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Earlier today, I wrote about what I thought would be the last crazy influencer scandal of the year. It is December 18, after all. That narrative had everything: handguns, prison term, and petty disputes over web domains. It seemed like the perfect route to close out a year of influencers generally being the most difficult. But, reader, I SPOKE. TOO. SOON. Lo and beheld, we have another story that is almost hard to believe, except for the fact that I literally wouldn’t set anything past influencers anymore.

There are certain things in this world that we should just know not to believe. Things like” I’m not like other guys ,” or” I will definitely pull out” come to mind, but this should also definitely be applied to influencers telling us that they only endorse products they really believe in, or even employ at all. Sorry, Khloe Kardashian, but no one buys that you achieved a total body transformation through a regimen of diarrhea tea and waist trainers. The BBC apparently doesn’t trust influencers’ promises about the products they shill either, so they decided to pull a little sting operation to uncover their shady ways.

On the most recent episode of Blindboy Undestroys the World, which is basically like Punk’d, but with social justice undercurrents, three reality TV personalities were dragged into a situation that they’re definitely regretting right now. Lauren Goodger and Mike Hassini( from The Only Way Is Essex–basically the British version of The Hills ), along with Zara Holland( from Love Island ), were all approached about doing ads for a weight loss beverage that was literally poisonous, and they all said yes. Yeah, it’s a big ol’ yikes.

The drink( which doesn’t actually exist) was called Cyonora, and was alleged to contain hydrogen cyanide, which is literally like, the most famous poison. Despite the ingredient being specifically highlighted, both on the label and in the ad copy , none of our three influencers in question had any qualms about shilling for the drink. When asked about promoting the drink, they were told that the product was still in development, and that they wouldn’t” be able to drink it until it’s launched .” Mike Hassini said that was ” absolutely fine ,” and Zara said that it’s” not a number of problems ,” despite her agent clarifying that she wouldn’t lie to promote the product. Good for the agent, but clearly these people don’t give a sh* t.

Lauren’s agent clearly wasn’t concerned about lying, saying directly that” Half these posts you see that people do, they’re not even trying them half the time anyway .” So would that amount to … a quarter of the time? The interviewer then double checked that it wouldn’t be a problem for Lauren to promote a beverage she hadn’t tried, and she merely shook her head. Lauren is probably the worst offender here. After agreeing to do the Cyonora promotion, she willingly shared that she had never tried Skinny Coffee, another weight loss product she promoted earlier this year. She claimed on social media to have lost weight by drinking Skinny Coffee, and said friends messaged her asking if it truly worked. She seemed amazed anyone would even believe she actually used it, saying she told her friends,” Do you not know this by now ?”

Lauren’s agent do ask for clarification about the ingredients in Cyonora, saying she had received backlash over Skinny Coffee because of the laxatives in the drink. But asking isn’t the same thing as actually caring, it doesn’t really seem like Lauren cared. After being told about the ingredients( aka cyanide ), Lauren–along with Zara and Mike–still videotapeed a practice run of an ad script which contained multiple mentions of the LITERAL CYANIDE in the drink.

In the wake of the present airing, these morons obviously tried to cover their ass, and Lauren and Zara’s reps both spoke to BuzzFeed News about how they were misrepresented on the reveal. Zara, in a classic move, blamed the editors, saying that the” full edit” wasn’t demonstrate, and that she claims to” only promote products that I have tried first and know a lot of detail about them .” But just like any reality indicate, the editors can’t literally put terms in her mouth, and Zara said she would promote the drink without trying it!

Lauren’s rep issued a similar statement, saying that” proper checks would have been induced” if she was actually going to promote the product. As for not raising more concerns when reading the script with the CYANIDE references, Lauren said that” As with any audition you people please and say what they want to hear .” HA. Sorry, but reading a line the route the director asked and not asking why a weight loss drink has poison in it are not the same thing !!

Overall, it’s impossible to know if these people would have actually gone through with knowingly promoting cyanide juice, but their behavior on camera doesn’t exactly instill confidence that influencers are being thorough with vetting the products they make money off of claiming to use. This is disappointing, but it’s zero percent surprising–if we know anything by now, it’s that we should expect nothing from these people. They’re mostly clowns doing their best to avoid having to get real jobs, and if cyanide juice is willing to cut them a hefty check, they’re not going to ask a lot of questions.

If you’re the kind of person who is still buying products based on influencer recommendations, you should probably be a little more careful. Of course, some things aren’t harmful, or could even be beneficial, but the weight loss drinks are just never going to work the way you want them to. Sorry, but you should know this by now!

Images: laurengoodger, zaraholland/ Instagram; Skinny Coffee Club

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Digital Sugar Newborns Are Getting Paid Without Ever Meeting Up* Betches

When I began college in 2011, being able to survive financially meant either A) having rich mothers, B) surviving off scholarships, C) falling into bottomless debt, or D) getting a part-time job. For me, this came down to blowing all of my scholarship money my freshman year, and then turning to waitressing at Mexican eateries so I could afford to feed myself.( My diet became 80 percent Mexican food, which I now realise is not the best weight loss strategy .)

Eight years later, the internet and a growing number of applications have created a limitless number of ways for students to make money online, without having to ever leave their beds. So long to the days of having to physically go to work, because who wants to do that? Let’s be real , nobody, but especially not college kids.

