Fake Jordan Peterson meat-only diet book at the top of Amazon’s ‘Toxicology’ section

A book alleged to have been written by Jordan Peterson, the controversial, conservative self-help guru, and his daughter Mikhaila, is at the top of Amazon’s ” Toxicology ” segment. According to the book, the pair’s” lion diet “- which consists of beef, salt, and water-cured their health issues, depression, and has even led to weight loss.

” Cult leader Jordan Peterson and his grifter daughter’s book about how feeing only beef and salt will cure you of cancer is currently number one in the toxicology section of Amazon ,” free speech activist Nathan Boonard point out here that, tweeting a screenshot of the book’s Amazon page.

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Upon seeing Boonard’s post, Mikhaila Peterson took to Instagram to debunk that the book, called Our Carnivore Diet, was written by them.

” Not my book. Not @jordan. b.peterson’s either. Duh ,” Peterson wrote on her Instagram.” Great pics though. I’ll stimulate headlines properly when I publish my real book. #toxicology .”

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Nevertheless, it is widely known that the Petersons do in fact live by an all-beef diet. In February, Peterson tweeted a bikini pic to her daddy to publicly prove that she appeared healthy, despite her carnivorous diet.

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The book is likely poking fun at the duo for their diet.

” I can see the constipation on their faces ,” Konstantine Anthony tweeted.

Twitter user @ MattYoungmark noted that it’s actually not that hard to earn a top spot on the not-so coveted section.

” Also worth noting that Amazon’s’ toxicology’ segment does not have a lot of books in it and the sales rank on this one indicates that it sold roughly 9 ebooks today to earn that spot ,” MattYoungmark wrote.

The book has since fallen to number 5 in “Toxicology,” but it still has managed to secure a number 2 place in the” Pharmacology Toxicology” section.

Amazon did not respond to the Daily Dot’s inquiry about why the Petersons are listed as the authors of the book.

This post has been updated.

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Ridiculously expensive gadgets for the filthy rich

The FTC has determined its first ever case against defendants for falsely promoting weight loss products with fake Amazon reviews .
Image: Justin Sullivan/ Getty Images

The U.S. government is taking on fake Amazon reviews.

On Tuesday, the Federal Trade Commission announced that it had reached a settlement in the agency’s first ever case against fraudulent Amazon reviews.

In the FTC’s objection , it claimed that defendant Cure Encapsulations, Inc. and the company’s owner, Naftula Jacobowitz, paid a third-party website called “amazonverifiedreviews.com” to post fake reviews for its weight loss supplement on Amazon. Along with the falsified reviews purporting to be from actual clients, the FTC also alleged that the company built “false and unsubstantiated claims” for the pills known as Quality Encapsulations Garcinia Cambogia.

Garcinia cambogia is a tropical fruit found in Indonesia that has been used as a natural aid for weight loss. As The Verge points out, use of the herbal supplement has associated with acute liver failing .

“People rely on reviews when they’re shopping online, ” said director of the commission’s Bureau of Consumer Protection Andrew Smith in a statement. “When a company buys fake reviews to inflate its Amazon ratings, it hurts both shoppers and companies that play by the rules.”

According to the FTC, Jacobowitz had paid the fake Amazon review seller $ 1,000 for 30 reviews in order to bump the product’s ratings. The defendant claimed that at least a 4.3 out of 5 stars was needed in order to construct sales.

“Please make my product … stay a five starring, ” the FTC says the defendant wrote in an email to the review provider.

In the reviews and on the product description, Cure Encapsulations fabricated asserts about the supplement. The defendant stated that the product “Literally BLOCKS FAT From Forming” and caused “significant weight loss.”

As part of the settlement with the FTC, the defendant is banned from “making weight-loss, fat-blocking, or disease-treatment claims for dietary supplements, food, or drugs, unless they have reliable scientific proof from clinical trials in humans.” The company must also inform its customers of the allegations and tell Amazon which reviews were faked.

The settlement includes a penalty of $12.8 million. Cure Encapsulations will immediately pay $50,000 to the FTC and the remainder will be dependent on how much fund the company has based on hand in the event it misrepresented its financials.

Fake, paid Amazon reviews have long been a scourge to the e-commerce giant. In recent years, Amazon has decided to go so far as suing fake reviewers and review-selling websites.

However, the problem doesn’t seem to be going away.

Just last month, Facebook employees were caught leaving 5 star reviews for its video conferencing device, Facebook portal. While not quite the same as paying for ratings from individuals who never even employed the product, Amazon’s reviews are clearly intended for customers who purchased the product. In fact, according to Amazon, offering compensation for a review or reviewing your own products is a violation of its terms.

This first of its kind FTC case on fake Amazon reviews will likely not be its last.

UPDATE: Feb. 27, 2019, 1:37 p.m. EST An Amazon spokesperson provided the following statement to Mashable regarding such FTC case :

We welcome the FTC’s work in this area. Amazon expends significant resources to protect the integrity of reviews in our store because we know clients value the insights and experiences shared by fellow shoppers. Even one inauthentic review is one too many. We have clear participation guidelines for both reviewers and selling partners and we suspend, prohibition, and take legal action on those who violate our policies .

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FTC brings its first case against fake paid reviews on Amazon

The Federal Trade Commission announced on Tuesday eveningthat it has brought its first case against use fake reviews to sell products online. The Commission said it will settle with defendant Cure Encapsulations Inc ., a New York City-based company, and proprietor Naftula Jacobwitz, who it accused of stimulating false claims about a weight loss supplement and paying a third-party website to post fake reviews on Amazon.

Fake reviews are a constant nuisance for Amazon shoppers, despite algorithms designed to safeguard its review system, and the company has hit back with a series of lawsuits against websites that offer to post fake confirmed reviews.

According to the FTC’s complaint, Cure Encapsulations sold pills with garcinia cambogia, a tropical fruit also called brindleberry that is sometimes used as a “natural” weight loss assistance. Called Quality Encapsulations Garcinia Cambogia, the pills were sold only on Amazon. Jacobwitz paid a website called www.amazonverifiedreviews.com to post favorable reviews in order to boost its rating.

An exhibit from the FTC’s complaint against Cure Encapsulations Inc.

On October 8, 2014, Jacobowitz sent an email to the site’s operator saying he’d pay a total of $1,000 for 30 reviews, three per day, with the goal of increasing its 4.2 rating to 4.3, which he claimed was necessary in order to have marketings. He also wrote that he wanted the product to “stay a five star.” Www.amazonverifiedreviews.com then posted a series of fake five-star reviews praising the pills. The FTC said the reviews stimulated false claims, including that the pills were a powerful appetite suppressant, caused weight loss of up to 20 pounds, and blocked the formation of new fat cells.

The proposed settlement includes a judgement of $ 12.8 million, to be suspended upon pay of $50,000 to the FTC and certain unpaid income tax obligations. The settlement also bans Cure Encapsulations and Jacobwitz from stimulating weight-loss, fat-blocking, or disease-treatment claims for dietary supplements, food, or drugs, unless they have reliable scientific evidence from clinical trials in humen. They are also prohibited from inducing misrepresentations about endorsements, including fake reviews, and must tell Amazon which reviews were faked and email customers who have bought the pills to give them information about FTC’s allegations.

In press release, Andrew Smith, director of the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection, said “When a company buys fake reviews to inflate its Amazon ratings, it hurts both shoppers and companies that play by the rules.”

