10 Vitally Important Dog Parts To Maintain Healthy

Part of being a loving dog proprietor helps ensure that your pet’s health is taken care of.

Just as it is important to recognize dog symptoms that may indicate a serious problem, there are also certain parts of your dog’s body that require your care and attention to prevent something serious from occurring.

According to the American Veterinary Medical Foundation, “The old adage,’ an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, ’ surely holds true when it is necessary to pet health. The cost of prevention is often a fraction of the cost of treating a disease or problem once it has become more advanced.”

Sure, preventative health measures are important. But how do I know which parts of my dog’s body I should be paying attention to?

This exclusive listing shows the 10 key areas of your dog’s body to keep healthy. Focusing on care for these parts of the canine anatomycan help prevent a whole host of serious problems.

If you ever have major healthconcerns, you should take a journey to the veterinarian right away. However, knowing this list of 10 dog areasto keep healthy can make a world of change for your pet’s long-term health.

Scroll through below to watch what dog components you should be paying attention to in order to keep them healthy and happy. This is some of the most important information I’ve seen in years!

This chart discloses the 10 different dog components that you should always maintain healthy. Scroll through to watch exactly why each area is important, and what you can do to maintain it.


LittleThings/ Maya Borenstein

1. Paws


LittleThings/ Maya Borenstein

Possible paw problems: Cuts – Long or broken fingernails Extreme dryness Inflammation of the toes, maybe due to allergies or parasites Blisters or ulcers, maybe due to burns or autoimmune disorders Poor circulation Keep nails neat and trimmed Massage Rub with moisturizer Wash with anti-fungal shampoo Apply antiseptic and soft pads to cuts Clean between toes Infection Pink eye Corneal ulcers Irritation Cataracts or cloudiness Visible third eye lid Gently wipe with a damp cotton ball Carefully trim hair around the eyes Add leafy green vegetables to the diet Use a tear-stain remover for cleaning stains around the eye Gingivitis Tooth disintegrates Plaque buildup Bad breath Gum inflammation Examine the gums and teeth for redness or swelling Brush teeth with toothbrush or soft gauze Give them chew toys to strengthen teeth Proper dental checkups Feed with dry food instead of soft food Swelling Hip dysplasia Arthritis Stiffness Infection Use pet stairs or ramps Weight management Put down carpets or rugs for a softer surface Keep them active Add fish petroleum as a dietary supplement Congestive heart failure Heartworm illnes Heart valve illnes Heart murmurs Weight management Keep them active Add Omega 3 fatty acids as a dietary supplement Maintain a healthy diet Infection Swelling Crusty skin Discharge Bad reek Hair loss Place cotton in ears before bathing Groom under ear flaps Clean ears with witch hazel, diluted tea tree petroleum, or hydrogen peroxide Avoid inserting anything in ear canal Vomiting Blood in urine Kidney stones Bladder stones Mouth ulcers Weight loss, indicating possible infection Give them clean water Monitor urinary habits Ensure high liquids intake Add cranberries to diet to combat bad bacteria Choking Cough Bronchitis Infection Allergies Pneumonia Ensure clear airway Ensure high water intake Limit exposure to extreme hot and humidity See vet for difficulty exhaling Confusion Tumors Memory loss Despondence Inability to learn Feed them foods rich in Vitamins C and E Constantly teach new tricks Play hide-and-go-seek with treats or favorite dolls Practice activities involving eye-mouth coordination, like catch or fetch Provide stimulation with other people and puppies Allergies Yeast infection Mange Alopecia Fleas or tickings Ringworm

This Teenager’s Stomach Ache Turned Out To Be Something Completely Horrifying

Imagine the astound of physicians in India who discovered a teenage boys stomach ache was caused by the malformed fetus of his unborn twin.

Narendra Kumar, 18, was taken to Narayan Swaroop Hospital in Uttar Pradesh, a northern province of India, after suffering from abdominal ache, weight loss, and bouts of vomiting, as reported bySanjay PandeyforThe MailOnline.After a long process of diagnosis, ultrasound and CT scans detected a 20 -centimeter( 7.8 -inch ), 2.5 -kilogram( 5.5 -pound) mass of bone, hair, and teeth in his abdomen.