When beginning to search for digital gigs that require little effort but that offer great fiscal reward, more and more college-age students are jumping on the sugar baby bandwagon. According to SeekingArrangement’s report, aptly called Sugar Baby University , more than 2.7 million college student have turned to sugar daddies to help pay off debt or offset other expenses, like books and housing. But just like millennials and Gen-Z have different outlooks on social media, dating, and drinking than other generations, they’re also approaching the sugar newborn world differently, get a little more technologically savvy.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, sugar babies, according to the SeekingArrangement website,” enjoy a life of luxury by being pampered with fine dinners, exotic trips and allowances .” Sugar daddy or Mommas( those terms just gave me hives) want to” discover beautiful members to accompany them at all times .” So, utilizing services like SeekingArrangement, they link up. Basically, the idea is that sugar newborns “accompany” daddies( to dinner, events, dinners, or whatever) and can receive money, gifts, etc. in return. Now, though, there are a growing number of sugar babies who are going digital and not fulfilling up with their daddies/ mommas at all. Why do in person what you can do from your phone, right?

What Are Adaptogens& Do They Work For Relaxation?* Betches

The wellness world is always evolving and throwing new sh* t at us to help our bodies and intellects in wonderful, magical styles. As focus has changed from the early’ 90 s epoch of extreme weight loss( remember the grapefruit diet, anyone? No? Wanna go on a Cabbage Soup fast? No? Ok then .) to today’s more holistic and health-conscious space, the trends have adapted to follow suit. In other words, our focus in the health space has transitioned from weight loss to wellness. Applause all around, please. I’m so glad we all ultimately realise there are more important things in life( such as functioning organs) than having thighs that don’t touch.

With this paradigm transformation, wellness experts are now marketing new things based on conceptions such as detoxification, hormone balancing, and immune boosting. Enter: adaptogens.

Adaptogens are the latest buzzword in the wellness realm, and I know they voiced weirdly medical, like they should be a part of our DNA or cells or something, but they’re actually a non-toxic herb, so you don’t need to be scared. According to Times magazine, adaptogens are a special class of herbs that will help the body resist physical, chemical, and biological stressors. Results from this scientific study is demonstrating that the herbs also interact with our hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis( HPA ), responsible for communication to our kidneys( ie: adrenal glands) about how to handle stress.

See, when we are stressed out, our body utilizes three stages to handle stress. The initial stage is the alarm stage. It’s self-explanatory: you’re f* cking shook. It’s the initial stage of stress, such as your first few reps of lifting weights. This is where the body releases its first dosage of hormones. The second phase, the phase of resistance, is when you’re able to handle the stress. So this stage is kind of what get you through the subsequent reps and situateds of your workout. This stage is where the adaptogens work their magic. They basically stretch out the resistance phase by behave like a hormone balancer. Because they play a role in the brain to adrenal gland communication, they are able to level out the amount of stress hormones that get released by your adrenal glands. The third and final phase of a stress response is the exhaustion stage. It has nothing to do with adaptogens, that’s just your body saying ” chill, bitch .” The instance of weight lifting is obviously a physical stressor, but adaptogens have also been shown to help the body handle mental or emotional stress. So basically, adaptogens are supposed to level you tf out so you’re not a miserable, murderous bitch.

While new to the Western world, Ayurvedic healing and Chinese medicine have known about adaptogens for centuries. The trend has hit our side of the world in a big way, and now all these coffee shops are pushing mushroom coffee( I’m not so sure about this ), and you can find the adaptogenic herb Ashwaganda in powder form in many health food stores. Another one you’ve most likely heard of before is ginseng. I’m kinda psychic, so I can say with like semi-certainty that it’s about to have a huge comeback now, but your favorite Chinese place has probably been cooking with ginseng forever. For you overambitious betches that don’t believe in easing into things, try this Gwyneth Paltrow-approved adaptogenic smoothie recipe. I’m not sure where you can buy” moon dust ,” but it sounds like something my drug dealer has mentioned before.

Despite all the cool info disseminate about these herbs, keep in mind that scientific research on how adaptogens truly treated with our body is still very limited, and I recommend consulting with a doctor before trying new supplements, especially if you are taking prescription drugs.

What do you guys suppose? Would you try these herbs? Would you do the mushroom coffee? Sound off below!

Images: Chris Knight/ Unsplash; Giphy

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What To Eat Before& After Your Workout To Maximize Benefits* Betches

Fueling your body before and after a workout is a key component in maximizing the consequences of said workout. After all, who wants to work hard and insure subpar results? Nobody. That’s like, the whole opposite of the entire point. You already bought your cute workout clothes and dragged your ass to the gym, and( hopefully) actually like, tried to put in~ werk~ and didn’t just half-ass it. But what you do at the gym isn’t the only thing that factors into your weight loss or other fitness goals–what you feed before and after your workout can kind of stimulate or break your efforts as well. What should you feed before your workout? Should you eat at all? And after your workout, what should you eat so your muscles can recover, but you don’t undo all the progress you just made? These are the types of questions I get from my clients a lot. I’m going to help you break down what to eat before and after your workout so you can get the most benefits and not altogether sabotage your efforts.

Pre-Workout Nutrition

Okay, so I generally fall into two camps here for pre-workout nutrition. If it is early in the morning, like a 5am-6am workout, I understand not eating pre-workout. What’s more, if the workout consists of a morning jog or mainly endurance cardio( the treadmill, elliptical, Stair Master, etc .) it is totally penalty to not feed before.