In a statement to The Verge, an Amazon spokesperson said “We welcome the FTC’s work in this area. Amazon invests significant resources to protect the integrity of reviews in our store because we know customers value the insights and experiences shared by fellow shoppers. Even one inauthentic review is one too many. We have clear participation guidelines for both reviewers and selling partners and we suspend, forbid, and take legal action on those who violate our policies.”

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Summer TV: The 30 Most Exciting New Shows

This summer, the chicest new sunblock on the market is a Netflix subscription. Of course, there are necessary accoutrements to the UV ray-shielding regimen: an Amazon subscription, Hulu account, YouTube premium access, a full cable package, a DVR, and enough hours in the day to maintain them all.

With the idea of a traditional fall-to-spring Tv season so 2013, there are more TV series than ever vying for your attention during the summer months.

In addition to returning favorites like GLOW , Queen Sugar , Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt , Younger , The Affair , and more, there are dozens of new series wooing you back inside to the air conditioned bliss of your couch. We’ve surveyed them all: a Ryan Murphy dance musical with a historic LGBTQ cast, a Stephen King multiverse, Amy Adams’ Tv debut,’ 90 s Nickelodeon nostalgia, John Krasinski’s take on Jack Ryan, and more.

Here, we’ve culled the 30 presents most worth your attention.

Reverie ( NBC )

May 30 at 10 p.m. ET

Summer TV begins with a horror narrative for technology skeptics. Sarah Shahi plays a former captive investigator recruited to rescue people whose minds are trapped inside a sophisticated virtual reality program. Bonus: Between this series and the word’s constant use in Westworld , we may actually come out of Summer 2018 knowing what “reverie” means.

C.B. Strike ( Cinemax )

June 1 at 10 p.m. ET

It was only a matter of time, but it’s finally here: a television adaptation of J.K. Rowling’s popular books! Well , not those volumes. The magical whimsy of Hogwarts is swapped for the psychological thrills of Rowling’s series of detective novels, penned under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith. This TV adaptation already aired in the U.K ., starring Tom Burke as a war veteran second-lifeing it as a private detective cracking cases that have eluded police.

Pose ( FX )

June 3 at 9 p. m. ET

There’s a Whitney Houston music cue at the end in the first episode of Pose that will have you out of your seat, forgiving the nearly hour-and-a-half it took to get there.( Hour-long dramas apparently now only view that first part as a suggestion .) All of that, of course, is hallmark Ryan Murphy, who is stimulating history with this series about life in’ 80 s New York City set against the backdrop of ballroom culture, the transgender community, and, yes, Trumpian excess. Featuring the largest LGBTQ cast ever assembled, including breakout performances by transgender resulting actors, you’ll start voguing as you wait for the next episode.

Succession ( HBO )

June 3 at 10 p.m. ET

We’re not saying Succession , in which a global media mogul’s children jockey for power and oversight matters of a massive conglomerate, is modeled after the Murdochs. But we’re not saying it’s not, either. The truth is it’s not hard to project any number of powerful families onto this show–the Trumps, anyone ?– which infuses an Empire -like Shakespearean vibe into the world of the power-suit wearing. 0001 percent.

Dietland ( AMC )

June 4 at 9 p. m. ET

Plum Kettle( played by Joy Nash) is saving up for weight-loss surgery while ghost writing letters from the editor on behalf of a popular women’s magazine’s HBIC, Kitty Montgomery( Julianna Margulies, doing shades of Miranda Priestly ). Everyone is slightly distracted, however, by the spate of men who maintain disappearing and getting killed, all of whom happen to be accused sexual harassers. Timely enough for you?

Condor ( AT& T/ DirecTV )

June 6

There are many reasons to be intrigued by Condor . It’s adapted from the 1975 Sydney Pollack film Three Days of the Condor and the book it was based on, some of the most intriguing, mind-banging political thriller source material there is.( A CIA employee heads to lunch and returns to see his entire office has been killed .) But, folks, this co-stars Mira Sorvino, a beacon of the #MeToo movement and a fantastic actress whose career was derailed by the Monster Weinstein, a comeback we should all be cheering for. Impulse ( YouTube Red )

June 6

Proof that top talent is spread all over the million or so different content platforms, this series for YouTube’s premium service comes from Doug Liman, whose action-thriller pedigree includes launching the Bourne franchise and directing films like Mr.& Mrs. Smith and The Edge of Tomorrow . Tackling teleportation and sexual assault, Impulse might sound like 2018 TV-development Mad Libs, but it’s based on the same book series that inspired his 2008 movie Jumper . Liman has called Jumper the film he’s least pleased with, suggesting that he’s on a mission here for a solid re-do. American Woman ( Paramount )

June 7 at 10 p.m. ET

It was only a matter of time before one of Bravo’s Real Housewives headed to prestige Tv. Beverly Hills Housewife Kyle Richards is co-executive producer of this period dramedy loosely based on her childhood, growing up with a single mama, played by Alicia Silverstone, in California at the rise of second-wave feminism in the’ 70 s. The style! The theme song by Kelly Clarkson! Cher Horowitz meets Real Housewives ! What would her tagline be?” You can ring the bell in my bottom .” Too much?

Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger ( Freeform )

June 7 at 8 p. m. ET

The only things certain in life are demise and taxes and, at any point in time, there is a new Marvel series debuting. This one is the first for Freeform, the teen-skewing network known for shows like Pretty Little Liars and Grown-ish . That’s an intriguing vibe to lend the omnipresent superhero genre. This one centers on two teens who discover that they have superpowers and that they’re in love. Hormones, every young hero’s kryptonite.

The Staircase ( Netflix )

June 8

The” Netflix True-Crime Docuseries That Will Simultaneously Disturb the Entire Nation for a Season” is its own cottage industry by now, getting its summer installment with The Staircase . This one is a super-mash-up, of kinds. Examining the case of crime novelist Mike Patterson, who was convicted of killing his wife, The Staircase first aired in 2004, and then was updated with a miniseries in 2013. This version blends it all and adds three extra episodes with new revelations, a total of 13 installments for you to binge.

Strange Angel ( CBS All Access )

June 14

With The Good Fight and Star Trek: Discovery as its founding entries, CBS All Access already boasts a fairly stellar track record when it comes to original digital content. Its next offering is Strange Angel , a sci-fi series based on the fiction by George Pendle and boasting perhaps the greatest tagline of any television series ever:” Sex. Magick. Rocket Science .”

Breaking Big ( PBS )

June 15 at 8: 30 p.m. ET

” How did they get famous ?” has been done before. The 2018 question is,” How did they get influential ?” PBS’ interview series will chart the unconventional paths some of the most recognizable cultural leaders took to get where they are today, including episodes on Trevor Noah, Eddie Huang, Gretchen Carlson, San Juan, Puerto Rico Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz, and SoulCycle co-founder Ruth Zukerman.

Deep State ( Epix )

June 17 at 9 p. m. ET

TV development execs have never met a government conspiracy thriller they didn’t like. This one from Epix starrings the ever-menacing Mark Strong as a former snoop recruited by an ex-MI6 agent to join his new covert merger espionage organization, The Section. Spy on snoops on spies.

