Person Asks What Was The Worst Experience In A Movie Theater And These 50 Stories Are Wild

Someone Asks What Was The Worst Experience In A Movie Theater And These 50 Stories Are Wild

Person Asks What Was The Worst Experience In A Movie Theater And These 50 Stories Are Wild

Ah, the movie theaters – a place to go on a date, to catch that new movie with your favorite performer or just simply have a good time with your friends. But since movie theatre are a popular form of amusement, it is granted that you’ll meet all sorts of people there. For example, a guy who feeds beans out of a can. Or a vaping guy, who likes to think he looks incredibly cool do it. And since we all love hilarious and embarrassing narratives, we’ve decided to compile a listing of people’s worst movie theater experiences. Do you have experiences which you would like to share( or forget )? Add them to the list!

# 1

Went to watch Monsters University with my spouse and friend. Part style through the movie this lady answers her cell phone, walks to the nearest emergency exit, and holds the door open in the middle of the day. The entire theater lighted up. I wasn’t about to let this slide. I ran down and pulled the door shut, locking her out. I received an applause from the crowd. She had to do the walk of shame as she came back into the theater to sit back down.

# 2

Was watching a movie and the reel kept malfunctioning so an employee started doing shadow marionettes on the projector with their hands to entertain us

Wait, nevermind that was the BEST experience I had at a movie theater

# 3

A woman brought her toddlers to see the conjuring 2. There was a scare that induced half of the audience shout out “F ** K” and the woman starts lecturing us on how her children are here and how they needed to lay off the language. F ** king what.

# 4

Kid next to me got bored during Infinity Wars so his dad gave him his phone to watch YouTube videos with the audio on

# 5

At the Alamo Drafthouse. I bought tickets right next to the wheelchair seats at the last moment so we wouldn’t have anyone on either side of us. 10 min into the movie( against the rules) a sweaty unbathed neckbeard comes in and sits in the handicap-companion seat next to my date.

Ignores the server. Waits until the servers aren’t nearby and pulls out multiple baggies of snacks and starts aloud breathing and feeing/ smacking malted milk balls with mouth open.

Baggie one empties, he crumples it and drops-off on the floor. Opens baggie 2. Rinse repeat.

The reason I love the Alamo is because you can raise an order card, the server will grab it, the manager comes back, and when neckbeard doesn’t have a ticket they kick him out and take his snacks.

Sorry, this is actually about a love story. I love you Alamo Drafthouse. Now everyone knows.

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# 6

I was watching mama Mia 2 and when Cher came on stage this guy jumped in front of everyone and screamed out “ do you believe in life after love” and sung it until security came 🙁

# 7

I took a girl I was into to the cinema. We ensure The Scorpion King. I paid. She told me that she wanted salted popcorn, so I get her some, and I got sweet, because I detest salted popcorn. Halfway through the movie, she wanted sweet popcorn, so, being the gentleman I am, I swapped. After the movie, I say I’ll call a taxi. She says, “Nah, it’s ok, my boyfriend is picking me up.” I stand there, stunned, as thanks me for the film, and get into her boyfriends auto, and they drive off.

# 8

My brother-in-law’s story: Went to see The Lion King. After the stampede scene, the crowd was mutely choking back their tears while watching Simba call out, “Dad? Dad? ”

That’s when the tiniest, most innocent voice called out from the rear of the theater, “There’s Daddy! ”

My brother in statute said you could HEAR the entire theater getting punched right in the feels. Ouch.

# 9

One day I decided to go and watch a movie by myself. Bought the ticket on the Internet and was pretty delighted to note that I was the first person to buy air tickets for the movie. Once the movie day arrived, I checked online whether more people bought tickets. Guess what. There was. One more person. And he bought his seat … merely next to me. The whole place was empty except me, and this stranger, sitting next to each other.


Watching The Minions movie with my little sister.

But wait, it gets worse!

About 3/4 through the movie we hear a low growl from the seats behind us, followed by a most fowl aroma and several young voices saying “ugh grandmaaaaa.” Then grandma, with the voice of Devito but not as cute, reacts “I can’t haaalp it, popcorn goes right through me”


Fist fight in the aisle during Hot Tub Time Machine. Which was arguably the most entertaining part of Hot Tub Time Machine.


