For the new year, try 12 monthly ‘micro-resolutions’

( CNN) We know from research that most New Year’s resolvings last merely a month or two. Willpower is in short supply. We lose focus. Things change.

So this year, I eschewed the typical year-long New Year’s resolution in order to abstain from 12 activities, one a month , non-accumulative( each experiment objective on the last day of the month ), like a dozen back-to-back Lents. I called it “the Year of Abstinence” and preferred habits or indulgences that fulfill one of two criteria. They were things I needed to either give up or cut back on, or were things I dreaded I was dependent on. My plan was to learn something about myself through self-denial.
I invited friends to join me as accountability and community help when it comes to resolutions, and I found the solidarity encouraging even as friends dipped in and out throughout the year. Some created their own monthly resolves, and we compared notes.