The Proposal ( ABC )

June 18 at 10 p.m. ET

In what sounds like a demented mash-up of Blind Date and The Bachelor — and therefore perhaps the crowning achievement in summer reality TV guilty pleasure–each episode of The Proposal will see contestants vying for the attention of a suitor or “suitress” whose identity is concealed. Only when there are two hopeless romantics remaining will the suitor be disclosed and the finalists have the chance to propose marriage. And you thought Tinder was stressful.

Yellowstone ( Paramount )

June 20 at 9 p. m. ET

After winning an Emmy for his performance in the miniseries Hatfields& McCoys , Kevin Costner is back on a horse and in a cowboy hat for Yellowstone , his first regular Tv series role. While movie stars heading to TV will always be newsworthy, it’s the movie talent behind the camera that has us intrigued. Tyler Sheridan, who wrote Hell or High Water , Wind River , and Sicario writes and directs this series, about the unexpectedly high-stake struggles facing a modern-day rancher.

Take Two ( ABC )

June 21 at 10 p.m. ET

The new crime drama from the team behind Castle sounds exceedingly Castle- y, made all the more fun by the fact that effortlessly charming The O.C . alum Rachel Bilson is standing in for aggressively charming Nathan Fillion in the lead: the former star of a TV cop prove shadowing a detective to research a role that she hopes will be her big comeback. Double Dare ( Nickelodeon )

June 25 at 8 p. m. ET

Millennial nostalgia is a powerful, witchy thing, this time bringing back from the dead the madcap Nickelodeon kids’ game show Double Dare, which married trivia, slime, and a human hamster wheel for a stunt is demonstrating that, god help us all, recently celebrated its 30 th anniversary. While YouTube star Liza Koshy will host, O.G. emcee Marc Summers will be back to provide color commentary, thus staving off a riot mob of thirtysomethings.

A Very English Scandal ( Amazon )

June 29

A Very English Scandal would be irresistibly titillating even if it wasn’t based on a real-life tabloid brouhaha, albeit one that American audiences are likely unfamiliar with. In Britain in the 1970 s, MP Jeremy Thorpe has a secret affair with a younger lesbian human named Norman Scott, which he is desperate to keep secret as his working careers takes off. When Scott is found dead, Thorpe stands trial for his murder. As for the Very English Casting: Hugh Grant and Ben Whishaw play the doomed lovers.

Sharp Objects ( HBO )

July 8 at 9 p. m. ET

* WHEE-OO WHEE-OO*( That’s a 911 -emergency alarm bell, if you couldn’t tell .) Amy Adams is starring in a HBO prestige drama thriller! I recur, Amy Adams is starring in a HBO prestige thriller! Take your heart pills, because it only gets better from there. The series is adapted from the hit volume by Gillian Flynn, who wrote Gone Girl ( heard of it ?). Buffy , Mad Men , and UnREAL veterinarian Marti Noxon, also busy this summer with Dietland , is creator and showrunner. Patricia Clarkson and Elizabeth Perkins round out the casting. Get thee to a ventilator.

Heathers ( Paramount )

July 10 at 10 p.m. ET

Rebooting and modernise runs that are deemed to be generational canon can run the gamut from inspired to blasphemous, and the jury is still out on where this Heathers series falls on that spectrum. The high school dark comedy flips the script by making one of the Heathers genderqueer, portrayed by male actor Brendan Scannell. But the series’ pilot, which was made available earlier this year, was blasted for a lack of nuance and sensitivity that bordered on, as The Daily Beast’s Samantha Allen wrote, a” LGBT-bashing nightmare .”

The Outpost ( The CW )

July 10 at 8 p. m. ET

The logline for The Outpost is so CW-evocative and high-concept that you could tell us it describes The 100 or The Tomorrow People or The Secret Circle or The Messengers of The[ Fill in the Blank ] rebooted, and we’d believe you. That said, those depicts are all fun! This one is about the lone survivor of an entire race who detects supernatural powers while learning how to stay alive. Sure! Burden of Truth ( The CW )

July 11 at 8 p. m. ET

Some Smallville actresses become high-ranking recruiters for a heinous sex cult. Others graduate to topline The CW’s version of Erin Brockovich . In Burden of Truth , Kreuk plays a big-city lawyer who returns to her hometown to take the case of a group of girls who are all suffering from a mysterious illness. By the end of the season, we are looking forward she gets justice, and that we stop instinctively typing Burden of Proof instead of Truth . Castle Rock ( Hulu )

July 25

Castle Rock is the mysterious Maine town where many of Stephen King’s narratives are set. Castle Rock is a new anthology series from J.J. Abrams that imagines a Stephen King multiverse of kinds, where characters and storylines from across the author’s works, including Cujo , The Dark Half , and The Dead Zone , will intersect in an original narrative starring Sissy Spacek, Andre Holland, and It ‘ s Bill Skarsgard. This is exciting, nerds!

Making It ( NBC )

July 31 at 10 p.m. ET

Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman are co-hosting a crafting series, be still my twee heart. It’s as if The Great British Baking Show took a pit stop in Pawnee, with the Parks and Recreation stars utilizing gobs of felt, glue, and wry humor for a competition series that has contestants fashioning handmade goods. Poehler’s self-described crafting naivete and Offerman’s legendary woodworking abilities will inform their encouragement, guidance, and narration.

Disenchantment ( Netflix )

Aug. 17

In Dreamland , an alcoholic princess named Bean and her feisty elf companion named Elfo navigate ogres, sprites, harpies, gremlins, trolls, and Bean’s personal demon, Luci, on a series of misadventures. The animated series comes from Simpsons legend Matt Groening, and, speaking of demented royal pedigree, boasts Broad City ‘ s Abbi Jacobson leading the voice casting. Yaaas queen. Err, princess.

The Innocents ( Netflix )

Aug. 24

” Romeo and Juliet, but they’re shapeshifters .” Who knows if that was the actual pitch for The Innocents , in which star-crossed teen lovers Harry and June run away from their families only to discover that June has the power to shapeshift.( You think you know someone .) It’s a supernatural entry into Netflix’s exploding young adult space, on the heels of another watercooler season of breakout reached 13 Reasons Why.

Jack Ryan ( Amazon )

Aug. 31

Are you among those irate that, for all his brilliant directing and acting in A Quiet Place , John Krasinski perpetrated the cinematic sin of maintaining his damn shirt on the whole time? He Who Was Jim Halpert, famously buff since leaving Dunder Mifflin, ascends to action hero status to take the baton as Jack Ryan in Amazon’s spin on the Tom Clancy series. Krasinski’s biceps have big sleeves to fill, following Chris Pine, Alec Baldwin, and Ben Affleck in the role.

Lodge 49 ( AMC )

August 2018

The network that brought you the brooding ennui of Don Draper, the tortured moral nervousnes of Walter White, and all those zombies introduces its new complicated leading man: a surfer dude? Lodge 49 is a new tonal direction for the network, starring Wyatt Russell as well-meaning but rudderless former surfer–a” lovable loser ,” as the network’s chairperson of programming describes–who moves into a frat lodge in Long Beach after the death of his father, hoping to get his life on track, but procuring it unexpectedly derailed by his new support system.

All About the Washingtons ( Netflix )

Summer 2018

Run-DMC’s Rev. Run( aka Joey Simmons) sets up his own version of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air with this lightly autobiographical sitcom in which Simmons and his wife, Justine, play fictionalized versions of themselves raising a family of four kids.