HOWEVER. If you’re about to go lift weights or do HIIT training, a completely empty stomach could potentially construct you dizzy and interfere with your ability to do as much as you want to in the gym( and also be dangerous ). The reason for this is when you’re running on completely empty, the body has already depleted its glycogen store( which is used for quick energy–it’s a reason athletes carb-load prior to a game ). This is where I am an advocate of waking up earlier( yeah, I know, I know) so you can actually try to eat something before.

Now, if you’re an afternoon/ evening gym rat, then I’m sincerely hoping you’re not working out still fasted from the night before. A mixture of protein and carbohydrates will give you the proper nutrition you need to work out. Stay away from anything with a lot of fat content, because fat takes longer to digest than carbohydrates and protein, so it’ll kinda simply sit there for a while and cause cramps while you work out. A good example of a pre-workout snack is a bowl of berries, a piece of toast, and two eggs. That’s a fairly optimal dinner anyway, but it’s not too big to mess with you during the workout if you have to go right to the gym after eating.

What I find works best for me is having a proper meal about two hours before I workout. I’m a PM-er, so I workout later in the day after lunch. My lunch could be anything from lentil pasta arrabbiata and chicken breast to ground turkey salad. I devote myself time to digest after, then I find I’m able to really run hard in the gym.

Also, it’s pretty common sense, but ga more for a more strenuous workout. So you’re definitely going to want to eat more before a leg workout( larger muscle groups= more sweaty, more tiring–I have an article coming on this later) than for an arms/ abs workout( smaller muscle groups ).

Post-Workout Nutrition

The reason post-workout nutrition, to me, is more important than pre-workout nutrition is because the body necessitates replenishment after being depleted of energy. Now, amino acids( or protein) play a super key role here because you want the proteins to help your muscle fibers heal and kickstart your recovery process.

You don’t really NEED to rush to get into your protein and carbs within 30 minutes after your workout, like many fitness gurus will tell you( “thats what they” call the” anabolic window “). You’re definitely going to want to eat after, but honestly…I live in LA, that drive home from the gym could already take up the whole 30 minutes, honey. Trust me when I say those 30 minutes are not the end-all and be-all. You just want to make sure you’re getting enough protein throughout the day; rushing to get it in right after a work out won’t make much of a difference.

The best kind of post-workout nutrition should really be a full meal if you have the time for it. Anything with a complete protein source( chicken breast, fish, etc .) and complex carbohydrates( brown rice, pasta, beans are all good options) will help your body recover from the workout. If you’re kind of in a day crunch, then a protein shake will do. Depending on how filling your shake is, you might need proper ga as well.

Images: @dietstartstomorrow( 2 )/Instagram

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4 Ways To Get Over A Weight Loss Plateau | Betches

A weight loss plateau is beyond frustrating, and the worst part is it’s not even really about what you’re doing right or wrong. A plateau is the result of our bodies’ evolution and a survival mechanism that had contributed to our species prosper.( Caroline Dooner talks a lot about how our bodies’ survival mechanisms are meant to thwart weight loss efforts in her F* ck Your Diet series .) A weight loss plateau is the outcome of our bodies needing less energy to function, and our metabolism slowing, when we lose weight. Our biology isn’t that happy with our weight loss. It triggers a signal that we’re about to go through some trying times. It thinks we’re about to run out of food. So when we lose weight, our bodies start to tell us to hang onto the nutrients in the things we eat, and slows down our metabolism.

Here’s the science behind a weight loss plateau( get ready for some math ):

Metabolism ( Total Daily Energy Expenditure)= Basal Metabolic Rate ( the bare minimum number of calories you need to survive at complete remainder)+ Exercise ( calories burned during exert)+ Non-Exercise Expenditure ( calories burned through other activities other than exercise)+ Thermal Effect Of Food ( energy used to digest the food we eat)

So, generally speaking, if your uptake is greater than your metabolism, it will lead to weight gain, and if your uptake is less than your metabolism, it will lead to weight loss.

Simple enough, right? We’ve heard of different differences of this same equation before( we’ve all heard” calories in vs. calories out” at one point or another ), but our bodies are so clever that once we lose weight, the calories used at rest will also lessen. Therefore, if every other aspect of your energy expenditure remains the same( workout , non-exercise expenditure, and thermal impact) then your overall metabolism will be lower. So what gives? Am I telling you that now you have to spend another 30 extra minutes in the gym to compensate? No , not unless you feel like it. Here are four other ways to get over a weight loss plateau.

Sneak In More Non-Exercise Physical Activity

A lot of people have the mindset that you need to be in a gym to get in physical activity, which kind of restriction their ability to see the opportunities we have to be active in daily life. Take the stairs instead of the escalator or the elevator when you can, walk or bike instead of driving, and stand instead of sitting. Go for a walk with your puppy, or go for a hike with a friend instead of going to get drinkings( or hike to get the drinks ). You can even simply stretch while watching Tv. Little things add up. A study was published that claims fidgeting and working to maintain correct posture burns up to 800 more calories than sitting still. So merely get moving in some way.

Don’t Work Out Longer, Work Out Smarter

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You can still limit your workouts to an hour and increase the efficiency if you maximize your time. Working smarter in the gym means less rest, more resistance, and more defines/ reps. Only make sure you’re not do the same workout at the same intensity as the day you started months ago, because your body needs you to step your game up. Another way I like to add intensity to my workouts is to add more blended motions, so instead of simply doing squattings, I’ll add in a shoulder press at the standing part of the movement. More muscles ran means more calories burned in the same amount of time.

