Morbidly Obese Couple Lose Weight In Order To Have Sex For The Very First Time

Obesity in the United Nation is an epidemic. A analyse in The Journal of the American Medical Association revealed that 32.2% of Amerian men and 35.5% of women are obese. What’s more is that Dr.Craig Hales, an expert on the subject, said there are no “signs of it slowing down.”

But one couple from Missouri decided to go on a mission to lose weight so that they could have sex for the first time. Sometimes romance blossoms in unlikely places, and that was the case for Lee Sutton and Rena Kiser who met at a weight loss clinic 11 years ago. However, attendees at the clinic were forbidden from forming relationships and the two were subsequently thrown out. With no guidance, the two bonded over their love of food and their weight began to spiral dangerously out of control. Things eventually got so bad for the obese pair that they struggled to even leave the house to buy food. But their addiction was great enough to force them to drive to their nearest store and buy a large amount of food which they said would only last them a day or two. In the video below, filmed before their dramatic weight loss, they explain how difficult it is for them to go shopping because of the unwanted stares they receive from other people:

Things had not only gotten worse not only with their eating habits but in their personal lives too. Clearly unhappy with their obese bodies, the pair would argue with each other, causing Lee to resort to violence. They eventually found themselves in therapy for domestic abuse, and Lee promised that he would not hurt Rena again. The couples’ second try at losing weight was much more successful. They appeared on the TV show My 600 lb Life , determined to make a change before their unsustainable lifestyle eventually claimed their own lives. At the beginning of the display, Lee is bedbound and Rena, who is poor physical shape herself, has to give him around the clock care. Thanks to the help of doctors on the indicate, the couple were able to make an amazing transformation. Lee dropped from a staggering 714 lbs to 406 lbs and Rena went from 546 lbs to 280 lbs. As a result of this dramatic weight loss, the couple were finally able to have sex. “We never had intercourse before but we can now! ” an excited Lee disclosed. Unfortunately, there are currently no explicit photographs of their transformation, however, the couple has created a Facebook page for their self-described “fans” and the picture above is one of the many pictures of themselves that they have posted. Lee and Rena’s episode of My 600 lb Life aired on TLC yesterday, so these pictures are likely to emerge over the coming days. The Metro reported that Lee is planning to propose once they have lost more weight. While it’s all well and good losing weight to have sex, what’s even more impressive is the fact that Paul Mason, who was once declared the “World’s Fattest Man” when he weight virtually 1,000 lbs, managed to lose almost all of his excess weight. At the height of Paul’s addiction to food, he consumed 20,000 calories a day- nearly ten periods the daily recommended sum for a human. Paul had tried and failed to lose weight before, and prior to losing over 600 lbs, he seeks to take his own life. However, in 2010, he had gastric bypass surgery that aimed up saving his life. He had expended 10 years on a waiting list for the operation, gaining more weight. After the operation was complete, Paul was faced with a new problem- excess scalp. Desperate, Paul released a number of photographs of his excess scalp in the hope of being offered the surgery, which is estimated to cost more than $ 81,000, and lose more than 112 lbs of excess weight which was stopping him from living a normal life. “I wanted people to see the issues that can happen to your body, to your scalp, when you set an extreme amount of weight on, ” Paul said. “A lot of people think that’s just going to shrink back, but it doesn’t.” Thankfully, however, a plastic surgeon New York awarded Paul’s request and performed the surgery for free. Once the procedure was over, he weighed a healthier 350 lbs. We wish Lee, Rena, and Paul all the best in their continued weight loss journeys.

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Woman Celebrates Incredible 300 lbs Weight Loss With Racy Photo With Husband

Every December, people begin to think about the prospect of the New Year. They reflect on what they have and haven’t achieved under the past 12 months, and, more frequently than not, attain resolves about what they’d like to achieve in the near future.