Insatiable ( Netflix )

Summer 2018

The logline for Insatiable reads,” A humiliation, dissatisfied civil lawyer-turned-beauty pageant coach( Dallas Roberts) takes on a vengeful, bullied teen Patty( Debby Ryan) as his client, and has no idea what he’s about to unleash upon the world .” We have no idea either, as Netflix hasn’t released much more information than that. But it’s created Lauren Gussis, an alum from Dexter , so consider us intrigued by how that sensibility translates to the teen beauty pageant world.

Read more: www.thedailybeast.com

Here’s what’s new on Hulu and Amazon Prime in August

Admitting it is the first step: Streaming TV and movies have eaten us.

With Netflix and Amazon Prime and Hulu and HBO Now all at our fingertips, it can be impossible to keep track of what to watch or when its available.

Heres the update for whats coming soon to Amazon Prime and Hulu in the coming month.( Note: Youll find Netflixs own coming-soon listing over here, as well as our curated pickings over here .)

March 2016


March 1

Ghostbusters ( 1984)

Ghostbusters II ( 1989)

American Psycho

The Diary of Anne Frank ( 1959)

Land Before Time II: The Great Valley Adventure

The Seven Year Itch

The Rules of Attraction

The Story of Ruth

The Gunfighter ( 1950)

Wicked Lady ( 1945)

The Blue Angel ( Kino restored edition)( English subtitled)

American Psycho 2

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari ( silent)

For Better, For Worse ( 2011)

Raw Deal ( 1948)

Tempest ( 1928)

Attila, Il Flagello Di Dio ( English subtitled)

Black Magic ( 1949)

Love Play

The Heroism of Black Beauty

Josephine and Men

The March Hare ( 1956)

The Golden Stallion ( 1949)

Days of Sin

I’ve Gotta Horse

Angelique Et Le Sultan ( English subtitled)

I, Mobster

Affair in Havana

Now and Forever ( 1956)

March 3

The Aim of the Tour


Marc Maron: More Later

March 4

Louie: Season 5

Hans Crippleton: Talk to the Hans

March 5

Deet n Bax Save Th’ World


March 7

Seven Wonders of Brazil

March 11

Bosch : Season 2

March 12

Globe: The Inside Story

March 15


March 20

Arthur and George: Season 1

Beyond the Reach ( 2014)

March 22


March 27

71 ( 2014)

Orphan Black: Season 3

March 28

A Single Shot

January 2016


Jan. 1

Bone Tomahawk

I’ll See You In My Dreams *

Annie ( 2014 )*

The Spongebob Movie: Sponge Out of Water

Paper Planes

Miracle on 34 th Street

The Da Vinci Code

Journey to the Center of the Earth


An Affair to Remember

The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre

Dazed and Confounded

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Thundercats : Season 1

Jan. 4

Planes, Trains& Automobiles

Margin Call


Jan. 5


Jan. 8

Hot Tub Time Machine

Jan. 9

Goodnight Mommy

Jan. 11

All Creatures Big and Small

Jan. 13

The Missing

Jan. 14

The Second Mother

Jan. 15

Just Add Magic : Season 1

Jan. 16

Frank Miller’s Sin City

Spare Parts

Jan. 22

Mad Dog : Season 1

Jan. 23


Jan. 26

Man of Tai Chi



Dec. 1

Something’s Gotta Give



River of No Return

Monkey Business

The Details

Dec. 9

Meet Me in Montenegro

Dec. 11

Transparent ( season 2)

Dec. 12


Tumble Leaf ( season 2)

Dec. 15

Cutie and the Boxer

Dec. 19


Dec. 26

The Gambler( 2014 )

Dec. 27


Stick Man

Dec. 30

Black Beauty( 1994 )

Curly Sue

Free Willy

Mozart in the Jungle ( season 2)


Dec. 1

Superstore ( episodes 1-3)

Hunter x Hunter 🙁 season 1a)

11 Blocks *

A Game of Honor *

A Very Wompkee Christmas

After Words *

Alone for Christmas *

Amigo Undead *

Anarchy Parlor *

Animals *

Apocalypse Now

Black Mama, White Mama

Black Rain


Blow Out

Bravetown *

Bringing Out The Dead *

Charlie Bartlett

Chasing Amy *

Christmas is Here Again

Cockneys vs. Zombies *

David Beckham: Into the Unknown *


Dennis Rodman’s Big Bang in Pyongyang *

Dr. No

Echoes of War *

Friday the 13 th

Friday the 13 thPart II

Friday the 13 thPart III

Friday the 13 thPart IV: The Final Chapter

Friday the 13 thPart VI: Jason Lives

Friday the 13 thPart VII: The New Blood

Friday the 13 thPart VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan

Good Morning, Vietnam *

Good Will Hunting *

Growing Up and Other Lies *


Helicopter Mom *

Jessabelle *

Kiss the Bride

Lost Christmas *

Love Is a Gun

Lulu on the Bridge

My 5 Wives *

Nightlight *

Nobodys Fool

One From the Heart

Paper Planes *

Pieces of April


Santa Claws *

Scream, Blacula, Scream

Six Days Seven Nights *

Small Town, Saturday Night

Step Into Liquid *


The Care Bears Movie

The Christmas Bunny

The Crying Game *

The Harvest

The Hunters *

The Hybrid *

The Lance Armstrong Story: Stop at Nothing *

The Longest Yard

Tim Tebow: On a Mission

Tomorrow Never Dies

Vampire in Brooklyn

Wish You Well *

Young Sherlock Holmes

Dec. 2

Rocket Jump: The Show premiere

A Fistful of Dynamite

Dec. 4

The Wiz Live !

Selector Infected WIXOSS ( season 1)

La Promesa ( season 1)

The Who Live in Hyde Park *

Dec. 5

Scott& Bailey ( season4)

New Tricks ( season 11)

Dec. 7

Man Seeking Woman ( season 1)

The Millionaire Matchmaker ( season 8)

Dec. 8

Telenovela :( episodes 1-3) Stolen *

Dec. 9

Killing Season *

Dec. 10

The Angels Share

Daft Punk Unchained *

Dec. 11

Michael Bubles Christmas Special

Free !( season 2, dubbed)

Jermaine Fowler: Give em Hell Kid *

Dec. 12


Spring Breakers *

What If *

Dec. 13

Listen to Me Marlon *

Dec. 14

Vampire Academy *

Dec. 15

Drunk History ( season 3 finale)

Dec. 16

The Voice 🙁 season 9 finale)

Craig Ferguson: Only Being Honest

Dec. 17

The 6th Day *

The Mirror Has Two Faces *

Dec. 18

Deutschland 83 ( season 1)

The Seven Five *

Therefore welcomed New York *

Dec. 19


Dec. 23

Boulevard *

Dec. 24

Una Noche

Dec. 26

CSI ( series finale)

The Gambler

Dec. 27

The Spymasters: CIA in the Crosshairs *

Dec. 28

Love& Hip Hop Hollywood ( season 2 finale)

Dec. 29

Doped: The Dirty Side of Sports

Dec. 30

Moonbeam City ( season 1 finale)

The Only Way is Essex ( season 16)

Dec. 31

Penn& Teller: Fool Us ( season 2 finale)

Wild Card

Dean Smith *


Iverson *


Hulu is now available with a commercial-free alternative. Here’s what is coming to Hulu forNovember 😛 TAGEND