Don’t Neglect The Weights

By now, you should know that weights don’t induce you bulky. If you have more muscle cells, you’ll be burning more energy at rest than if you had more fat cells in your body. This will help you to maintain that same metabolic rate pre-weight loss.

If you’ve receive your weight loss plateaued and your exert routine consists of mostly cardio, it’s time to incorporate weights in a more significant way. Cardio is fantastic, and those who are starting on their fitness journey can find great outcomes with it. However, because cardio does very little in terms of muscle building, cardio-focused individuals will hit a plateau early on because they lose the weight and then their metabolism slackens. My recommendation is to cut the cardio portion of your workout routine in half and use the other half of the time to complete a few resistance training circuits. So if you’re used to doing an hour of cardio, do 30 minutes and use the other 30 to do three to four decides of five to six resistance develop moves.

Choose Protein

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no longer listening to youuuu | @hannahmlplanet

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So, here’s a wild notion: your body actually burns calories when digesting. The dietary-induced thermal effect–sorry, more science–is the energy needed after we eat a certain food to digest and absorb the nutrients in our body. So if you’re trying to get over a weight loss plateau, it might be time to eat a little smarter. And by that I entail, eat more foods that take more energy to burn. This is called the food’s thermogenic rate. Fat, for example, utilizes 0 to 100 calories to digest for every 100 calories devoured( or, it has a thermogenic rate of 11-18 % for non-obese individuals ). Protein, on the other hand, has the greatest thermal effect of about 20 -3 0 %. This means your body uses the most energy to digest protein which means more calories burned! According to the same study, protein also helps you stay full the longest. By making protein the spotlight of your dinners, you can increase your metabolism rate.

A weight loss plateau is something that is probably going to happen to you at some phase. The good news is that we can mitigate the consequences of it by controlling other aspects of our energy expenditure. A plateau could also mean that it’s time to take a step back and appreciate your journey so far, because you didn’t get to this plateau without having first put in the work! It is also a sign that you’re ready to step your workouts to the next level if you’ve been stuck in a pattern or routine for a while. So while plateaus can feel discouraging, it’s a sign that you’re physically ready to advance to the next level. Your body is ready to take the stairs instead of elevators, to do faster sprints and that extra situate of bicep curls. Instead of being down, pat yourself on the back and go do those sprints!

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I Tried Intermittent Fasting For 10 Days& It Was Not At All What I Expected* Betches

As I’m sure many of you can relate to, I did not enter January feeling the best I’ve ever felt about my body. Frankly, forget holiday weight gain–I hadn’t successfully lost weight since a belly glitch last May, and the whole thing was starting to feel hopeless. In 2019, I’d already tried a juice cleanse( painful, results gone within a week ), and macro counting( exhausting! very difficult without professional advice on what to eat ). So ultimately, I turned to intermittent fasting. I am in no way a nutritionist, and I cannot tell you whether IF is “good for you, ” or give you a scathing review of whether or not the science behind it is legit. What I can tell you is that I had a tough 10 days, and a surprising set of results. If that’s enough for you, read on for my experience with intermittent fasting

What I Expected From Intermittent Fasting

If you’re interested in learning more about the science behind IF( intermittent fasting ), or the different ways you can do it, I employed these three articles as guides. Like I said, I’m not a nutritionist, and I truly don’t want my advice here to be the last word on whether or not you embark on a major diet alter. Please believe me–it is a MAJOR change. I understood the merits of IF in two ways before starting. First, I learned that periods of fasting decrease insulin production and boost growth hormones–both of which mean nothing to me, but they apparently help boost metabolism, burn fat, and gain muscle. Second, by limiting your “eating window”( a term my friends would literally pay me to stop hearing at this point ), you’re meant to limit overall calories( e.g. you can’t eat breakfasts anymore; you skip seven breakfasts’ worth of calories per week ).

Have some objections to that second point? Yeah, me too–don’t fret, we’ll get there. But only to be clear with my purposes for IF: I wanted to lose weight. Not a drastic sum, especially not in 10 days; I know all too well that that weight just comes right back. But losing perhaps 1, 1.5 pounds? If nothing else, only to prove that my body was still capable of weight loss after all the weird diets I’d put it through. So, I decided on a 16:8 routine( 16 hour fast, 8 hour eating window ), and set off on my 10 -day journey.

Actual footage of me putting together diet schemes and not shutting the f* ck up about it :

How Fasting Actually Felt

Despite most recommendations for 16:8 suggesting eating 12 -8pm( or even earlier ), I define mine from 2-10pm. First of all, I struggle way more with snacking at night than I do during the day, and I didn’t want to set myself up for failing. Second of all, I have a standing Bachelor date Monday nights, and no way in hell was I sitting through Colton’s journey for love without a healthy dose of wine and pizza. The first few days were mostly the same: I indicated up to work around 10( usually when I eat breakfast) and had unpleasant but bearable waves of hunger until 2pm. This included stomach cramps( worst when I woke up, or when someone ate a delicious-looking bagel near me ), and a few headaches. Water and black coffee helped, but candidly more in terms of keeping me awake than stimulating me feel better.