For a lot of people, this involves losing weight. It’s such a common resolution that countless memes and GIFs circulate the internet in January, mocking resolution makers who expend the month glued to the treadmill but inevitably give up soon after. But that wasn’t the instance for a then 25 -year-old Lexi Reed in January 2016 when she and her husband resolved to lose weight. The obese couple from Terre Haute, Indiana, weighed a combined 765 lbs. Lexi weighed in at a staggering 485 lbs whilst her 27 -year-old husband Danny weighed a smaller, but still concerning, 280 lbs. Now, two years later, the couple have lost a blended 400 lbs. Lexi is pictured below on her wedding day in October 2015. “Doing this as a couple has helped us in so many ways, ” Lexi told ABC News . “On days when we were unmotivated, we pushed each other to go to the gym. We also started meal-prepping together, setting objectives, and day by day or pound by pound we grew closer throughout our journey.” The couple revealed that they were “fed up with the life[ they] were living.” When the Reeds began their weight loss journey, Lexi set up an Instagram account to document their advance, aptly dubbed “fatgirlfedup”. Now, the pair have amassed almost half a million followers, all of whom have been inspired by their unrecognizable transformation. “I never expected to have such an impact, ” Lexi said. “I just wanted to get healthy.” So what was it that helped this couple to do what so many others have tried and failed to achieve? According to fitness trainer Latreal Mitchell, “A workout partner is key. Accountability is everything, he said in an interview with ABC News . “Not every day you’re going to want to go out there and devote it your all.” “At least you’ll have someone to say,’ Come on. Today is my day to uplift you and vice versa.’” “I went from a sizing 28 to a sizing 10, ” Lexi said. “I ran from a 46 all the style down to a 32, ” Danny , now 29, added. “The hardest part of our journey was changing our relationship with food, ” Lexi said. “When I was 485 pounds, I never cooked. My husband and I would go out to eat for almost every single snack and if we did cook at home, it was frozen pizza or anything else unhealthy.” Lexi is pictured below after her unbelievable transformation inside her bridal bra.

“We found that by meal-prepping instead of relying on fast food, we were able to stick with our aims when we were at work. And by learning to cook our own meals we were in charge of what we were feeing. We were willing to learn every single day of our journey and we also started using the gym as therapy instead of food. By changing our minds, habits and emotional triggers, we changed our lives.”

Now, the couple have shared a very racy selfie in festivity of their transformation! Prior to losing a whopping 300 lbs, Danny could never have imagined lifting his wife up, but it’s now something he’s able to do with ease. “There are no terms to explain the feeling of saving your own life, ” Lexi said. “Going into 2018, I have nothing but a newfound happiness for this life I am living. I no longer am a prisoner in my own body and instead of merely existing in my own life.” “I’m eventually alive. Every day I wake up is a bles, ” Lexi continued. The 27 -year-old now weighs a healthy 182 lbs, but she is not quite at her target weight and is determined to lose 7lbs before the end of the year. “I’m ready to finish what I started in 2016& reach my next objective of 175! ’ she uncovered. “Get comfortable with being uncomfortable& always push yourself to step out of your convenience zone! Let’s finish 2017 strong.” If Lexi and Danny’s doesn’t inspire you to smash your New Year’s resolves for 2018, I don’t know what will. However, if you’re needing a bit more motivating, check out author Charles D’Angelo’s weight loss transformation success narrative below! We wish Lexi and Danny all the best in the future together. You can keep up with the couple’s Instagram account here.

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Inspirational Size 30 Fashion Designer Documents Losing 182 lbs Following Weight Loss Surgery

Losing weight is one of the hardest things any person can do because it requires a great deal of attempt, and often the effort required is much more than what people are willing to put in.

Unfortunately, if you are accustomed to a particular lifestyle, it can be extremely difficult to completely change your destructive habits and transform your life for the better.

However, one fashion designer by the name of Thayna Pacheco Barboza has done precisely that- she has changed her life for the better and hasn’t appeared back.

In fact, the 24 -year-old could very easily be confused with one of her models after losing a whopping 182 lbs from the consequences of weight loss surgery.

This is what she looks like now 😛 TAGEND

Barboza constructed the decision to undergo gastric bypass surgery after her grandmother tragically passed away as a result of heart disease.

