a serving of milk has about 25% of the daily amount. Whilethe National Institute of Health recommends 600 IUperday( or 15 mcg ), it also says most adults can take up to 4,000 IUperday( or 100 mcg) safely.

Just don’t go too far. Vitamin D overuse anything above that 4,000 IU/ day restriction, or virtually seven days the recommended daily amount has beenlinked withsymptoms like vomiting, constipation, weakness, and weight loss, and it’s almost always because of overused supplements , not from getting too much sunlight( your body knows how to regulate how much Vitamin D it induces ).

Image in text: Shutterstock/ Olga Lyubkina

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A Dying Hypergiant Star Is Losing “3 0 Earths” Of Mass Every Year

One of the largest stars in the Milky Way, VY Canis Majoris, has been caught undergoing a dramatic weight loss, an event that heralds the beginning of the end for the star.

Astronomers from the European Southern Observatory( ESO) have used the Very Large Telescope to look at the area around VY Canis Majorisand discovered that every year it shedsa mass equivalent to 30 Earths. They used the SPHERE instrument, which has theprimary goal ofdirectly imaging planets, to get detailed information about the material expelled by the stars.

VY Canis Majoris is a red hypergiant about 30 hours the mass of the Sun. It has a radius over 1,400 hours that of the Sun, and if it were at the center of the Solar System itwould extend to the orbit of Jupiter. There is controversy on the precise sizing of this starring: Red giants are variable, evolving systems, and our understanding of them is somewhat limited.

Giant stars tend to lose a significant fraction of material in the form of dust and gas. These clouds form an envelope around an aging starring until the unavoidable supernova explosiontears the nebula apart. Scientists have been curious on how these old stars expel material so efficiently.

The explanation that has been put forward is that the starlight pushes the dust out, in the same way thatthe wind moves a sail. This mechanismis called radioactivity pressure and it is very weak. Akin towind, merely the larger grains of dust get enough of a push to escape the star’s gravity.

Massive stars live short lives, said Peter Scicluna, lead author of the papertobe published in the journalAstronomy& Astrophysics, in a statement. When they near their final days, they lose a lot of mass. In the past, we could only theorise about how this passed. But now, with the new SPHERE data, we have found big grains of dust around this hypergiant. These are big enough to be pushed away by the stars intense radioactivity pressure, which explains the stars rapid mass loss.

The dust expelled by stars like VY Canis Majoris plays a crucial role in the enrichment of the Milky Way. It will spread within the interstellar medium, becoming part of the next generation of planets and stars.

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Most Dietary Supplements Are Useless, But Here Are The Ones You Should Take

So you want to feel healthier. It seems simple enough: Feed a balanced diet, get enough sleep and exercise, and perhaps take a few supplements to speed the process along.

Or not.

Recent research has found that not only do these supplements most likely not help you slim down, bulk up, or be more energized but they’re also harmful.

A big study from the federal government linked supplements sold under brand names like Hydroxycut and Xenadrine with 20, 000 ER visits each year. Last year, the Department of Justice filed criminal and civilian enforcement actions against 117 makers of these products.

So here are the supplements you should take and the ones you should avoid 😛 TAGEND

Flickr/ John Jeddore

Protein powder: Skip it and eat beans, tofu, nuts, fish or meat instead

Marketed as necessary for weight gain and muscle building, protein is one of the best-selling supplements in the US. On the one hand, protein is good for you it helps build muscles.

But most Americans get plenty of protein in their diets. In fact, most of us get too much. Meat, fish, beans, tofu, and nuts are rich in protein. Plus, numerous companies have been accused recently of spiking their protein powders with inexpensive fillers another reason to avoid the powdered stuff.

kh1 2345678 90/ flickr

Homeopathic remedies: Skip them they don’t work

Homeopathic treatments are super-diluted dosages of medications. Proponents of these treatments claim that they can do everything from relieve colds to pacify anxious pets.

But homeopathy has repeatedly been shown to be ineffective. A 2005 study published in the medical periodical The Lancet found that homeopathy which involves diluting an active ingredient until there’s no measurable sum left was approximately as effective as a placebo.