The first mistake I made that week? On Day 3, I went to a spin class at 8am( a disgusting habit I picked up in LA ). Not only did I nearly die from hunger that morning, I forgot the parameters of my eating window and feed until 10:30 pm that night. While I worried I’d messed all there is to it, and was starting to question how healthy it was anyway, I woke up on Day 4 “feeling LIGHT”( per my detailed notes ). My stomach felt flatter, my digestion was good, and my hunger cramps were clearing up sooner. Everything seemed good. And then, as must happen to all diets, the weekend came along.

I was expending that particular weekend in Salt Lake City, crashing some friends’ ski trip.( I don’t ski, I just wanted to drink in a cabin for a weekend .) In preparation, I switched my eating window for the weekend to 4pm-12am. After all, if I was just going to make IF my long-term eating pattern, it had to be something I could do while maintaining a social life. And my social life right now involves ingesting calories after 10 pm.( I say “involves, ” but really that’s all my social life is .) I also weighed myself Friday morning, but both of the scales turned out to be broken, and both told me I’d gained 16 pounds in the past two weeks.

So, even though I’d woken up Friday feeling light and lean, I expended most of that day questioning reality and trying not to eat my own hand. By the time I could eat at 4pm, my body went into full animal mode, scared I would fast for another 18 hours at any moment. Basically, I filled the working day with airport snacks, a pasta dinner, and bags of Cheetos and mini Oreos the Airbnb host had left behind. Yes, right up until midnight. Saturday and Sunday, I accompanied the non-skiing group to two massive brunches and fasted through both, for which I would like several medals.( Insta proof below .)

Throughout the weekend, I felt like the bloating and general gross-ness I’d kicked during the week was back–but largely I blamed the type of food I was feeing( processed garbage and desserts, yum ), and it was more of an internal “yuck” than an “oh sh* t, these gasps are not fun to button.” The final few days I focused on drinking sh* t tons of water, feeing more real foods and fewer snacks, and bringing my eating window back to a reasonable scope.( AKA Monday I ate 4-11; Tuesday I ate 3-10; Wednesday I could eat at 2 again .) But frankly, I never quite kicked the bloated feeling from the weekend and I was still freaked out by the scale disaster Friday. By the time I went back to regular eating, it didn’t come a minute too soon.

Pros& Cons I Felt On Intermittent Fasting

I would need a licensed professional to confirm or deny this, but I suspect that I messed up by making my eating window so late on the weekend. Like I said, I am a chronic night-snacker–which entails I’ve read all the advice on how it’s the worst thing you can do for your body and how you’re meant to give your body 2-4 hours of not eating before bed. I’ve also been a yo-yo dieter for years, and hear rumors of starvation mode( when your body’s metabolic rate slows down bc it thinks you’re dying and need the food) if you deprive your body of calories irresponsibly. Again, IDK for sure what happened, but once I started feeing from 4pm-12am it felt like my body panicked, shut down any fat-burning processes, and held onto whatever calories I did consume for dear life.

In other terms, with a later eating window, my digestion slowed, my usual bloated feeling returned, and it quickly seemed like a terrible notion. And while my 2-10pm eating window had built me feel lighter after a few days, it had also allowed me to stop thinking so carefully about what I was eating. I would try to break my fast with a big, healthy meal, but I was way more relaxed about carb content, afternoon snacking, and feeing desserts. As long as I stopped at 10 pm, I was still technically on a diet–right?

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Yeah, I wasn’t right. People who promote IF assume that you’ll eat fewer calories if dedicated less hour, but they’ve clearly never been to a timed buffet. I can’t say for sure whether I was eating more calories while I did IF, but I genuinely doubt I was eating fewer( and definitely not on the weekend ). And overeating with 16 -hour transgress isn’t a diet: it’s merely eating the same amount and giving you a better shot at digesting it properly. By the time I determined a less f* cked up scale that Friday, I saw I was two pounds heavier from the whole experiment.

BUT–and again I have no way of proving this–I felt like it was possible that part of that weight gain was muscle. I’m the kind of person who can( and has) temporarily gained two pounds from a large meal, and I’m very familiar with what that feels like. This weight gain, however, felt different.

To sum up my very scientific impression of how my body changed during this process, I felt like I was roughly the same size but less jiggly–like my gasps were maybe a little tighter in the legs, but looser in the waist. It wasn’t my goal, and I still have five pounds I’d like to lose, but I’ve experienced worse outcomes on more painful regimes.

Overall, would I recommend intermittent fasting, or ever do it again? Kind of! I would recommend trying a few different eating windows and insuring what works best for you, for sure. I might try incorporating a 24-hour fast once a few weeks, since I’d had good short-term outcomes with a few days of fasting. Ultimately, I think incorporating a couple fasting periods helped me shed some bloat and regulate digestion–but extending the fasts and confusing my body on when to expect food backfired. As much as I detest to say it, I have to accept that this wasn’t a “weight loss hack” by any means. If I actually want to see a lower number on the scale, I will have to consume fewer calories. Until then, I’ll be accepting tips-off on how the f* ck I’m supposed to enjoy an evening at home without feeing until the second I fall asleep.

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5 Weight Loss Products That Don’t Work* Betches

Everyone wants a quick fix. In the age of instant gratification, the concept of waiting for outcomes is lost on everyone. Smh. The diet industry knows this, and over the years, they have capitalized on consumers’ lack of patience. Cue late-night infomercials and IG sponsored ads for the next big thing in weight loss. Spoiler alert: none of this sh* t actually works. Real results take time–we have been through this. I know you’re better than good, but I also get the temptation. Like, even if something seems too good to be true, you might think to yourself that it can’t hurt to try, right? Well, it might not hurt your body, but it will hurt your wallet. Here are five fitness products that promise a quick fix, but actually do not work.