The mass was reportedly caused by adevelopmental abnormality called fetus in fetu. In this extraordinarily rare condition, one of the fetuses in the early stages of a twin pregnancy envelops the other. The enveloped twin then lives off the nutrients provided by its sibling’s blood supplying. Theyre usually found in the hosts abdomen, although there are reported cases of them being may be in skulls and even scrotums , among others.

Speaking to The MailOnline, Dr. Rajeev Singh said, The boy’s stomach grew, but his plight ran undiscovered for years because neither his mothers wereaware of his medical condition nor the doctors could diagnose the condition at an early stage.

Technically, the fetus was alive and was growing due to metabolic activity in his body.

He added, In the three-hour-long surgery, we removed a mass of malformed newborn, which had hair, teeth, a poorly developed head, a bony structure of chest and spine, with lots of yellowish amniotic-like liquid in the sac.

Sanjay Pandey

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9 reasons set out about writing in a journal should be your only resolution in the new year.

Once upon a time in Texas, some computer engineers got fired.

After four months of unemployment , not a single one of them had determined a new job. Something a little surprising dedicated them hope … and better results in their job hunting.

A diary .

In a study led by University of Texas researcher James W. Pennebaker, a group of the jobless professionals get in touch with their feelings and wrote about it, diary style. 20 minutes. Writing. Feelings. Repeat. Daily.

It’s what Pennebaker wanted to exam. Could this emotional writing practise reduce stress and help solve the problems these engineers were having?

“Listen, Frank. We’re going to write about our feelings in a diary. Just accept it.” Image by SDASM Repository/ Flickr.

In the group that got all up in their feelings and put them down on paper, more than 26% found a new job .

“So if i don’t address my feelings in an emotional periodical, I’m less likely to find my next job? Whoa.” More on this below. Image by Nasjonalbiblioteket/ Flickr.

The other engineers wrote about non-emotional stuff like period management, or they wrote nothing at all. Less than 5% of those in this group determined a job .

And as it turns out, emotionally expressive writing is useful for so much more than finding a job.

It can improve your health, your happiness, your goals, your love life … everything! And for those of you thinking, “Whatever diaries are dumb , ” try thinking of journaling or freewriting as PRODUCTIVE MEDITATION.

And we’re off …

Writing in a journal should be your ONLY New Year’s resolution this year. And I’ll demonstrate it to you.

Name a resolution, and we’ll keep it using you guessed it a writing practise! Let’s get started.

1. If your resolving is to be healthier:

All images by Lori White.

Journaling can help you with your immunity .

Ever heard of T lymphocytes? Me neither, until I learned that regular journaling can strengthen these important immune cells. More research, chronicled at PsychCentral, also has demonstrated that journaling can reduce symptoms of asthma and rheumatoid arthritis.

2. If your resolving is to be happier:

Emotional writing can heal mental and emotional wounds … after about 2 week .

I know I’ve been cheerleading for emotional journaling, but know this: the first 2 week will be rough. In one study, during the beginning of emotional writing, subjects get more depressed, and some of their blood pressures even increased!

Writing about trauma is uncomfortable in the short run, but after a brief period of time, the costs can disappear and the benefits emerge and they last.

As one participant acknowledged, “Although I have not talked with anyone about what I wrote, I was finally able to deal with it, work through the pain instead of trying to block it out. Now it doesn’t hurt to think about it.”

3. If your resolving is to lose weight:

Journaling helps process emotions, which are an often ignored obstacle to weight loss and healthy habits!

OK, first, you’re perfect the style you are. And second, long-term examines determined no relationship between only weight loss and health improvements. Weight loss doesn’t contribute to a healthier you, but healthy habits do! So perhaps think about solutions to form some healthier habits.

The emotional aspect of weight loss is overlooked, and journaling is proven to help with emotional processing.

