9 Yummy Food You Can Snack On Guilt-Free

It’s inevitable–you’re watching TV and you only want a little something to munch on. The problem is, a little something usually turns into a lot of something, which means calories and weight gain.

“Recent surveys show that 90+ percent of people snack at the least once per day, ” says nutritionist Lauren Pincus, MS, RDN, founder of the web site Nutrition Starring You. However, she says, snacking shouldn’t be for when you’re hanging out on the sofa. Snacking is really a way to keep up your energy levels between meals. “Think of your body as a automobile, ” Pincus says. “You need ga on the road , not in the garage.”

But if you simply can’t assist but have an evening snack, try one of the items listed below, which are low in calories and fat.

What makes a good-for-you snack?

The ideal snack should be :* A combining of protein, healthy carbs, and good fats.

No more than 100 -2 00 calories No processed foods or empty calories such as cookies. chips, pastries, or muffins Beware of protein and energy bars, which are often filled with as much sugar and calories as candy bars. Organic packaged foods. Just because they are organic does not mean they are healthy or low-calorie or low in sugar/ fat. Foods with added sugar. Read labels and to continue efforts to induce the best decisions you can. As a guide, the American Heart Association recommends limiting added sugars to 24 grams per day for women( 6 teaspoons) and 36 grams a day for men( 9 teaspoons) . “That adds up very quickly–a little soda or sweetened iced tea and you have probably fulfill your restriction, ” says Pincus.

The 13 Best Snacks To Eat When You’re Trying To Lose Weight

When you’re eating healthfully in an attempt to shed some pounds, your snacks need not be as bland as cardboard. In fact, as proven by Redbook’s video above, there are some genuinely tasty bites that will fulfill your afternoon “hangries.” And it’s a good idea to situate yourself up with snacks that you actually enjoy: Some research shows that diet trumps exert when it comes to losing weight.

Enticing combinations like avocado, goji berries and lime juice or chocolate chips and peanuts can quench any kind of hankering you may be having while at the same period complementing — not wrecking — your weight loss objectives. Check out some of the other delectable snack options in the video above, then feel free to thank us.

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