Flickr/ Brazucany.TV

Workout boosters like Jack3d or Oxy Elite Pro: Skip them they’ve been linked to illness andat least one demise

For years, the makers of these supplements, whose active ingredient is dimethylamylamine, or DMAA, claimed that they increased speed, strength, and endurance.

But in 2011, after two soldiers who had used Jack3d succumbed, the Department of Defense removed all products containing DMAA from stores on military bases. And a recent indictment against Dallas company USPlabs, which stimulates OxyElite Pro, accuses the company of falsely claiming that its product was made of natural plant extracts. In reality, it contains synthetic stimulants constructed in China. The indictment also claims that the use of OxyElite led to several liver injuries and at least one death.

Flickr/ Michelle Dyer

Zinc: Take it it’s one of the only ingredients linked to shortening a cold

Zinc seems to interfere with the replication of rhinoviruses, the glitches that cause the common cold.

In a 2011 review of studies of people who’d recently gotten sick, researchers looked at those who’d started taking zinc and compared them with those who took a placebo. The ones on the zinc had shorter colds and less severe symptoms.

Oleksandr Briagin / Shutterstock

Creatine: Skip it eat meat instead

All of us render natural, low-level sums of creatine, a compound that helps our muscles release energy. Surveys show that we render more when we regularly feed meat.Research suggests that taking creatine supplements could have moderate benefits on specific kinds of short-intensity workouts. It appears to help muscles make more of a chemical-energy transporter called adenosine triphosphate.

But unsurprisingly, there’s no proof that it’s beneficial for other types of exercise involving endurance or aerobics. So treat yourself to the occasional steak dinner instead.

Flickr/ Mike Mozart

Weight loss pills like Hydroxycut: Skip them their claims are dubious

Weight-loss supplements like Hydroxycut claim that they can help you slim down with a boost of “pro clinical” ingredients. The formula once contained ephedra, a powerful stimulant links between 155 deaths and banned by the Food and Drug Administration in 2003.

The ingredients today are simply caffeine and four herbal extracts: lady’s mantle, wild olive, cumin, and wild mint. The strongest of the five is caffeine, which several studiesshow can help boost metabolism and helpencourage moderate, short-term fat burning. But no long-term analyzes depict caffeine assistance with sustained weight loss.

Flickr/ Janine

Antioxidants: Skip them – an excess of these has been linked to an increased risk of certain cancers, and you can eat berries instead

Coenzyme Q1 0, lipoic acid, flavonoids, polyphenols, and some vitamins are antioxidants that are plentiful in many fruits especially berries and veggies, and they’ve been touted for their alleged ability to protect against cancer.

But analyzes suggest that when taken in excess, antioxidants can actually be harmful. A large, long-term study of male smokers found that those who regularly took vitamin A were more likely to get lung cancer than those who didn’t. And a 2007 review of trials of several different types of antioxidant supplements put it this style: “Treatment with beta carotene, vitamin A, and vitamin E may increase mortality.”

Wikimedia Commons

Folic acid: Take it if you’re pregnant or if you might want to get pregnant

Our bodies use folic acid to make new cells. The National Institutes of Health recommends that women who are currently pregnant or who want to get pregnant take 400 micrograms of folic acid daily because their bodies demand more of this key nutrient “where theyre” carrying a growing fetus.

Plus, several large studies have linked folic acid supplementation before and during pregnancy with reduced rates of neural-tube flaws serious and life-threatening birth defects of the baby’s brain, spine, or spinal cord.

Flickr/ Rogiro

Green coffee extract: Skip it the single study backing it was pulled

“You may think magic is make-believe, but this little bean has scientists saying they’ve detected the magical weight-loss remedy for every body form, ” Dr. Mehmet Oz said of green coffee extract on his show in 2012.

Unfortunately, there was only one studybacking green coffee’s alleged weight-loss abilities, and it was funded by the extract’s manufacturer. The study wasretracted a few months later.

Flickr/ Alpha

Green tea extract: Try it it’s been linked with some health benefits and is generally considered safe

A series of preliminary Mayo Clinic studiesshowed promise for the potential use of a chemical component of green tea called epigallocatechin gallate, or EGCG, in reducing the number of cancer cells in patients with a specific type of cancer: chronic lymphocytic leukemia.