1. The Shake Weight

Oh, the infamous Shake Weight. Did you know that” you can get firm and fabulous arms and shoulders in just six minutes a day” with these? At least, that’s what the manufacturers want you to believe. The Shake Weight comes in two versions, weighing two-and-a-half pounds and five pounds. That’s very…minimal. But the creators of the Shake Weight assert the vibration generates isometric force on the muscles to hold steady, working the muscles more than regular concentric-eccentric movements. Seems scientific sounding and therefore legit, except for the fact that you can create your own isometric force-out during any exercising by holding the movement at the most force-generating part of the movement. So, by holding a bicep curl halfway for 10 seconds, holding the bottom of a squat, holding a V-sit for your abs, etc. That means you don’t need a Shake Weight to do it. You can also work your muscles more by utilizing dumbbells larger than 2.5 lbs, I’m just sayin’.

2. ThighMaster

Suzanne Somers is one entrepreneurial betch. I love and respect her hustle. This vintage little tool is like the at-home version of the hip adductor machines at the gym. For the goal of this product to be thinner thighs, it does build some sense kinesthetically for this movement and product to work. However, there is no way to spot reduce simply one region of your body, so this product alone won’t help you achieve thin thighs. There are also plenty of superior ways to work the thighs that don’t necessitate equipment, such as squats and lunges, as well as plyometric exercisings. Plus, bear in mind that when it comes to any fat reduction, diet will always play a major role.

2. Ab Belt

These belts send electronic stimulation to your abdominal muscles, so your muscles contract without you doing the work to contract it. As in, you don’t even have to think of contracting your muscles. Who has the time and energy to consciously flex their muscles, right? But you want abs, though. Talk about lazy. Whether or not it works? Well, the Federal Trade Commission sued the makers of these belts in the early 2000 s for making false claims, so that’s that on that. Here’s the real tea: if you can’t even put in the effort to contract your own abs, then no product or person can help you. The end.

4. Weight Loss Gummies

So you’ve heard of the weight loss teas and lollipops that the Kardashian-Jenner clan have promoted. But now, there are also weight loss gummies for you, because diet pills are soooo 1999. This popular brand ‘s gummies contain two steps, because that seems more legit. One gummy is basically caffeine from green coffee beans to give you energy, and the other one is supposedly an craving suppressant made from garcina cambogia( a tamarind fruit extract ). A one-month supply will cost you $ 49.90. Not only is packaging and marketing weight loss in a candy very ironic and a inexpensive juxtaposition , none of their claims have been evaluated by the FDA( no supplements on the market in USA are ). These gummies is likely to be, at best, ineffective and a garbage of $49.90, or at worst, dangerous if you are allergic. On their website, they do not provide a full ingredients listing for these gummies, so I would not be surprised if they contain very small amounts of these “active” ingredients. BTW, in 2014 the FTC sued a green coffee bean company for constructing false claims and false studies.

5. Slimming Creams/ Masks

There are no products on Earth that, once applied directly onto the external surface of your body, can melt off fat, which is an internal cell INSIDE your body. Yes, because we have pores and glands on our scalp, products do get absorbed. This is why it is important to use products that are clean and do not contain metals( such as aluminum in our deodorant ). However, if we still haven’t gotten aluminum poisoning after years of using our trusty Secret deodorant, there’s no way a cream or mask can stimulate us lose five inches in three weeks. Granted, supple and moisturized skin can seem tighter than dry, dehydrated scalp( so don’t skimp on your water ), but if you ever see a cosmetic product claiming to” effectively burn fat ,” run away from those scammers.

Hyped up fitness products come and go every year, but one thing has remained the same: the hunt for a magical weight loss solution. There is a reason why the diet industry is worth $ 72 BILLION. But just think–if weight loss was something you could purchase at a GNC, the nation as a whole would be a whole lot fitter and obesity would not as much of such issues. Not only is the hunt for overnight weight loss a waste of fund, but it is also a waste of time. Can you imagine if instead, we spent that money on buying fresh render, a gym membership, a piece of at-home gym equipment, or get a session with a trainer to show us how to lift and work out properly? Something that breeds healthy habits and not false hope? Before you give this industry another dime, don’t let the flashy commercials and edited transformation pictures fool you: there is no product that will give you maximum results for minimum endeavour. In fitness, just like in life, what you get is what you give.

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Is Forever 21 Fat-Shaming Their Plus-Size Customers?* Betches

Like many of you, I’ve long had a love/ hate relationship with Forever 21. Sure, they have cute clothes at suspiciously low prices, but the stores are a nightmare, and everything falls apart the second time you clean it. I usually go a few times a year out of desperation, which almost inevitably leads to a panic attack while waiting in the checkout line. It’s super fun. But it turns out that the floor isn’t the only thing that’s messy about Forever 21. They’re now facing controversy over behavior that’s seen as fat-shaming toward their plus-sized customers.

For retailers, it’s not super uncommon to send free samples of products along with online orders. These are usually sponsored samples, so it attains sense that they’re targeted based on the typical people ordering the products. For instance, when I rented my textbooks in college, they almost always came with a free can of Redbull. I appreciated it. But when you’re targeting people with products, you have to be mindful that you’re not being offensive. This is where Forever 21 made a big mistake.