From Dr. Diary, aka James W. Pennebaker:

“When people are given the opportunity to write about emotional upheavals, they often experience improved health . … They go to the doctor less. They have changes in immune function. If the objective is first-year college students, their grades tend to go up. People will tell us months afterward that its been a very beneficial experience for them.”

4. If your resolving is to be less emphasized:

Pennebaker believes that writing about stress can help you come to terms with it .

Stress has physical symptoms too. So if you journal about stress and therefore reduce stress, you’ll also reduce physical symptoms of stress. Easy!

5. If your resolving is to heal that cut on your thumb from when you were slicing the holiday ham:

Journaling might just help heal physical wounds too .

Yes, truly. In a study in New Zealand, 72% of a group who’d done expressive writing after a biopsy were fully mended, versus 42% of a group who’d done no writing. Researchers guess the writing may have led to better sleep and reduced stress, and therefore … heal-ier wounds!

Cool, huh?

6. If your resolving is to get a new job:

Journaling can help you find a job faster, but not necessarily get more interviews .

It’s a quality-quantity thing.

An interesting tidbit on this from the study of the laid off technologist story at the very beginning of such articles:

“Interestingly, expressive writing didn’t land the engineers any more interviews. It simply increased the odds that they were hired when they did have an interview. “

And if you think the whole thing about the expressive journal-ers getting chores is a little too good to be true, it’s worth noting that the scientists who first did this study are in a position to replicate it many more periods.

7. If your resolving is to write more:

Journaling daily not only can help heal the emotional blocks of insecurity, perfectionism, and other fun demons … it can train you to simply write, censor-free, and to simply generally make things.

Emotional journaling, aka the concept of morning pages, is a basic tenet of a book titled “The Artist’s Way” which has sold millions of transcripts. Plus, it’s a book I like and I create things for a living!

8. If your resolving is to be a more creative soul:

Journaling can get your right brain involved .

Problem solving gets relegated to your analytical left brain most of the time, but sometimes analyzing a number of problems ain’t gonna cut it. That’s when it’s great to get your RIGHT brain involved. And one of the quickest ways to do that is through writing!

There’s even a theory, based on MRI imaging, that activating your brain and then resting it leads to more a-ha moments.

9. If your resolving is to be better at your job:

Plain ol’ emotional writing will make you miss less work and get better grades, but used to describe how your work is making a difference might make you better at the number of jobs !

A study of fundraising found that when people working in stressful fundraising chores journaled about how their job was making a difference for just a few days , it increased their hourly effort by 29% over the following two weeks.

Excuse me I have some deadlines coming up, so I’m gonna take 20 minutes now to write about how such articles is making a difference … hold on a sec .

So .. how?

Start journaling when “youre feeling” ready. Set a period. Stick to it .

20 minutes. Three pages. Whatever.

Get in your feelings .

Pennebaker’s research has shown that writing about traumatic events only improves health when people describe facts and feelings.

Throw in some gratitude and maybe a line or two about achieving future goals and dreamings and the difference you’re stimulate in life. Don’t be too strict.

Trust yourself! You know what’s inducing you feel better!

You’ll be in good company. George Washington, Virginia Woolf, Pablo Picasso, Richard Branson, and Mark Twain are just some of the members of the diary club.

Don’t worry about the writing being “good.” Writing is like dancing! We can all dance in our own style … and no one gets to tell you you’re dancing “wrong” because they’re not you.

It might sound pretty out there to be all “I’m writing in my diary now! ” but there’s nothing flighty or youthfully naive about decades of scientific research that show that something as simple( AND FREE !) as writing for 20 minutes per day can change their own lives.

Try it in 2016.

Resolutions are vexing: They make you feel bad, and they’re often just plain vexing to try to meet. I’m sharing this so that we can all be done with those obnoxious, dishonor, icky-feeling New Year’s resolutions .

All we need to do to get started on a better year according to research! is put a pen to paper. It’s free. It’s easy. And you deserve ALL that it can bring you in 2016.