Research on green tea with people with other forms of cancer has been too limited to say for sure how beneficial it is.

While brewing and drinking green tea is the easiest way to get the extract, it’s also added to foods like yogurt and other liquors, or offered in pill form.


Ginseng: Skip it while some research finds that it can help curb tirednes, scientists say more is needed to prove that it’s safe

A well-designed two-month study of close to 300 cancer patients at the Mayo Clinic found that those dedicated 1,000 or 2,000 milligrams of ginseng each day reported feeling more energized compared with those who took a placebo.

Other research been shown that ginseng can help relieve moderate tirednes in healthy people as well, but more analyzes on its long-term safety are probably needed.

Shutterstock/ Olga Lyubkina

Fish petroleum pills: Skip them you can eat salmon instead

It’s been claimed that the omega-3 fats in fish petroleum can boost brain function.

But the evidence isn’t very strong. A 2012 review of three big analyzes found that omega-3 supplements taken for anytime between five months and three years didn’t improve memory or verbal skills in older people who did not have dementia at the start of each study.

“Direct evidence on the effect of omega-3 … on incident dementia is lacking, ” the study’s authors wrote.

Flickr/ Bradley Stemke

Ginkgo biloba: Skip it the studies don’t prove it helps

Ginkgo biloba, which comes from the maidenhair tree, is one of the best-selling produced in the US for memory loss and is often marketed as a “brain booster.”

The evidence of this is inconsistent. While asmall 2006 study detected it to be effective as the medication donepezil for boosting attention and memory in people with mild to moderate Alzheimer’s, a large 2008 study of healthy older people detected no proof that it helped to prevent dementia, including Alzheimer’s. A 2009 follow-up study detected no evidence that gingko biloba slowed cognitive decline or memory loss.

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Study Finds That Strolling Could Be Better Than The Gym

Could it be time to quit the gym wholly?

Not precisely, but researchers from the London School of Economics and Political Science did find that walkers tend to be thinner than gym-goers. In its examination of 50,000 people over persons under the age of 13, those who did at least 30 minutes of brisk strolling per day were more likely to have smaller waistlines and lower BMIsthan people who did high intensity workouts.

This is exceptional news for several reasons: Walking is free, low-impact and can be performed virtually anywhere. The activity even has support from U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy, who lately prescribed strolling for all Americans as a route to reduce risk of diabetes, obesity and heart disease.

“I firmly believe that everybody in America needs a safe place to walking or to wheelchair roll, Murthy told The Associated Press.

It’s important to note that this latest study is correlational, entailing people who reported strolling have generally been thinner, but researchers don’t know if the strolling itself caused this outcome. In other words, if lifting weights and training for 5Ks is your bag, keep at it. But for the gym averse, this is a sure sign it’s time to get your walking on.

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Sperm Of Obese Men Could Pass Chance Of Weight Gain To Their Children

The evidence is stacking up that DNA is not the only information that can be passed between parents and their children. More and more research is uncovering the role that epigenetics the idea that environmental factors or stressful events can physically alter how a persons genes are expressed also has the potential to be inherited. Adding to this, a new study has found evidence to suggest that a mans weight could impact these epigenetic factors in his sperm, passing on a predisposition to obesity to his children.

Our research could lead to changing behavior, especially pre-conception behavior of the parent, explains Romain Barrs, who led such studies that has been published in Cell Metabolism. It’s common knowledge that when a woman is pregnant she should take care of herself not drink alcohol, stay away from pollutants but if the implication of our study holds true, then recommendations should be directed towards men, too.

The notion that environmental factors, such as smoking or stress, can change the expres of our genes has been growing over the last few years. Whilst it has already been shown that activities like smoking can cause our Dna to mutate, which can then lead to cancer, the idea that it could also be altering which genes are turned on and turned off, and to what degree, has been contentious. More controversial is the suggestion that psychological or physical trauma might also be having the same effect, with one study claiming that survivors of the Holocaust could passthe trauma on to their children.