Available Nov. 1

Diamonds Are Forever ( 1971)

For Your Eyes Merely ( 1981)

From Russia With Love ( 1963)

Goldfinger ( 1964)

License to Kill ( 1989)

Live and Let Die ( 1973)

The Living Daylights ( 1987)

Man With The Golden Gun ( 1974)

Moonraker ( 1979)

Never Say Never Again ( 1983)

Octopussy ( 1983)

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service ( 1969)

The Spy Who Loved Me ( 1977)

Thunderball ( 1965)

A View to a Kill ( 1985)

Adventures In Babysitting ( 1987) (* Showtime)

Another Stakeout ( 1993) (* Showtime)

Apartment Troubles ( 2014) (* Showtime)

Arachnophobia ( 1990) (* Showtime)

Beloved ( 1998) (* Showtime)

Celtic Pride ( 1996) (* Showtime)

Cocktail ( 1988) (* Showtime)

Cool Runnings ( 1993) (* Showtime)

Crazy/ Beautiful ( 2001) (* Showtime)

Dangerous Minds ( 1995) (* Showtime)

Delivery Man ( 2013) (* Showtime)

Dick Tracy ( 1990) (* Showtime)

Evita ( 1996) (* Showtime)

Exists ( 2014) (* Showtime)

Grosse Pointe Blank ( 1997) (* Showtime)

Honey, I Shrunk The Kids ( 1989) (* Showtime)

Judge Dredd ( 1995) (* Showtime)

Keeping Up With The Steins ( 2006) (* Showtime)

Let Us Prey ( 2014) (* Showtime)

Mighty Joe Young ( 1998) (* Showtime)

Mindhunters ( 2004) (* Showtime)

Need For Speed ( 2014) (* Showtime)

The Other Aim of the Line ( 2008) (* Showtime)

Out of Sight ( 1998) (* Showtime)

Play It to the Bone ( 1999) (* Showtime)

Rushmore ( 1998) (* Showtime)

Ruthless People ( 1986) (* Showtime)

Scar Tissue ( 2013) (* Showtime)

Stakeout ( 1987) (* Showtime)

Superstar ( 1999) (* Showtime)

The Fifth Estate ( 2013) (* Showtime)

The Heavy ( 2010) (* Showtime)

The Honeymooners ( 2005) (* Showtime)

The Jackal ( 1997) (* Showtime)

The Joneses ( 2009) (* Showtime)

Three Men And A Baby ( 1987) (* Showtime)

Turner& Hooch ( 1989) (* Showtime)

Waterworld ( 1995) (* Showtime)

What About Bob ?( 1991) (* Showtime)

Wooly Boys ( 2001) (* Showtime)

Zoolander ( 2001) (* Showtime)

Furthest From the Wild ( 2014)

Gold ( 2014)

Available Nov. 2

Pound of Flesh ( 2015) (* Showtime)

Around the World in 80 Days ( 2004) (* Showtime)

Available Nov. 3

Ink Master : Season 6 Finale( Spike)

Tattoo Nightmares : Season 3 Finale( Spike)

Bettie Page Reveals All ( 2012)

Safelight ( 2015) (* Showtime)

Available Nov. 4

The Westbrooks : Series Premiere( BET)

Calendar Girls ( 2003) (* Showtime)

Rampart ( 2011) (* Showtime)

Available Nov. 5

Miss Representation ( 2011)

Silent Grace ( 2001)

The Truth ( 2010)

Sand Sharks ( 2011)

11 Blocks ( 2015)

Boston Kickout ( 1995)

Abuse of Weakness ( 2013)

Ayn Rand: A Sense of Life ( 1997)

Bicycling with Moliere ( 2013)

Big in Japan ( 2014)

Cupcakes ( 2013)

Futuro Beach ( 2014)

Lilting ( 2014)

Love is the Devil ( 1998)

Paris-Manhattan ( 2012)

Rufuge ( 2012)

Set Fire to the Stars ( 2014)

The Amazing Catfish ( 2013)

The Empty Hours ( 2013)

The Missing Picture ( 2013)

Troys Story ( 2005)

Jesse James Presents: Off Road Racing Around the World ( 2011)

Pirate for the Sea ( 2008)

The Reef 2: High Tide ( 2009)

Frankenstein vs. The Mummy ( 2015)

Poltergeist of Borely Forest ( 2013)

Run, Hide, Die ( 2012)

Hellbound ?( 2012)

David and Goliath ( 2015)

Pandas: The Journey Home ( 2014)

Mysteries of the Unseen World ( 2013)

Dislecksia: The Movie ( 2012)

Dont Think Ive Forgotten: Cambodias Lost Rock and Roll ( 2014)

Icon ( 2005)

My Santa, My Dad ( 1998)

Way Out West ( 1937)

Addicted ( 2002)

The Thing on the Doorstep ( 2014)

The Fighters Ballad ( 2010)

Misfits ( 2015)

The Disappeared ( 2012)

The Little Things ( 2010)

Breach ( 2007)

The Dark Side ( 2015)

Pretty Rosebud ( 2014)

Shadows on the Wall ( 2015)

A Journey into the Holocaust ( 2014)

Get a Job ( 2011)

The Ballad of Shovels and Rope ( 2014)

Chasing Ghosts ( 2015)

My Dads a Soccer Mom ( 2014)

The Prince and Me 2: The Royal Wedding ( 2007)

Saving Westbrook High ( 2013)

So Undercover ( 2012)

Garfields Thanksgiving ( 1989)

Scorpions ( 2015)

Bernie ( 2011) (* Showtime)

Available Nov. 6

My Dad is Scrooge ( 2014)

Death of Superman Lives: What Happened ?( 2015) (* Showtime)

Available Nov. 7

Masterchef Junior : Season 4 Premiere

Worlds Funniest : Season 2 Premiere( FOX)

The Salvation ( 2014) (* Showtime)

Available Nov. 8

Prophets Prey ( 2014) (* Showtime)

Available Nov. 10

The Awesomes : Season 3 Finale( Hulu Original)

Sweat Inc .: Series Premiere( Spike)

Available Nov. 12

Vikings : Complete Season 3

Available Nov. 13

The Secret of the Nutcracker ( 2007)

What If ( 2010) (* Showtime)

Available Nov. 14

Listen to Me Marlon ( 2015) (* Showtime)

Play it Forward ( 2015) (* Showtime)

Available Nov. 16

Black Ink Crew Chicago : Series Premiere( VH1)

Steven Universe : Season 1 New Episodes( Cartoon Network)

5 to 7 ( 2014) (* Showtime)

Available Nov. 18

Chicago Med : Series Premiere( NBC)

Available Nov. 20

Sailor Moon Crystal : Season 1 Premiere( English dubbed)

Naughty and Nice ( 2014)

Available Nov. 26

I Love Kellie Pickler : Series Premiere( CMT)

Available Nov. 27

Tokyo Ghoul : Complete Season 1( English dubbed)

12 Dog Day Till Christmas ( 2014)

Available Nov. 28

Spymasters CIA in the Crosshairs ( 2015) (* Showtime)