Last week, people started posting photos on Twitter of their Forever 21 orders, which had come with Atkins Diet bars. I wouldn’t eat these in the first place, but to induce matters worse, all of the customers who shared their photos had ordered from Forever 21′ s plus-size collection. Yikes. Client were surprised by the samples, and offended at the idea that they may have been targeted with diet products because of their size.

In a statement to Glamour, Forever 21 provided the following explanation for the samples 😛 TAGEND

“From time to time, Forever 21 astonishes our customers with free exam products from third parties in their e-commerce orders. The freebie items in question were included in all online orders, across all sizes and categories, for a limited time and have since been removed. This was an oversight on our part and we sincerely apologize for any offense this may have caused to our clients, as this was not our intent in any way.”

Okay, so if we take this at face value, maybe Forever 21 genuinely did send the diet bar samples to all customers , not just the plus-size ones. At least then they’re not discriminating, but it’s still pretty messed up to be pushing weight loss products on people who haven’t asked for them. We have enough problems with body image and disordered eating in our society, so no one needs a crappy apparel brand shoving weight loss products in their face.

And that’s not even considering that the Atkins diet itself is fairly controversial, with some reports claiming that it can increase your risk for heart disease. It’s pretty troubling if Forever 21 is shilling for Atkins to their customers, plus-size or not.

It’s good to know that Forever 21 has removed the diet bars from all orders, but that’s not to say they won’t do something similar again in the future. Brand tend to have short-term memory loss when it comes to things like this( hi, Urban Outfitters ), so if another problematic company offers them money to include samples, they might just go for it. Just let me buy my crappy clothes in peace, and figure out my diet issues separately–is that too much to ask?

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How Instagram& Jameela Jamil Are Cracking Down On Weight Loss Scams | Betches

If you spend a lot of hour on Instagram or in the general world, you’ve probably noticed that there’s a major problem with the way we talk about diet, weight loss, and “wellness” in general. This isn’t one simple problem, but rather an entire culture that needs to shift.( If you want more details, try listening to our entire Diet Starts Tomorrow podcast .) But one of the biggest issues on Instagram is the way that influencers promote diet and weight loss products with no regard for what actually works, and what messages could be harmful to their audience. Well, Jameela Jamil co-operates with Instagram to make some important changes.

Jameela Jamil has long been a crusader for most honest practices around wellness products, particularly on social media. She’s repeatedly called out people like the Kardashians for misleading ads and remarks extol unhealthy weight loss tactics. Earlier this year, she launched a petition to Instagram to” Stop celebrities promoting toxic diet products on social media ,” and she got over 200,000 signatures.

View this post on Instagram

THIS IS HUGE NEWS. @i_weigh are changing the world together. After a bunch of screaming, screaming, and petitioning … we have managed to get the attention of the people at the top, and they have heard us and want to protect us. And this is just the beginning of our efforts. As of now, if you’re under 18, you will no longer be exposed to any diet/ detox products, and for all other ages; all fad products that have bogus, unrealistic asserts will be taken down and easy to report. I’ve been working with Instagram all year towards this, who were amazing to deal with, and they expressed that they passionately care about creating a safer space for us all online. This happened so much faster than I expected and I’m so proud and happy and relieved. WELL DONE to the many people who have been working towards this huge alter. This is a mass effort. This is an extraordinary win that is going to make a big difference. Influencers have to be more responsible. [?]

A post shared by Jameela Jamil (@ jameelajamilofficial) on Sep 18, 2019 at 10:08 am PDT

Instagram insured the same issues as Jameela Jamil, so they’ve now worked with her to institute two new policies dealing with diet products.

-” If a post promotes a weight loss product or cosmetic procedure and has a price tag fixed to it, users who are younger than 18 -years-old will be prohibited from viewing the post .”

-” Any content that makes a’ miraculous assert’ about diet or weight loss products[ is banned ]. So, for example, if an influencer posts a picture of themselves sipping diet tea, promoting their discount code, and telling their followers how they managed to lose 10 lbs rapidly exclusively due to the tea, it will be removed for infringing the new community guidelines .”

Before I get into anything else, let me only country the obvious: both of these are great policies, and it’s an important step toward creating a better culture. I merely have some questions, and I’ll be honest that I’m a little skeptical of how well these rules will actually work.

I’m extremely happy that Instagram is specifically taking measures to shield teens and kids from the harmful messages of weight loss posts. From increasingly young ages, people in our world are taught to feel bad about their bodies, and it needs to stop. Even recently, we’ve seen huge controversy over WW’s decision to launch a weight loss app aimed at kids. The sentiment behind the 18 -and-under policy is great, but it sounds like the only way they’re going about this is through posts that use the shopping feature( hence the “price tag” speech ). I invite you to scroll through the feeds of some influencers and look at their weight loss ads. None of them use the price tag feature. You have to start somewhere, but I have my doubts that this rule is actually going to do anything. Sadly, companies that want to target minors will just get smarter about their specific tactics to skirt the guidelines.

For example, here’s an ad that Khloe Kardashian( Jameela Jamil’s enemy# 1) recently did for Flat Tummy Tea. It’s obviously an ad, but she doesn’t use the shopping/ price tag feature, though she uses #ad, which adheres with FCC guidelines. Does the 18 -and-under rule even apply to this?