Normally, which genes are activated and thus which proteins are produced is controlled by what are known as methyl groups. These chemical tags stick to the region of Dna that the cell wants to express, acting in effect like a dimmer switch, turning up and down the rate the genes are read. It now seems that where these methyl groups attach to the DNA in cells can be influenced by external environmental factors, and not only that, but that these are then passed down from parent to child.

In the first part, this new study compared the Dna in the sperm from 13 lean and 10 obese men, in order to draw up the differences in the epigenetics between the two groups. They found that in the sperm from the obese men, there were markers on parts of the Dna links with brain development and appetite. The researchers then looked at how these epigenetic changes changed in the sperm for a group of six obese men from before, and after undergoing extensive weight loss surgery. They found that the markers in the obese men had changed after only one week post-surgery, and again one year on.

Whilst the researchers confess that they dont know exactly how these changesaffect the gene, the fact that they are associated with the regions of the DNA linked to appetite suggest, they claim, that they could have a role in predisposing their offspring to weight gain. One of the researchers suggests that it could that the body has evolved so that during times of abundance, these epigenetic changes could promote infants to eat more and grow bigger.

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A Massive Volcanic Eruption May Have Tipped Mars Over

An ancient volcanic eruption on the Red Planet created so much lava that it caused the entire planet to tip over. This remarkable finding, detailed in a study in the journal Nature, offer another startling example of how volcanoes can change a world.

There have been some fairly powerful volcanic eruptions throughout Earths dramatic history. Some are violent, like the cataclysmic two-part eruption of part of the Yellowstone supervolcano 2.1 million years ago that interred much of North America in ash. Some are prolonged and deadly, like the outburst at the Siberian Traps thatcontributed towards the worlds worst mass extinction event, the Great Dying.

Its unlikely, however, that any volcanic eruption on Earth was powerful enough to cause the crust to collapse in on itself. Unbelievably, this is precisely what happened on Mars thanks to the formation of a region called Tharsis.

A huge volcanic plateau near the Martian equator, Tharsis contains some of the largest volcanoes in the Solar system. Martian volcanoes tend to be of the shield assortment, very similar in shape and behaviour to Earths Hawaiian shield volcanoes. These huge, highly widebut relatively short brutes tend to continuously and slowly erupt lava over highly long periods of time , commonly until the hotspot fueling them from below either dies or moves on.

Tharsis volcanoes were no exception to this, but the volume of erupted lava found in this region is staggering: it collectively weighs a billion billion tonnes. Tharsis as a whole is over 5, 000 kilometers( 3,100 miles) in width and 12 kilometers( 7.5 miles) thick. A 3.5 -billion-year-old eruption gradually forced this ginormous amount of lava to the surface over the space of 2million years.

The formation of Tharsis caused at least a 20 -degree shift in the axial tilt of the Red Planet. Bouley et al ./ Nature

The Tharsis dome is enormous, especially in relation to the size of Mars. It’s an aberration, Sylvain Bouley, a geomorphologist from Universite Paris-Sud and lead writer of such studies, said in a statement.


A previous examine in 2010 demonstrated that if Tharsis was removed from Mars, the planet would shift on its rotational axis to compensate for the sudden weight loss. Use computer simulations, Bouleys team worked out what Mars would have been like both before and soon after this massive volcanic eruption occurred.

The gargantuan movement of molten material from the depths to the surface temporarily flipped part of Mars upper geology: The solid crust of the planet swiveled around the partly-molten mantle layer beneath it. Unbelievably, this chaotic, relatively quick eruption of a vast volume of lava caused the entire planet to tilt downwards by 20 to 25 degrees.

In other terms, the geographical north and south poles were in a very different place from where they are today. If a similar shifting passed on Earth, Paris would be in the Polar Circle, said Bouley. We’d watch Northern Lights in France, and wine grapes would be grown in Sudan.

Previously unexplained features of the Martian surface construct much more sense in the interests of this research. For example, sizeable underground reservoir of frozen ice on Mars are today oddly close to the warm equator. Now we know that, prior to the formation of Tharsis, these icy caches would have once resided under the frigid poles.

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