Oct. 1

The Other Son

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Someone Like You

John Carpenter’s Vampires

Max Dugan Returns


The Impostor

The Fly

Light It Up

March of the Penguins

Pee-wee’s Big Adventure

The Secret Garden

Astro Boy

Chicago P.D. Season 3

Jurassic World

Oct. 2

Blacklist Season 3

Dr. Ken Season 1

Sleepy Hollow Season 3

Bones Season 11

Oct. 5

Family Takeover Season 1

Bar Rescue Season 6

Oct. 6

American Horror Story: Freak Show


Tremors 5: Bloodline

Cartel Land

Testament of Youth


Oct. 7

Alpha Omega 2

Alpha Omega 3

The Flash Season 2

iZombie Season 2

Oct. 8

American Horror Story: Hotel

Couples Therapy Season 6

Arrow Season 4

Supernatural Season 11

Oct. 9

Red Oaks

Ridiculousness Season 11

Colony Season 1

The Vampire Diaries Season 7

The Originals Season 3

Final Girls

Oct. 10

Undateable Season 3

Oct. 12

The Walking Dead Season 6

Oct. 13

Fargo Season 2

Oct. 14

Chicago Fire Season 4

Bark Ranger

Oct. 16

Nathan For You Season 3

Oct. 17

Truth Be Told Season 1

Oct. 19

Penny Dreadful Season 2

Oct. 20

The Vatican Tapes

Terminator Genisys

Oct. 21

Sweat, Inc . Season 1

Oct. 22

First Kiss Season 1

Oct. 23

The Hunger Game: Mockingjay Part 1

While We’re Young

Oct. 27

Black Ink Chicago Season 1

Supergirl Season 1

Oct. 28

Curious George Season 9

Oct. 29

Tom at the Farm

Oct. 30

Danny Collins

Oct. 31

Grimm Season 6


Oct. 1

Chicago P.D .: Season 3 Premiere( NBC) Alaska: The Last Frontier : CompleteSeason 4( Discovery) Cake Boss: Next Great Baker : CompleteSeasons 2 – 4( TLC) Deadly Women : CompleteSeason 8( ID) Fast N Loud : CompleteSeason 6( Discovery) Gator Boys : CompleteSeason 6( Animal Planet) Hoarding: Buried Alive : CompleteSeason 8( TLC) How Do They Do It ?: CompleteSeasons 7& 8( Science) Leah Remini: Its All Relative : CompleteSeason 1( TLC) Long Island Medium : CompleteSeason 7( TLC) My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding : CompleteSeason 3( TLC) My Five Wives : CompleteSeason 1( TLC) My Strange Addiction : CompleteSeason 5( TLC) MythBusters : CompleteSeason 16( Discovery) Say Yes to the Dress : CompleteSeason 12( TLC) Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta : CompleteSeasons 5& 7( TLC) Say Yes to the Dress: Randy Knows Best : CompleteSeason 3( TLC) Street Outlaws : CompleteSeason 3( Discovery) Tanked : CompleteSeasons 7& 8( Animal Planet) Toddlers& Tiaras : CompleteSeasons 7& 8( TLC) Who Do You Believe You Are ?: CompleteSeason 5( TLC) Yukon Men : CompleteSeason 4( Discovery) 3 Geezers !( 2013)

666: The Beast ( 2015)

A Touch of Unseen ( 2014)

Addicted ( 2014)

All Is Lost ( 2013)

Altergeist ( 2014)

Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues ( 2013)

Avenged ( 2013)

Bandits ( 2001 )(* Showtime)

Ben Stillers Comedy Roundtable# 2 ( 2013)

Billy Mize& The Bakersfield Sound ( 2014)

Blair Witch Project, The ( 1999)

Blood Simple ( 1985)

Blue Chips ( 1994)

Cantinflas ( 2014)

Carrie ( 2013)

Casa Amor: Exclusive for Ladies ( 2015)

Cat’s Meow, The ( 2001) (* Showtime)

Cesar Chavez ( 2014)

Come Out and Play ( 2013)

Craig Ferguson: Does This Need To Be Said ?( 2011)

Dear White People ( 2014)

Defiance ( 2008)

Demons ( 2015)

Devil’s Rejects, The ( 2005) (* Showtime)

Donovan’s Echo ( 2011) (* Showtime)

Doomsday Book ( 2012)

Dragonheart ( 1996) (* Showtime)

Dukale’s Dream ( 2015)

Expendables 3, The ( 2014)

Fightville ( 2011)

Fish Tank ( 2009) (* Showtime)

Flashdance ( 1983)

Frankenstein vs. The Mummy ( 2015)

G.I. Joe: Retaliation ( 2013)

Girl Most Likely ( 2013)

GLOW ( 2015)

Hannah And Her Sisters ( 1986)

Hard Ride to Hell ( 2010)

Harsh Times ( 2005) (* Showtime)

Hercules ( 2014)

Hooked Up ( 2013)

Hugo ( 2011)

Hunger Games, The: Catching Fire ( 2013)

I Am I ( 2013)

I, Frankenstein ( 2014)

In A World ( 2013)

Infernal ( 2015)

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit ( 2013)

Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa ( 2013)

Jenny McCarthys Dirty, Sexy, Funny ( 2014)

Jim Breuer: And Laughter for All ( 2013)

Jim Breuer: Comic Frenzy ( 2015)

Jim Jefferies: Fully Functional ( 2012)

Jim Norton: American Degenerate ( 2013)

Jim Norton: Contextually Inadequate ( 2015)

Joe ( 2014)

Justin Beiber: Never Say Never ( 2011)

Katy Perry: Prismatic World Tour ( 2014)

Kids for Cash ( 2013)

La Repetition ( 2001)

Labor Day ( 2013)

Last Play at Shea ( 2010)

Lewis Black: Old Yeller Live at the Borgata ( 2014)

Liars Autobiography, A: The Untrue Story of Monty Pythons Graham Chapman ( 2011)

Lisa Lampanelli: Back to the Drawing Board ( 2015)

Little Jerusalem ( 2005)

Love or Whatever ( 2012)

Lunarcy !( 2012)

Men, Women& Children ( 2014)

Miles To Run ( 2012)

Monkey Shines: An Experimentation In Fear ( 1988)

Most Wanted Man, A ( 2014)

Much Ado About Nothing ( 2013)

Nebraska ( 2013)

Noah ( 2014)

Pain& Gain ( 2013)

Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones ( 2013)

Patton Oswalt: Tragedy Plus Comedy Equals Time ( 2014)

P! nk: The Truth About Love Tour ( 2013)

Please Be Normal ( 2014)

Poltergeist of Borley Forest ( 2013)

Primal Fear ( 1996)

Private Parts ( 1997)

Psycho Beach Party ( 2000)

Pulp Fiction ( 1994) (* Showtime)

Rabbit Hole ( 2010)

Rise of the Footsoldier ( 2007) (* Showtime)

Riviera ( 2005)

Robocop ( 2014)

Run, Hide, Die ( 2012)

Russell Brand: Messiah Complex ( 2014)

Serendipity ( 2001) (* Showtime)

Shelter ( 2015)

Skeleton Twins, The ( 2014)

Skipped Parts ( 2000) (* Showtime)

Star Trek: Into Darkness ( 2013)

Swimming Upstream ( 2003) (* Showtime)

Tales from the Hood ( 1995) (* Showtime)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ( 2014)

The Breakup Girl ( 2015)

The Butterfly Tattoo ( 2009)

The Cutting Room ( 2015)

The House at the Aim of Time ( 2013)

The Inkwell ( 1994) (* Showtime)

The Innkeepers ( 2011)