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The link between cholesterol and sunshine is something that you should definitely test out.

Are you ready to feel even happier than you already did about bacon? Specifically, cholesterol ?

As happy as Chandler? If not happier? Step into the sunlight( literally) with me .

Let’s go outside!

Everyone with feelings knows that going outside stimulates you feel better. And science concurs!

Scientists have looked at people’s brains when they’re in nature you’re just gonna feel better!

Manmade surroundings lit up the anxiety and stress parts of the brain, and natural environments lit up the parts of the brain that enter into negotiations with stability, empathy, and love.

* pause for me to go outside right quick and do this *

… and we’re back .

You’ve been outside, though. You know how nice it is.

In addition to attaining you feel better in your soul, sunshine is scientifically proven to make you feel better … in your bones!

This is because your skin eats the sun.

This is the part where we talk about cholesterol. The cholesterol doesn’t have to come from bacon, but it could.

And let’s be real: It will .

Some of that cholesterol you eat goes into your skin for storage.

Weird! But here’s the cool part.

The sun converts the cholesterol stored in your skin into a form of vitamin D. This helps your body absorb calcium .

Yep, your body is like a hypercolor T-shirt. Put it in the sunshine* and it becomes even better!

* In moderation, dude .

We expend so much money on things to make us feel better around $ 60 BILLION on weight loss. 60 billion !

And the humble folks at Harvard are reporting that vitamin D inadequacies are shockingly common in the United States.

But … hello!


Let’s spend some time out there.

The sun is free!

And* that’s* something to be happy about .

Take the next three minutes learning more about the outdoors here … or just go outside!

Bye! I’m going outside now.

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Melissa Harris-Perry has a great point about Oprah’s new weight loss ad.

Last week, Melissa Harris-Perry was “a bit distressed” by a new commercial boast Oprah Winfrey.

The MSNBC host responded to a recent TV ad Winfrey did for Weight Watchers after Winfrey bought a 10% stake in the weight-loss company last year.

While Harris-Perry was quick to note she surely wishes Winfrey a successful 2016 even if that entails achieving the goal of shedding a few cases pounds Harris-Perry took issue with one particular message within the ad, specifically, the component where Winfrey says that “inside every overweight girl is a woman she knows she can be.”

Im believing to myself but O, you are already precisely the woman so many are striving to be, ” Harris-Perry said during the open segment of her reveal.

GIFs via Melissa Harris-Perry on MSNBC.

Harris-Perry said she surely understands why many woman, especially those in the spotlight, struggle with body issues because she’s been there, too.

“I know that your struggle with weight has been long and often personally painful, ” Harris-Perry said in her open letter to Winfrey. “And having spent my 30 s gaining and losing a few cases dress sizes more than few hours, I get it.”

But still

GIFs via Melissa Harris-Perry on MSNBC.

As Harris-Perry pointed out, none of Winfrey’s many achievements have anything to do with her weight.

The whole segment is definitely worth watching below, but here’s an especially powerful snippet( emphasis added ):

“From surviving childhood poverty and sexual abuse, you have become one of the most influential humen on countries around the world. You have Emmys and awards and honors almost too numerous to count. You not only are the first and only black American woman to make the Forbes’ billionaire list, you consistently rank among the most generous philanthropists in the world. Sister, you induced the wealth, and you share it like no other black girl ever has. With a nod, you can generate a best-seller, launch a career, even help elect a president…

Who you are, what you have accomplished, how you have influenced and altered the world is all so much more important than your dress sizing. There is not one thing that you have done that would have been more extraordinary if youd done it with a 25 -inch waist.”

Harris-Perry is on to something. Because not only should someone’s sizing be irrelevant to their self-worth, it’s not even inevitably relevant to their physical health.

Don’t take my word for it, though listen to Linda Bacon, Ph.D. She’s a researcher and author of the new book, “Body Respect, ” and well-versed in weight-regulation science.

Bacon told Upworthy that, despite a lot of commonly held notions, you can’t tell much about an individual’s health simply by looking at their waistline.

