Matt Lauer’s Rape Accuser Brooke Nevils Attempted Suicide& Was Hospitalized ‘2 1 Times’ After Incident With TV Host – Perez Hilton

UPDATE 9:55 A.M. PST : Matt Lauer’s attorney, Elizabeth M. Locke , responded to the allegation he uncovered himself to Melissa Lonner at a run event. She stated 😛 TAGEND

” Matt never uncovered himself to anyone. This ridiculous story has been shopped around for years. Many allegations that are being circulated were never raised during any fact-checking process. And despite repeated requests for an advance copy of this volume, we have not been provided one, while many media outlets have. Matt will have more to say at an appropriate time, but he will not take part in the marketing circus for this book .”

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Unsurprisingly, Nevils appears to have regrettably been through hell after Lauer’s alleged crime against her, and coming forward about it also took an emotional and physical toll. Farrow writes in his volume( below ):

” Over the past two years, Nevils had attempted suicide. She’s been hospitalized for post-traumatic stress disorder, descended into heavy drinking, pulled herself back. She’d lost fourteen pounds. And gone to physicians twenty-one times in a single-month period .”


The woman , now 35, details her extreme weight loss when speaking with Farrow for the book, and ultimately also notes in an interview( below ):

” I’ve lost everything I cared about. My job. My objectives .”

Seriously so heartbreaking.

But it serves as an important reminder that, while Lauer periodically tests the waters about a possible comeback to television( vomiting ), Nevils will have to live with the aftermath of this s ** t for the rest of her life. And even if a sketchy Tv exec eventually lets the alleged rapist back on the air at some phase, at least Lauer’s wife knew when to toss out the litter.


Farrow’s volume doesn’t just tell Nevils’ allegation of rape — unfortunately, the committee is also uncovers yet another accusation against Lauer, this time from a Today indicate producer named Melissa Lonner who claims things got completely out of line at a run event in 2010.

Lonner declined to comment specifically for Farrow’s book, but the author claims individual producers previously told colleagues about the TV host asking her to leave a work party at NBC ‘ s offices in NYC to go upstairs and” consider him in his office .” Once inside, Lauer allegedly asked the woman to sit down, after which Farrow writes( below ):

” He joked about how much he disliked run cocktail parties like the one they’d simply attended. Then, she told the colleagues, he unzipped his gasps and exposed his erect penis .”


Lonner reportedly” recollected reeling” in response to seeing it, and nervously joking about not wanting to be intimate in his office because” everyone else has done it”( OK, what the F ** K, Matt ??) before turning him down. Once rejected, the now-6 1-year-old Lauer allegedly called her” a f ** king pester” before getting angry.

The producer eventually went to on-air host Ann Curry with the story, and Curry told two NBC senior executives about it, along with the fact that Lauer” “ve got a problem” with women .”

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