The Last Keepers ( 2013)

The Program ( 2015) (* Showtime)

The Quitter ( 2014)

The Ravine of Goodbye ( 2013)

The Story of Luke ( 2012)

They Go Together ( 2014)

Tom Papa: Freaked Out ( 2013)

Tony: London Serial Killer ( 2009) (* Showtime)

Transformers: Age Of Extinction ( 2014)

Vanish ( 2015)

Weapons ( 2007) (* Showtime)

Who Bombed Judi Bari ?( 2012)

William Shatners Get a Life ( 2012)

Wolf Of Wall street, The ( 2013)

World War Z ( 2013)

You’re Next ( 2013)

Young Hunter: The Beast of Bevendean ( 2015)

Oct. 2

Bones : Season 11 Premiere( FOX) Sleepy Hollow : Season 3 Premiere( FOX)

Frank Miller’s Sin City: A Dame to Kill For ( 2014) (* Showtime)

I Am Giant: Victor Cruz ( 2015) (* Showtime)

Oct. 4

Saturday Night Live : Season 41 Premiere( NBC) The Good Wife : Complete Season 6( CBS) The Affair : Season 2 Premiere, Episodes 201& 202 (* Showtime) Homeland : Season 5 Premiere (* Showtime)

Oct. 5

The Lovers ( 2015) (* Showtime)

Oct. 6

American Horror Story: Freak Show : Complete Season 4( FX) The Eric Andre Show : Complete Season 3( Adult Swim)

Oct. 7

Casual : Series Premiere ( Hulu Original ) The Flash : Season 2 Premiere( CW) iZombie : Season 2 Premiere( CW)

Oct. 8

Arrow : Season 4 Premiere( CW) Supernatural : Season 11 Premiere( CW)

Oct. 9

The Vampire Diaries : Season 7 Premiere( CW) The Originals : Season 3 Premiere( CW)

Oct. 10

Undateable : Season 3 Premiere( NBC) Reign : Season 3 Premiere( CW)

Prophet’s Prey ( 2015) (* Showtime)

Oct. 12

Americas Funniest Home Videos : Season 26 Premiere( ABC) Doc McStuffins : CompleteSeason 2( Disney Junior)

Oct. 13

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend : Series Premiere( CW) Jane the Virgin : Season 2 Premiere( CW)

Oct. 14

Chicago Fire : Season 4 Premiere( NBC) The Jim Gaffigan Show : Season 1 Finale( TV Land)

Oct. 17

Truth Be Told : Series Premiere( NBC)

Camp X-Ray ( 2014) (* Showtime)

Oct. 18

Basketball Wives LA : Season 4 Finale( VH1)

Oct. 23

Hunger Games, The: Mockingjay – Part 1 ( 2014)

Compared to What: The Improbable Journey of Barney Frank ( 2014) (* Showtime)

Oct. 25

American Dream/ American Knightmare ( 2015) (* Showtime)

Oct. 28

Wicked City : Series Premiere( ABC)

Oct. 30

Why Horror ?( 2014) (* Showtime)

Oct. 31

Grimm : Season 4 Premiere( NBC)



Sept. 1

Little Giant

Maya the Bee

Private Parts

Blair Witch 2: Book of Shadows

The Blair Witch Project

Desperately Seeking Susan

Hannah and Her Sisters

Killer Klowns From Outer Space

Lord of Illusions


The Crucible ( 1996)

The Swan Princess ( 1994)

Hannibal Rising ( 2007)

Anywhere But Here

Sept. 3

Stuart Little

Sept. 4

Dear White People

Hand of God ( season 1)

Sept. 5


Extreme Movie

Deli Man

I Am Big Bird: The Caroll Spinney Story

Sept. 10

Kumiko, The Treasure Hunter

Sept. 12

Men, Women& Children

Sept. 16

A Smile Like Yours

Sept. 18

From Prada to Nada

Sept. 21

Halloween ( 2007)


Sept. 30

Grimm ( season 4)


Sept. 1

Elementary : Complete Seasons 1 3( CBS)

The League : Complete Season 6( FX)

Lovesick ( 2014)*

The Hunters ( 2013)*

Tooken ( 2015)*

Sept. 2

Willow Creek ( 2013)*

Sept. 3

Celebrity Wife Swap : Season 4 Finale( ABC)

Alien Rising ( 2015)

All The Wrong Reasons ( 2014)

American Ghost Hunter ( 2015)

American Made Movie ( 2013)

Amigo Undead ( 2015)

Antidote ( 2014)

Backwater ( 2013)

Black Widow ( 2008)

Born to Fly: Elizabeth Streb vs. Gravity ( 2014)

Brush With Danger ( 2014)

Buddy Hutchins ( 2015)

Camembert Rose ( 2009)

Coral Reef Adventure ( 2003)

Cut !( 2014)

Demons ( 1985)

Digging to China ( 1997)

Doppelganger ( 2003)

Freebird: The Movie ( 1996)

Home Is Where the Heart Is ( 2014)

Hunted ( 2013)

Hurricane on the Bayou ( 2006)

Kane’s Kitchen ( 2015)

Lord Montagu ( 2015)

Love Triangle ( 2013)

Muffin Top ( 2014)

Mysteries of Angels and Demons ( 2015)

Neil Simon’s London Suite ( 1996)

Nfinity Champions League Volume 2 ( 2015)

Please Please Me!( Fais Moi Plaisir )( 2009)

Rhymes with Banana ( 2012)

Salad Days: A Decade of Punk in Washington, DC( 1980 -9 0 )( 2014)

Such Good People ( 2014)

Sunflower ( 2006)

That Guy Dick Miller ( 2014)

The 10 Year Plan ( 2014)

The Badger Game ( 2014)

The Last Keepers ( 2013)

The Whistle Blower ( 2014)

Treehouse ( 2014)

Vincent ( 1981)

Wes Craven Presents Dont Look Down ( 1998)

Zero Tolerance ( 2014)

Sept. 4

Mistresses : Season 3 Finale( ABC)

Rookie Blue : Season 6 Finale( ABC)

Ping Pong: The Animation ( Dubbed ): Complete Season 1

Soul Eater Not !( Dubbed ): Complete Season 1

Hamatora the Animation ( Subtitled ): Complete Season 1

Sept. 5

St. Vincent ( 2014)*

Sept. 8

The Awesomes : Season 3 Premiere

Echoes of War ( 2015)*

Sept. 9

Extreme Weight Loss : Season 5 Finale( ABC)

Zero Punctuation : Season 9 Premiere( Defy)

Sept. 11

Beauty& the Beast : Season 3 Finale( CW)

BlazBlue: Alter Memory ( Dubbed ): Complete Season 1

The World Is Still Beautiful ( Subtitled ): Complete Season 1

CrackerJack ( 2013)

Sept. 14

Teen Wolf : Season 5 Finale( MTV)

La Banda : Series Premiere( Univision)

A Season with Notre Dame Football : Series Premiere*

Sept. 15

The Mindy Project : Season 4 Premiere Dancing with the Stars : Season 21 Premiere( ABC)

Another Period : Season 1 Finale( Comedy Central)

Freedom ( 2014)*

Sept. 16

Difficult People : Season 1 Finale Why? With Hannibal Buress : Season 1 Finale( Comedy Central) Best Time Ever With Neil Patrick Harris : Series Premiere( NBC)