On her Instagram page, she candidly uploaded video footage of how she has her excess scalp stiffened through massage :

What also made Barboza realize that she had to stimulate drastic changes to her overall health and lifestyle was seeing her loving mother suffer a heart attack.

Barboza, who is from Juiz de Fora in Brazil, started rapidly gaining weight when she was just five years old and this carried on throughout her teen years and early twenties.

She blames her love of fast food on her rapid increase in sizing during her youth. It was this love of fast food that assured Barboza’s weight reach an unhealthy 308 lbs.

Before she made the decision to undergo weight loss surgery, she was a sizing 30.

Now, Barboza didn’t decide she wanted to lose the weight from the consequences of low self-esteem. She was actually always pretty confident about her sizing, but not long before she turned 18, she found out the distressing news that her grandmother had died from heart disease.

The then-teen was given the warning of a lifetime from her mom, who told her she’d had a heart attack just three years earlier due to a genetic condition.

Realizing that her poor health was putting her at risk of a premature death, Barboza knew she had to undergo gastric bypass- a procedure in which surgical staples are used to make a small pouch at the top of the stomach.

Following the surgery, she fell from 308 lbs to 127 lbs; less than half her original weight. The talented fashion designer is also now a garb size four to six.

The only downside of it all is that her dramatic weight loss left the young woman with a great deal of loose, excess scalp. She also expended over $2,400 in a bid to surgically remove the loose skin.

Barboza, who has always had self-confidence in abundance, shared her inspirational weight loss narrative on Instagram where she now has more than 54,000 followers.

” I started to get fat when I was five, but I never had a problem with it because I was really young so I was used to it ,” Barboza said.” Obviously, I didn’t like my body, but it was normal for me. I was always confident about myself and never felt less than anyone. I guess every dream for a fat person is to become skinny so I didn’t like to be fat, but I also didn’t put too much effort into it .”

” I always liked to eat real food ,” she added.” Of course, I used to eat fast food and junk food but most of the time my problem was dairy. If I could, I would have lunch for every meal of the working day .”

” My grandma died from heart disease and my mum had a heart attack when I was just 15. As I get older, I started to worry about my health and life so I took it more seriously. Following a difficult conversation with my mothers, I decided to undergo bypass surgery when I was 18.”

Barboza never used to exert, but she now works out an incredible six times a week doing boxing, bodybuilding and cardio exercisings. Rather than going down the road of gaining muscle mass, she focuses on burning as much fat as necessary.

” It was a very new process for me; I didn’t do any research online about the surgery, didn’t listen to good or bad things about it, I simply did it ,” she said.” With period, I was adapting. It was difficult in the beginning; I used to use my diet as medicine, so I followed everything my doctors said. After this, I started to become interested in all types of diet and gym workouts .”

” I really like my body now, but I have some excess skin and this is a process that demands a lot of surgery and some time away from the gym .”

” As I always say; I weighed 140 kg for 18 years of my life, and now I can wait another 18 years to have the body of my dreamings .”

” My advice to anyone who wants to lose weight is to research, read and learn. After I started to understand why I ate so much, my passion for eating healthier food only grew .”

” It’s a slow process, as I say, it took me years of bad habits with sugar, saturated fat, flours and industrialized food. My biggest tip is to prevent feeing anything industrialized. Our body is natural, and our food should be too .”

Barboza is an incredibly inspirational woman for doing what many would struggle to do. She clearly has dedication in spades and this is what allowed her to adjust to such a colossal altered in lifestyle.

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Obese 9-Year-Old Girl Loses A Shocking 76 lbs In A Year After Being Bullied At School

As a child, you have very few frets in the world. It’s the time in your life when you are able to pretty much do whatever you please and not have to worry about the consequences- especially when it comes to food.

But for nine-year-old Breanna Bond, that wasn’t the instance. At the age of nine, the California-native tip-off the scales at 200 lbs( 14 st 2lbs)- the ideal weight for a 6ft1 male, according to Banner Health.

Breanna was one of the thousands of obese children in America, destined for health complications in later life. But she managed to turn that all around after being bullied in the school playground for her larger-than-average size.