“Even the heavily entrenched notion that heavier people feed more than thinner people isnt been endorsed by data, ” Bacon explained.

The host’s daughter shares the same birthday as Winfrey, and that entails the new Weight Watchers ad hit especially close to home.

“I regularly remind[ my daughter] that sharing a birthday with you entails shes especially obligated to strive toward greatness, ” she said. “And I fret as a mommy, and as a woman, about the messages our daughters receive if they guess a woman as phenomenal as you is still not enough unless she is thin.

GIFs via Melissa Harris-Perry on MSNBC.

Bottom line? Your success and worth have nothing to do with a number on a scale. And that includes you, Oprah.

Check out the whole segment below.

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Poop Pills Investigated As Obesity Treatment

Could an exchange of poop from a slim person help an obese individual lose weight? We could soon find out, as scientists in the U.S. are embarking on a clinical trial to find out whether so called fecal microbiota transplantation( FMT) can aid weight loss.

Hearing the word fecal transplanting may leave you with some tense glute muscles, and yes, the procedure can involve exactly what youre thinking( a turd enema, in case youre unimaginative ). But this upcoming trial, led by Dr. Elaine Yu from Massachusetts General Hospital, will involve taking freeze-dried turd thats been popped in a pill. Well let you decide which is the lesser of these two evils.

There is, of course, method behind the madness.The microbes in our intestine, collectively “ve called the” intestine microbiome, play a whole host of roles in the body, from helping us break down food to influencing our metabolism, mood, and even behavior. And in recent years, the possibility that they could also shape our body composition has been onscientists radars. With obesity a worsening worldwide crisis, the idea is surely worth investigating, and studies have churned out some fascinating results.

A few years ago, scientists looked at pairs of twin mice that were discordant for obesity, meaning that one was lean while the other was overweight. Dedicating germ-free rodents gut microbes from the overweight mice caused them to gain weight and fat, and resulted in transformations in metabolism towards those typically links with obesity. But what was most interesting was that buddying up mice containing an obese twins microbes with enclosure mates harboring germs from the slim sibling actually prevented the former from gaining weight.

Thats perhaps not the strangest tale, though. Early last year, a case report appeared in which a woman rapidly became obese following a fecal transplanting procedure, for which her daughter was the donor. Although her daughter was borderline normal in terms of BMI at the time, she shortly tip-off onto the overweight side after the transplanting. While it couldnt be confirmed that the bacteria contained within the daughters feces were to blame, the team concluded that the transplanting was at least partly responsible. An unfortunate repercussion, though the transplanting did do it intended chore: treating a recurrent bacterial infection.

So it seems theres enough evidence to justify examining this potential is connected with the intestine microbiome and bodyweight further. Due to start in March this year, the trial is anticipated to involve approximately 20 obese participants who will be arbitrarily designated either poop pills from slim donors, or placebos. Over1 2weeks, researchers will document any changes in weight alongside other secondary measures such asbody composition and insulin resistance, the latter of which is commonly associated with obesity.

Importantly, the team will also collect stool samples and look for any alterations in its microbial composition. Some species of bacteria have already been implicated in obesity, so it will be interesting to see whether the same organisms appear significant in this trial.

[ H/ T: Ars Technica]

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23,000 People In The US End Up In ER Every Year Because Of Supplements

The evidence is stacking up: Dietary supplements arent worth your money.The message from many doctors and scientists alike is simple: If you dont needed here, dont bother taking them. But if people want to buy them, and they believe these pills, potions and powders construct them healthier, whats the damage, right?

Perhaps its hour for a rethink of this commonly held idea. A big new study has estimated that supplements send about 23,000 people to emergencies in the U.S. each year, and around 10% of those visits result in hospitalizations.

For the investigation, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, researchers collated 10 years worth of nationally representative data on emergency department visits to 63 hospitals in the U.S. After clinical records were combed through, cases in which the visit was explicitly attributed to the use of dietary supplementation defined as herbals, complementary nutritionals( like amino acids) and micronutrients( vitamins and minerals) were pooled for analysis.

