Fox News keeps inviting Tv physicians on air who say crazy things

New York( CNN Business) Fox News has displayed a knack in recent weeks for inviting prominent television physicians on its air who make absurd comments that ignite controversy.

While the three household names have all had success in daytime television, each of them has previously faced serious criticism from medical professionals. Furthermore , none of them are infectious disease experts.
And yet Oz, McGraw, and Pinsky have all appeared on Fox News, building remarks that support the network’s editorial viewpoint, but which fly in the face of what health officials have said about the coronavirus.
In the weeks before President Donald Trump proclaimed a national emergency over the pandemic on March 13, Fox News hosts and personalities spent continually downplayed the seriousness of the coronavirus.
After Trump’s declaration, theirtone became more serious. But it has again shifted of late, with high-profile hosts and personalities now pushing to end the shutdown and questioning whether it was even prudent in the first place.