Went to see one of the Paranormal Activity films. Some teenage daughters decided to flirt with boys about the same age. Girls were sat at the front of the theater and the boys at the back, so they conducted the flirting by scream back and forth


Teenage girl was literally giving her bf a handie right next to my aunt and I during happy demise day


Went to see Benjamin Button years ago, these 3 ancient( probably senile) old dames a row upfront would assure each moment in the film, then turn to each other and LOUDLY state exactly what just happened two seconds ago in the movie. “DID YOU SEE THAT, AGATHA ?! HE GOT IN THE BOAT !! ”


Someone kicked their flip flop into my popcorn


A baby sh* t on the floor. I think that’s all I need to say


Drunk guy in front of me sh* t himself.

He waited at least 40 minutes before moving.


About 30 min into The Increadbles 2 the dame next to me asks if the previews usually go this long ??


Experiencing “the crawler”

someone crawling under the seats to steal from people’s purses.



At the age of 14 I watched the Wolf of Wall street in theatres with my mommy and 12 year old sister. We lived in a part of the world where a kid would just be able to walk into a theatre regardless of its rating. I wasn’t that into movies back then and my mom told us that this was a movie about “8 0s Wall Street” so we were like “k”. From start to finish none of us moved an inch. If you’ve seen the movie you can imagine it’s an extremely uncomfortable movie to watch with your two teenage kids. When the lights came on my mama immediately said “don’t tell your dad” and the entire theater heard her say that. Really really cringy movie experience


My friend and i went to see Race to Witch Mountain when we were like 9 and we were giggling at something in the beginning of the movie and the old lady in front of us did not like that so she turned around and started pelting us with popcorn


I was working in a movie theatre, when two daughters rushed out of the screen I was stood next to.
Girls: What screen is Nancy Drew in?
Me: Screen 3, the one you came out of.
Girls: No, the film playing in there is Saw IV
They’d put on the incorrect reel


The most outrageous experience was when the guy sitting next to me( in the dark) set his hand down into my hot-buttered popcorn and started helping himself.


Due to technical difficulties the movie started 45 min late. During the wait two children were running wild around the theatre, had a man tell me “never get married”, the status of women behind me accidentally opened up porn on her telephone( IT WAS LOUD ). However, I got a free movie pass


In line for the midnight premiere for Force Awakens..dude drives past the line and hollers “HAN SOLO DIES” as we were getting ushered in the theater. 40 y/ o neckbeard in a Jedi outfit says in denial “I didn’t hear sh* t! ” as he opposed back tears


As a kid I was watching Alvin and the Chipmunks( wasn’t a bright child in 2007) and during the previews and into the movie these teenagers were so loud and kept talking and talking, even employed a laser pointer on the screen. Usher came in and kicked their asses out.


Back when Tangled came out I ran see it and they accidentally played a new SAW movie. So a bunch of kids got to see a man cauterize a leg stump before they realise why everyone was yelling and walking out.


Watching Godzilla( 2016) and every time and I mean everytime the Japanese said ‘gojira’ a teen would yell; “ITS GODZILLA! ” or “HIS NAME IS GODZILLA! “
So that was fun since I was a few seats away.

Another teenager behind them tried to explain but was clearly not heard.


Went to see Oceans 8. A woman was drunk or high, passed out during the movie, audibly snored, woke up during the last few minutes of the movie, and wondered aloud, “Is that Rihanna ?! ”


During the last ten minutes of Split, a dude two seats away from me pulls out his phone and literally has a full blown, full volume conversation.


My first time find Infinity War, the guy standing right next to me was vaping every 2 minutes


Went to see Goosebumps but we were demonstrate the first 10 minutes of The Visit. The trailers scared the f ** k out of the small children there.


Went to watch some horror movie, and a girl in front of me kept looking through her photos in her phone. I politely ask her to turn off her phone cause it’s distracting, and she proceeded to mock me -like the teenage bully girl she probably was- so I hurl a couple of popcorns at her. It wasn’t nice of me, I admit.