Based on this information, collected between 2004 and 2013, the researchers calculated that around 23,005 individuals end up in the emergency room annually because of reactions to these supplements, and that an estimated 2,154 of theseend up hospitalized.

Breaking it down a bit, nearly 30% of those treated were young adults, although the elderly were twice as likely to need treatment. A worryingly large number of visits also involved the circumstances in which unsupervised children had accidentally ingested a supplement. But when those were removed from the equation, the vast majority of visits were due to herbal or complementary nutritional products, with those taken to boost energy or lose weight usually to blamed. Events those people tended to be seen for were chest pain, palpitations and an abnormally high heart rate.

The take-home message here is not inevitably that supplements are dangerous; rather, the study highlights an important problem with this industry. Unlike prescribed or over-the-counter medications, supplements arent required to undergo safety testing or gain FDA approval. This is of particular concern for people who are taking medications that supplements can interfere with.And with greater than 50% of Americans estimated to be popping at the least one supplement daily or occasionally, this is an issue.

Its also important not just to look at big numbers and draw conclusions without taking into consideration the context. In a statement, the Council for Responsible Nutrition( CRN) calculates, from the stated figure of 23,000, that less than one one-tenth of one percent of dietary supplement users experience an emergency room visit annually. In addition, they point out that this figure is slimmed down further if things like eye and ear drops are omitted, which they claim were inaccurately included.

Its also important to note that a large proportion( 37.6%) of those in the over 65 category finished in emergency situations department because of choking, something that has already been addressed through the introduction of powdered or liquid alternatives and soft gummies.

Whether or not supplements offer any benefit to those who dont needed here remains a contentious topic with mixed proof, but irrespective , not just in the interests of these findings, there is a clear need for stricter regulation of these products.

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The Side Of Extreme Weight Loss Rarely Seen

Matt had lap-band surgery in 2009 at age 16.

Here’s Matt at 16 years old and 497 pounds, versus today after his surgery at 22 years old and 220 pounds.

Through the course of his weight-loss journey, Matt became passionate about promoting body positivity for people of all shapes and sizes.

To stay motivated, he started sharing his journey on social media, posting before-and-after photos, answering questions and giving support to followers, and even sharing his snacks and favorite workouts. Six years later, Matt is down over 270 pounds and is a very active voice in the online body-positivity movement.

But in all his years of sharing his narrative, the one thing he’s never done is shown what his body looks like after 200+ pounds of weight loss. So he decided to upload a video to his Tumblr and demonstrate his adherents his true ego.

Shortly after he posted the video online, it quickly went viral on Tumblr, garnering thousands of shares and remarks from people around the web. I was one of the thousands touched by the video, so I reached out to Matt to find out more about what motivated him and what he hopes others can take away from his narrative. Here’s what he had to say 😛 TAGEND

Why was it so important for you to post this video?

“I’m a really big advocate for self-love and body positivity. I think it’s important that we learn to love the bodies we’re in, even if we don’t inevitably like every little thing about them. However, in the time I’d been writing and talking about it, I’d never actually demonstrated my excess scalp to anyone. It felt dishonest somehow, to others and to myself. I couldn’t tell others that I wanted them to love themselves and preserve myself hidden away and ashamed of my skin .”

“I know what it feels like to dislike your body, and to be depressed about it, and I never want anyone to feel that style again. So, if stimulating myself vulnerable can help person or persons, why not? ”
Matt Diaz

What’s the response been like? Anything especially unexpected?

“I think that putting any opinion on the Internet will garner a certain amount of negativity and cynicism, but I haven’t watched anything like that at all. I’ve read every remark and message since the video has gone up, literally thousands, and they’re all so thoughtful.

A actually surprising side-effect were the number of transgender people who’ve thanked me saying that they understood my fight, even though their body-related insecurity grew from different roots. I’d never even begun to[ suppose] of what that must be like, and the fact that my message could help even though my problems began somewhere else is really incredible .”

