Human Rescues A Beagle From Being Euthanized In A Shelter, The Dog Can’t Contain His Gratitude, Hugs His Rescuer

Man Rescues A Beagle From Being Euthanized In A Shelter, The Dog Can’t Contain His Gratitude, Hugs His Rescuer

Human Rescues A Beagle From Being Euthanized In A Shelter, The Dog Can't Contain His Gratitude, Hugs His Rescuer

Lots of puppies end up in rescue shelters and some are euthanized if they have serious medical problems that are too costly to treat. However, man’s best friends don’t warrant such a horrible fate. Every doggo and pupper deserves to be cured, to have a forever home as well as a kind, caring proprietor to look after them( chew toys are optional ). Gregory the Beagle was nearly put down at an animal shelter but his story had a happy ending.
The cavalry — Joe Kirk — arrived merely in the nick of time to save the dog. A thankful Gregory had a very special gift for his hero — the cutest hug you’ve probably find all week. Photos of the dog snuggling up to Joe speedily ran viral online.
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Gregory the Beagle was two years old when Joe Kirk saved him from an animal shelter that was going to set him down

Image credits: Schenley Hutson Kirk

Joe saved the Beagle two days before it was scheduled to be put to sleep. Joe and his wife Schenley Hutson-Kirk are co-founders of Hound Rescue and Sanctuary, a non-profit organization based near Findlay, Ohio. It helps neglected dogs find new homes, offer lifelong sanctuary to “unadoptable and senior” canines and helps strays. Its main mission is to save puppies from euthanasia by taking them in from “high risk and kill shelters”. Hats off to these wonderful people.

Gregory rewarded his savior Joe with a warm hug once he understood that he was being rescued

Image credits: Schenley Hutson Kirk

“Gregory is one thankful and appreciative Beagle! He KNOWS he is SAFE! He is Heartworm Positive and will be going through treatment, but he knows he is in good hands! We will get him healthy and offer him all the love he so deserves and a wonderful future !! ” Schenley detailed in a Facebook post a year ago.

Image credits: Schenley Hutson Kirk

“We generally house and care for 25 to 30 dogs at a time, consisting of puppies that are available for adoption as well as sanctuary dogs that will live out their own lives being loved and cared for by us, ” Schenley and Joe Kirk told Bored Panda . “After saving Gregory from the euthanasia list at the shelter, we provided him the veterinary care and heartworm treatment he required.”

The couple also added that “after successfully completing his therapy, Gregory was adopted to his forever home. He now has a wonderful family that love him very much and he is enjoying a very happy life. Gregory’s family also has another Beagle and he and Gregory have become best pals.”

“We are often asked how many dogs we have saved. The answer that always comes to mind is, “we have saved one more”. One more puppy is safe and will have all of the love and respect that they are so deserving of. One more dog will be properly fed and receive needed veterinary care. One more puppy will have a loving forever home. There is no better feeling and nothing in life that is more fulfilling, ” the couple explained.

This Beagle was going to be put to sleep because he was diagnosed with heartworm disease

Image credits: Schenley Hutson Kirk

Schenley told Today that, according to her husband, all Gregory wanted to do during the car ride was “cuddle” up to Joe. “He is very loving, very affectionate, ” she confirmed that the Beagle was, without a shadow of a doubt, a very good boy. “He loves to be next to you. He loves to give kisses.”

The Beagle had been taken in by the Franklin County Dog Shelter on April 25, 2018, when he was two years old. The shelter was planning to euthanize Gregory because of his health problems. Fortunately, Joe and Schenley immediately started treating the Beagle for heartworms after saving him.

Image credits: Schenley Hutson Kirk

Heartworm disease is caused by foot-long worms that live in the heart, lungs, and blood vessels. Signs of this illness in puppies can be weight loss, fatigue, decreased craving, reluctance to exercise, a mild persistent cough, a swollen abdomen, and heart failure.

Image credits: Schenley Hutson Kirk

Petful states that a shocking 2.7 million out of 7.6 million pets that enter animal shelters are euthanized each year in the United State. There are various reasons for putting an animal down. Such as contagious sickness. Or too aggressive behaviour. However, the most heartbreaking reason is probably overpopulation: some shelters that get overcrowded put less adoptable animals to sleep to induce space. However, there are everyday heroes like Joe and Schenley who make sure to rescue every animal they can.

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