In the space of 14 months, Breanna managed to lose 40% of her body weight through differ exercisings and a balanced diet.

Her mothers were her biggest motivators on her weight loss journey, ensuring that come rain or shine their daughter was committing to her workout routine, which included a four-mile walking daily.

Now 13 years old, Breanna seems dramatically different after an intense diet. Just look at her now …

Her mothers’ motive came from the fact that they’d watched their once bubbly daughter is growing recede as her weight began to impact her daily life. Being unable to climb the monkey bars like the other children at school was only one of the things that caused Breanna to feel isolated from her classmates.

Determined to help change their daughter’s life for the better, her parents decided to implement a diet scheme, but they didn’t let her do it alone.

The Bond family banished their beloved junk food and began to introduce exercise into their daily routine.” I walked every step with her ,” Breanna’s mother explains.

This focus helped change Breanna’s approach to life. Now she is active on her school’s swimming team, placing in the top eight of the Junior Olympics finals for her age group in the 500 -yard freestyle.

Looking at Breanna now, it’s impossible to know that she was once an obese child.

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One-Legged Man Loses A Whopping 500 lbs After Doctors Gave Him Three Months To Live

Making a dramatic lifestyle change is never easy. Whether it’s vowing to stop smoking or deciding to eat healthier, we all know how difficult it is to muster the motivation to make a change. However, sometimes people can be pushed into taking action when their own health is at risk.

That was the case for 42 -year-old Stanley Hollar who was told in 2015 that if he didn’t lose weight, he would die. Ever since the mid-twentieth century, it has become easier and easier for people to indulge in unhealthy food. The rise of eatery chains like McDonald’s has created a culture where inexpensive, tasty, and seemingly satisfying food is available in mere minutes. In fact, the size of the average restaurant meal in the US has increased four times since the 1950 s. Many people who struggle to maintain a healthy weight begin their combats as children. Stanley was no exception, and, because of his weight, he had to have one of his legs amputated in 1996 at the age of 20, but regrettably, this still wasn’t enough motivation for him to change.

“Weight has always been an issue, ” Stanley said in an interview with the Daily Mail . “I was large even as a young child, weighing nearly 100 lbs when I was a five-year-old in kindergarten.” “It’s something I’ve lived with my whole life, but it was normal to me and not something I even really fought with. My family tried to say something several times, but it was a lot of words and not a lot of actions.” Stanley has now opened up about how his weight affected his life and led to him becoming an amputee when he was still in college- something which should serve as a stark advising to others in a similar situation. “I was playing as a goalie, albeit not very well, in an indoor soccer game on campus. The fact I was around 450 lbs at the time made it hard to move so I thought being in goal was a good idea as it entailed I got a little exercising, ” he told.

“However, I went to stop a ball and was trying to stop myself but merely my leg stopped, the rest of my body did not. I was in agony and if you were to ask how painful it was on a scale of one to ten, I’d have said about 50. ”

“I ran for x-rays at the local hospital who supposed I had sprained my knee. The doctor had a cast brace constructed for me and wrap my leg in bandages to immobilize it, but recommended I assured an orthopedic physician as soon as possible.”

“The following day, it was arranged for my parents to pick me up and drive me home. When they arrived we had to get me from my room to their van utilizing office chairs, which it took four guys to help lift me into.”

“Once we got back home, it was the same process, however, I couldn’t even fit through our front doorway sat in the office chair, so I had to be taken through the porch.” Even though Stanley was rendered almost disabled by his weight, it still didn’t fear him enough to change- and that was before he lost his leg.

“Just to get me to[ the] hospital early the next week my mom had to rent a heavy-duty wheelchair and my papa then had to take the seats out the back of his van and back it right up to the porch so I could get in. He then had to round up a lift team to get me out again, ” he continued.

However, things soon took a dramatic turn for the worst when Stanley returned to the hospital.

“When the doctors removed my casting, my leg was altogether purple from the knee down, ” the 42 -year-old uncovered. “At the time,[ they] thought it was just an ACL injury and ordered physical therapy to try and retrieve mobility.”