They called the usher on me, but the guy juts gave us all a warning. She finally stopped looking at her telephone, but by then I had missed the beginning part of the movie.

When the movie objective, they left the theater first and as I was get out, I see her -and her friends- waiting for me outside, wanting to pick a fight. They were like 15 years old, I was at least 10 years older. I strolled passed them and they said something to me which I didn’t pay attention to. I walked through the parking lots with them following me, I get in my automobile and drove away without even looking at them.
I did watch most of the movie, but they honeslty ruinned the experience for me.

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My mom, brother, and I were visiting my grandpa about a month after my grandma had passed away. We decided to go see a movie, and “Up” was playing and looked like a fun period, so that’s the movie we picked. None of us were prepared to witness Grandpa crying that hard…


Saw Carol in a small, 20 person theater. One girl there alone openly and loudly wept the entire period. She made noises and reacted preemptively, it was clearly her second or third day assuring it. Was so distracted by her I missed almost the entire second half of the movie.


Wore my somewhat loose jeans to the movies. Felt good about potential weight loss. Didn’t tie a belt because we were rushing.

Got to the theatre. 2 Hands filled with popcorn and snacks. I get to the seats to find my seat in the middle of a long row. I begin walking through a long row of people’s toes to get at my seats. I can feel my pants slipping down. Every step I take, my pants are slipping further. I am now 2 seats away from my seat and I am now in front of my friends who were there. I couldn’t take another step without my gasps falling down. I faked tripping on one of their foot, fell the pop corn and sat on my friend’s lap and as I got up, managed to pull my pants up.

Everyone had a good giggle over goofy me, especially me thanking the stars that I didn’t become ‘that guy’ that day.


Went to see The Nun and had to endure the movie sitting next to someone who doesn’t believe in bathing. Also, he made a lot of choking/ hacking noises.


Was at the cinema watching Alien: Covenant, and the place was pretty sparse, but a young 19 -early 20 ‘s year old couple decided they would sit immediately behind me and my family.

Now, as you can imagine, it wasn’t precisely a good clean and family friendly movie, as it naturally featured quite a fair amount of gore, as you’d expect from an Alien movie. However, I don’t believe the female half of this couple got the memo, as she would loudly holler “Ewww! Gross! What the F ** k! ” when the movie presented even the slightest bit of blood and gore. All whilst her boyfriend chuckled aloud at her response and telling her “it isn’t real” and “it’s okay babe”, cue the truly gross open mouth kis audios, and at one point “I’m gonna do you so hard when we go home.” Yeah, thanks for sharing.


I do not go to a movie and spend $10 air tickets, then $20 for popcorn and beverages to listen to some a ** wipe talk or be disruptive. Everyone in the movie deserves to get their money’s worth. It is not a captive audience for your personal pleasure. So, if you are talking I will ask politely for you to lower your voice. If you are on your phone, I will ask you to put it away if you are reachable and throw popcorn at you if you are not. If you don’t stop, I get the manager. Simple.

My friend took me to see my first Tyler Perry movie. I don’t remember the name of it, but what I got to see/ hear of it was good. Though the entire movie, the audience was talking to the screen saying things like “you tell em, girl”, “don’t you take that from him”, “nah uh”, “oh, he’s gonna get it now”, etc. They were just saying it out loud, even hollering it. I had never experienced this. The theater was full. After about 1/2 the movie, I’d had all I could take. I yelled “you guys do know they can’t hear you, don’t you? ” It get deadly quiet for a few minutes, then the whispering started like a breeze going through the audience. My friend leaned over and said “Let’s get out of here before you get us both killed.” I never ensure the rest of the movie, but I still laugh at that audience talking to the screen, and she still loves telling about the time I nearly cost her her life at the movies!