Sept. 17

South Park : Season 19 Premiere( Comedy Central)

Sept. 18

Camp X-Ray ( 2014)*

Noragami ( Dubbed ): Complete Season 1

Last Hours in Suburbia ( 2012)

Sept. 20

Bar Rescue : Season 4 Finale( Spike)

Sept. 21

Love& Hip Hop: Atlanta : Season 4 Finale( VH1)

Sept. 22

Castle : Season 8 Premiere( ABC) Gotham : Season 2 Premiere( FOX) Minority Report : Series Premiere( FOX) Scream : Season 1 Finale( MTV)

The Voice : Season 9 Premiere( NBC)

Blindspot : Series Premiere( NBC)

Sept. 23

Dancing with the Stars: Results : Season 21 Premiere( ABC) Fresh off the Boat : Season 2 Premiere( ABC) The Muppets : Series Premiere( ABC) Scream Queens : Series Premiere( FOX)

Sept. 24

Black-ish : Season 2 Premiere( ABC) Modern Family : Season 7 Premiere( ABC) Nashville : Season 4 Premiere( ABC) The Goldbergs : Season 3 Premiere( ABC) The Middle : Season 7 Premiere( ABC) Empire : Season 2 Premiere( FOX) Rosewood : Series Premiere( FOX)

Law and Order: SVU : Season 17 Premiere( NBC)

The Mystery of Laura : Season 2 Premiere( NBC)

A Wicked Offer : Season 1 Finale( CW)

Lip Sync Battle : Season 1 Finale( Spike)

Sept. 25

Grey’s Anatomy : Season 12 Premiere( ABC) Hot to Get Away with Murder : Season 2 Premiere( ABC) Scandal : Season 5 Premiere( ABC) Heroes Reborn : Series Premiere( NBC)

The Player : Series Premiere( NBC)

Sept. 26

Last Man Standing : Season 5 Premiere( ABC) Shark Tank : Season 7 Premiere( ABC)

Sept. 28

Blood& Oil : Series Premiere( ABC) Once Upon a Time : Season 5 Premiere( ABC) Quantico : Series Premiere( ABC) Bob’s Burgers : Season 6 Premiere( FOX) Brooklyn Nine-Nine : Season 3 Premiere( FOX) Family Guy : Season 14 Premiere( FOX) The Last Man on Earth : Season 2 Premiere( FOX) The Simpsons : Season 27 Premiere( FOX)

Sept. 30

Beyond the Tank : Season 2 Premiere( ABC) Marvels Agents of SHIELD : Season 3 Premiere( ABC) Grandfathered : Series Premiere( FOX) The Grinder : Series Premiere( FOX)

Candidly Nicole : Season 2 Finale( VH1)


The sweat, the chafe, the hot. Ack . August is the perfect time to settle in with a few of TVs best curmudgeons.

Notable on Amazon Prime in August: All eight seasons of Curb Your Enthusiasm will be available to stream Aug. 6. And Amazon Instant will let you enjoy the patriarchy-immolating pleasure of Mad Max: Fury Road from your sofa on Aug. 11.

Hulublesses us withthe debut of original series Difficult People ( Aug. 5 ), the new slapstick starring Julie Klausner and Billy Eichner; the return of the Hotwives franchise( Aug. 18 ); and Mr. Mom ( Aug. 1 ).

Heres the rundown of what your eyeballs will be glazing over in the summers cruelest month. Audra Schroeder


Aug. 1

8 Heads in a Duffle Bag

Another Woman

A Bridge Too Far

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex

Mr. Mom

Aug. 2

Basketball Wives LA : Season 4 premiere

Aug. 4

Bachelor in Paradise : Season 2 premiere

Aug. 5

Difficult People : Series premiere

Aug. 6

Mr. Robinson : Series premiere

A Wicked Offer : Series premiere

Americas Next Top Model : Season 22 premiere

Job or No Job : Series Premiere



52 Tuesdays

American Ghost Hunter

Angel, Alien and UFO Encounters from Another Dimension


Another Kind


Betelnut Beauty


Blood and High Heels

Dangerous Affairs

Dark Tarot

Eye for an Eye

Ferocious Planet

Flash Gordon


From Dust

Fun Size Horror

Hello! How Are You ?

Iceland Aurora


Ladies of the House

Moses: Man of God

My Amityville Horror

Nero: The Obscure Face of Power

Once More With Feeling

Peace After Marriage

Real Fear: The Truth Behind the Movies



Ten Nights of Dreams

The Architect

The Big Fix

The Mother Grain

The Party Is Over

The Poseidon Adventure

Two Guys

Walking Man

We Are Young

Xtra Credit

Aug. 7

The Next Step : Season 2

Aug. 8

Doctor Who : Season 8P TAGEND

Tim& Erics Bedtime Stories : Season 1

Aug. 10

Youre the Worst : Season 1

Aug. 12

Catfish : Season 4 finale

The Next Step Reality : NYC : Series premiere

Startup U : Season 2 premiere

Aug. 13

Kevin From Work : Series premiere

Faults of the Human Body

Aug. 14

Nobunagun : Season 1

Wanna Be the Strongest in the World !: Season 1

Aug. 18

Hotwives of Las Vegas : Season 2 premiere

Aug. 20

Itakiss : Season 1

Aug. 21

Mr. Pickles : Season 1

Gallagher: Altogether New

Hyperdimension Neptunia : Season 1

Aug. 25

Switched at Birth : Season 4 premiere

Aug. 27

Hot Package : Season 2

Aug. 28

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation : Season 15

Kevin Hart Presents: Keith RobinsonBack of the Bus Funny

Amazon Prime

Aug. 1

Olympus: Season 1

The Patriot

The Longest Day


Aug. 4


Aug. 6

Curb Your Enthusiasm : Seasons 1-8

My Best Friend Wedding

In the Line of Fire

Aug. 7

A Most Violent Year

Aug. 12

Gett: Trial of Viviane Amsalen

Aug. 15

If I Bide

Aug. 16

Misery Loves Comedy

Aug. 20

The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lava Girl

Aug. 22


Aug. 23

Kumiko, The Treasure Hunter

Aug. 28

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Amazon Instant

Aug. 1

The Descendants

Aug. 3

The Killing: Season 4

Strike Back : Season 3

The Knick : Season 1

Aug. 4

Teen Titans Go !: Season 3

A La Mala

Alpha& Omega: Family Vacation

Little Boy

The Casual Vacancy

Aug. 7

Dark Places

The Runner

The Amazing World of Gumball : Season 7

Aug. 10

Episodes : Season 4

Aug. 11

Where Hopes Grows

Lalaloopsy: Band Together

The Hunting Ground

Mad Max: Fury Road

Lego DC Super Heroes: Justice League: Attack of the Legion of Doom !

Poltergeist Activity

72 Hours

Aug. 14

Documentary Now !

Fort Tilden

Cop Car

People, Places, Things

Aug. 17

Homeland : Season 4

Aug. 18


Skin Trade


The Love Letter

Aug. 19

Hack My Life : Season 2

Aug. 20

Six Degrees of Everything : Season 1

Aug. 25

The Age of Adaline


Queen& Country

Aug. 26

Public Morals : Season 1

Aug. 28


Aug. 31

House of Cards : Season 3

* Hulu titles with an asterisk be available with the additional Showtime premium subscription.

Screengrab via Hulu

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