What advice or terms of encouragement do you have for someone who’s struggling to love their body?

“I know it’s difficult, especially when you’re starting out. I want you to remember that you are not their own problems, certain aspects of society are the problem. You’ll constantly be told that you’re too heavy or too tall to be attractive, or you’re not masculine or feminine enough, or that your skin isn’t the right tone or your hair isn’t the right colouring, and these people are always always always incorrect.

Luckily, we’re slowly starting to see these notions get phased out by modernity. Plus-sized, unretouched models are getting more attention in major brands, more attention is being put one across the alternative scene for high fashion, it’s becoming clear that these negative notions are not going to last, though it’s going to take a while .”

“Understand that to love yourself is to contest the negative things that were put into your head. Every smile, tattoo, bathing suit, and harvest top is a small revolution. Tell yourself you’re beautiful every day, and I promise you will be .”
Matt Diaz

Matt’s story is a personal one, but it’s one we can all learn from.

I suppose the most important thing to take away here is that self-love takes time and is different for everyone no matter what they definitely sounds like. It’s also worth noting that for Matt, losing weight was an important part of his journey, but that might not be the case for everyone. Even so, our society has such unbelievably high and unrealistic body criteria that even many of those who do work to lose weight end up feeling uncomfortable or being dishonor for not having “perfect bodies ” once they’ve lost weight.

There’s no such thing as a “perfect body ” because everyone is different , which is what stimulates us beautiful and great! I’m glad there are people like Matt in the world who are not only willing to share their stories but also to inspire others by showing that body confidence comes in all shapes and sizes, and that all individuals deserves to feel good about who they are. Here’s hoping Matt’s inspiring terms can help others begin to love and accept themselves , no matter where they’re at in their journey.

EDITED TO ADD: Matt has set up a GoFundMe to crowdfund his excess scalp removal surgery. If you’d like to donate, you can do so here !~ ATAGEND

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Bariatric Surgery The Solution to Obesity The New Yorker


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Why adult coloring books are good for your health

Coloring books are no longer just for the children. In fact, adult coloring books are all the rage right now. And while researchers and art therapists alike have touted the soothing benefits for over a decade, it’s childhood favorite Crayola that’s gotten adult colouring volumes some serious grown-up attention. The famous crayon producers simply launched a situate of markers, colored pencils and a collecting of adult coloring volumes, Coloring Escapes, last month.

And though the first commercially successful adult coloring volumes were published in 2012 and 2013, the once-niche pastime has now grown into a full-on propensity, with everyone from researchers at Johns Hopkins University to the editors of Yoga Journal indicating coloring as an alternative to meditation. Here’s why you might wishes to open a page and say ahhhhhh.

The Miami Hurricane. Adult coloring books help people of all ages relieve stress. The Miami Hurricane. To meet the growing demand many publishing companies have begun to produce their own line of coloring books. Health Communications Inc. HCI Books is a company are stationed in Deerfield Beach Florida that sets out a series of adult coloring books called and more….

Coloring volumes for adults are topping bestseller lists

UM students use adult coloring books as a way to decompress and relieve tension.

” I color so I can mentally relax and block out stress for a while. Plus, I love art and I can create something cool while calming myself down ,” freshman Emma Finn said.

College students are so not far off from the age when they used to color as children, so they are more likely to be attracted to adult coloring books. Coloring has a universal appeal because it allows even those who are not otherwise artistically talented to express themselves.

” Coloring is creative, like depicting, painting or playing music. A lot of people who don’t think they have artistic talent can feel like they are creating beauty “where theyre” coloring ,” said Kim Weiss, director of HCI Books.

More specifically, coloring can be beneficial to college students during midterms and finals by allowing students to take a brain breach from analyze. According to Weiss, some students multitask by bringing their coloring books to class so they can have something to work on “where they’re” feeling stressed.

Coloring books can also assistance students who are coping with mental health issues such as nervousness and depression. Weiss said that brain activity while coloring is very similar to activity observed during meditation, a technique often used to help those coping with mental health issues to relax.