While I’m really unsure about the implementation of the first new policy, the second one has its own set of concerns. According to Jameela’s own terms,” all fad products that have bogus, unrealistic asserts will be taken down and easy to report .” Again, an excellent objective, but the implementation is where it gets tricky. From Instagram’s wording, I assemble that they’ve just updated the community guidelines to stimulate these things technically against the rules, so there are grounds to report these posts. There’s no Instagram bot that’s going to automatically detect these posts and remove them, because that would be basically impossible. How do you quantify a “fad” product? Flat Tummy Tea is an easy one, but what about chunky dad sneakers? I entail, those are a fad, just saying.

Despite all the problematic effects of posts stimulating false asserts about weight loss, censorship is a slippery slope. The nature of weight loss and dieting is that everything runs differently for different people, so there’s a penalty line between specific claims that seems unlikely and something that is categorically false. While I’m not buying that Khloe got a whole new body by sipping diarrhea tea, I can’t say with 100% certainty that it didn’t do anything for her. With this in mind, it’s probably for the best that Instagram’s new policy will rely on self-reporting, so people can judge for themselves what crossings the line.

Overall, I’m excited about the changes that Instagram is constructing, because we shouldn’t have to live in a world of fake weight loss products and Photoshop fails forever. But as with anything, alter takes time, and I’m looking forward to seeing Jameela Jamil continue to work with Instagram to tweak and expand these rules to address the full breadth of the questions. Someday, we might actually be in the good place.

Images: Shutterstock; jameelajamilofficial, khloekardashian/ Instagram

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Why Teresa And Joe Giudice Should Go Their Separate Ways | Betches

It was a big weekend in the Bravo universe, as Joe Giudice was finally released from ICE custody and returned to Italy. Before he even got off the plane, his eldest daughter Gia posted a FaceTime selfie, which was the first photo we’ve seen of Joe since 2016, and no one could stop talking about his dramatic weight loss transformation. Joe is now in Italy with his brother and other family members, and Gia has been posting excitedly about going to visit in a few weeks.

But with Joe in Italy, likely permanently, fans are wondering what this mean for his wedding to Teresa. Are they going to split, or stick it out? Will Teresa move to Italy and start an international Real Housewives franchise?

Over the weekend, Radar Online reported that Teresa will travel to Italy with her daughters in the first week of November, and they’ll be bringing the RHONJ production crew along. Teresa is reportedly getting a large bonus for filming these extra scenes, and as a fan of the display, I’m definitely glad that we’ll get to see the family reunion. But after Teresa does the big reunion and collects her Bravo check, I think it’s time for her and Joe to seriously reevaluate things. I’m glad that he’s free from ICE custody and will get to see his daughters, but that doesn’t mean I’m rooting for Joe and Teresa to pull through as a couple.

We’ve watched Joe and Teresa’s tale unfold for over a decade on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, and a lot has happened in that time. We’ve seen it all, from the birth of their youngest daughter, to financial ups and downs, and of course, the legal troubles that led to both of them spending time behind bars. But even in their better periods, their matrimony has been far from perfect. During the show’s fourth season, the casting was on a trip to Napa Valley when Joe left the table to take a phone call. We still don’t know who the bellow was from, but it truly seems like it was another woman. On the phone, he called Teresa bitch and a c* nt, which is obviously not okay.

After the infamous phone call, Teresa threatened to leave him if the behavior continued, but she also made excuses for him, telling In Touch publication that Joe was ” stressed after a crazy week .” Yeah, that’s not a good enough reason to call your wife the C-word, buddy. Over the next few years, we watched as Teresa was dragged into Joe’s legal issues, which ultimately caused her to serve 11 months in prison. On RHONJ, Teresa acknowledged that her husband’s mistakes had set the family in a bad place, but she always stood by him. That is, until last season.

While Joe was away serving his prison sentence, a couple of things happened. First, rumors started swirling that Teresa was living a new life, dating a younger man and focused on moving on from Joe. But more importantly, it started to look more and more likely that Joe wouldn’t be coming home once he had done his time. On last season’s reunion, though she denied the rumors of a new boyfriend, Teresa told Andy Cohen for the first time that she” is not doing a long-distance relationship ,” and that the only way she would move to Italy is if her daughters told her they wanted to go.

This was a major growth at the time, because it represented a shift in the way Teresa talked about her wedding. Before, she had always brushed off the issues, and maintained that she and Joe were going to make things run no matter what. But as the threat of deportation became more real, she started to sound most realistic about the way things were actually is happening. After watching Teresa for nine seasons, it’s not a stretching to say that Teresa can be a little delusional about things in her life, but she finally was saying things that stimulated perfect sense given the situation.

But now that Joe is actually free, I have to wonder how things will actually shake out. Conveniently, the new season of RHONJ premieres in simply a few weeks, so we won’t have to wait long to see how Teresa has handled the past year of waiting to find out Joe’s fate. Has she been living like a single woman, or holding on to the possibility that Joe might be coming home? Leaving a marriage is a major decision, but for Teresa’s sake, I hope that she has the strength to move forward with her best life, and I don’t think that includes a husband who is 4,000 kilometers away( and also might not be that great of a guy ). Teresa and Joe have been through a lot on this crazy journey, but there’s no shame in cry it discontinues, especially given the circumstances.

Images: Shutterstock; _giagiudice/ Instagram; Giphy

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