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Before the they changed to reserved seating, my wife and I were watching a movie in a packed theater and the only open seat was a handicap companion seat next to me. A few minutes into the movie I realized nobody was going to sit there so I put our coats in the seat. 45 minutes later, a young man and his wheelchair-bound mom showed-up and, without saying a word to me, he grabbed our coats and was about to throw them onto the ground! I speedily stopped him and asked what the heck he was doing. Merely then did he ask if the seat was taken. When I ensure his mommy was in a wheelchair, I said “No, it’s not taken but you should have asked me first before grabbing someone else’s property! ” I removed our coats so he could sit down and then they proceeded to talk VERY LOUDLY about the movie, wondering “whats going on”. He then turned and actually asked ME if I could fill him in on the movie plot since they had arrived so late! I told him, um..NO because it is very rude to talk during a movie and also unfair to the other people who are trying to enjoy the movie and who also arrived on time! He maintained talking to his mom but after a few minutes they both left! On his way out he stated he actually didn’t care about this movie anyway because the movie they were ACTUALLY there to see was about to start!

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Spilling my cooked beans while watching cars 2


Watched Crimes of Grindelwald, these children were giggling the whole way through. Literally forcing themselves into a hysteria for no reason. Screaming artificially until they collapsed from involuntary real laughter.

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incredibles 2
was watching with my mommy and sisters and had the calamity of sitting in frojt this guy and his gf and the guy kept saying “what the crap haha” or “what the F ** K” whenever something remotely strange or funny happened


Went to the theater to see the Conjuring 2 and it had the potential to be a great horror movie( for me if any portion gives me shock factor it is a great horror movie) but the whole thing was ruined for me because there was this group of 4-55 people behind us aloud commenting and laughing at everything! Another time a group of 3-4 teenage daughters were constantly on their phones, which of course was very bright and their giggling during the horror movie was annoying so I told my husband I was going to the bathroom … walked out and got a manager … the girls were kicked out when they get snarky with the manager about putting their phones away.


A couple o years ago went to watch a re-run of The Omen( something about it’s anniversary, idk) with one of my best friends. I didn’t know how many times she saw it before that day … untill she started to talk along ALL THE DIALOGS. She remembrered almost all of them !!! Told her to shut the f &%$ up, but she was too enthusiast that even she said shut up, 3 seconds later she was doing it again in a lower voice. Didn’t ruin our friendship( never ), but the whole movie experience.



Watching Spider-man: Homecoming. Couple to the right making out the whole time, get handsy and at one point the girl’s hands are in the guy’s pants. Person to the left thought it was okay to take off their shoes and socks. Stunk like heck. Then they set their feet in the air and swung them in the middle of the film. Right into my popcorn.


American Psycho – quite a few years ago. When a bit younger I had suffered a perforated eardrum and have sensitive hearing in my right ear.The volume was so uncomfortably and painfully loud I had to stuff my ears with tissues, otherwise I would have had to walk out. Since then I have always taken foam earplugs to the cinema.


Went to see Spiderman 2 with my, then, bf. The scene comes up when Spidey reaches his girl, she seems up to him and says: “who are you? ” The whole room is quiet and in shock. Then my bf shouts “Chuck Norris” …. Could’ve killed him.


When I was a teen and The Fault in our Superstars was first coming out in theaters, I went with a couple other girls my age I was semi-friends with at the time. At the time it was a teachers’ merely day at our school so most other teenagers and children were still in their schools, the only other people in the theater for the movie was a bunch of elderly people.

Being around the target audience, of course, there were moments we understood a joke and of course chuckled. At the end of the movie, an old lady came up to us, kicked the back of one of our seats and growled at us for “giggling throughout the movie and ruining it”.

Sorry for enjoying a movie I guess.


At the end of Avengers Infinity War when Nick Fury called Captain Marvel some dude in the back screamed “WHAT DOES IT MEAN! “


went to see THUG( the detest u devote) with my school …. nobody would shut up through the entire thing


Went to watch Coco when it was first released in the US with my sister. There was a boy sitting behind me who kept kicking my chair( my sister could also feel the vibration from the kicking ). After a few kicks, I get irritated and turned around to tell him to stop which caught his dad’s attention who also proceeded to tell his son to stop. The kicking stopped for 30 seconds before it continued again. Wasn’t about to yell at some kid over this although I was tempted.

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