“Jump to Sunday night, my leg had started throbbing and was exceedingly painful, so I told my mom she needed to take me to the emergency room. Once there, they checked both my legs with a stethoscope, they could hear a strong pulsing on my left but on the right, silence.”

“At that phase, we knew something was severely wrong. I was rushed to surgery where they discovered the mess that was once my knee, I had shred all the ligaments and torn an artery.”

“They tried to repair it, but the extent of the damage was so great that they were left with little alternative but to amputate.”

Given that Stanley’s mobility was already affected by his weight, his chances of losing it were cut shorter by the loss of his leg. But even then, he made no attempt to lose weight. He simply finished college and began to work as a teaching assistant after obtaining his degree. However, everything changed for him at a doctor’s appointment in February 2015 where reference is weighed a colossal 678 lbs. On reflection, Stanley said that he was in denial about the effects that his weight was having on his life until this phase. He was told by a doctor that if he didn’t lose weight, the then 39 -year-old would not live to consider his 40 th birthday- which was just three months away. “That did it. In the first year, I shed 250 lbs, half of which was through heavy diuretics where the doctors drained excess fluid and water and the other half was through regular illumination exercise, ” Stanley said.

“I then had bariatric surgery which started another rapid weight loss, and through that and starting to go to the gym, I lost the rest of the weight to get to my current size.”

To date, Stanley has now lost a staggering 500 lbs.

“I now work out five days a week and try and go on walkings at the weekend. Even when it’s cold, I improvise by doing laps around the table or through the house.”

“My diet is also so much better. Whereas before I had the usual junk, takeaways, sugary snacks and drinks, I now have simple dinners with some kind of protein with plenty of fruit and veg throughout the day.”

A lifetime of indulgence has now left Stanley with debilitating sums of excess skin that are avoiding him from living a normal life. His insurance company won’t cover the cost of the removal because they class it as a cosmetic procedure.

“I feel so much better about my body now, but it is still in a state of change. I’ve come a long way in a short period of time but regrettably now have excess skin everywhere.”

“To be able to walk again I need to get the skin[ on] my thigh region removed. And for my new leg to fit properly, it needs to be skin tight, which is just not possible at the moment.”

“God willing, I still have a very long life ahead of me.”

In sharing his narrative, Stanley hopes to raise the money he needs to have his excess skin removed through a YouCaring page at We wish Stanley all the best in his continued fitness journey and said he hoped that he creates enough fund to have his excess skin removed.

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Mama June Reveals That She Has A New Man And The Secret To Her 300 lb Weightloss

There is no better feeling better than undergoing a dramatic and positive transformation in life. Whether it’s sticking to your New Year’s resolution to finally quit smoking, or, as was the case for Mama June in early 2017, losing a whopping 300 lbs.

Now down to a sizing four( US ), the mom-of-three has revealed that she’s officially off the market. Feed your heart out boys! The 38 -year-old rose to fame after starring in Toddlers in Tiaras with her youngest daughter, 12 -year-old Alana, who’s better known as Honey Boo Boo. They were then given their own present, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, which documented their lives in McIntyre, Georgia. However, when it emerged that Mama June was dating a registered sexuality wrongdoer, Mark McDaniel, the indicate was abruptly canceled. Mama June’s oldest daughter Anna “Chickadee” Cardwell had accused Mark of molesting her when she was just eight years old. Check out the video below to find Mama June discussing her relationship with McDaniel and the reports that he molested her daughter. In it, she tries to explain why she let him back into their own lives:

But it looks like she’s put her controversial past behind her. Speaking about her new beau with People magazine, Mama June told, “He restored our religion when we believed there were no good humen left out there.” After her dramatic weight loss, Mama June made it clear that she was ready to move on after her failed on-and-off matrimony to Mike “Sugar Bear” Thompson, who is Honey Boo Boo’s father, which objective for good in 2016.

“It’s simply been me and the girls for so long, and we’ve been through a lot, ” Mama June told People . “It’s hard to be able to trust someone, and it was a lot of walls that he had to break down with me and the girls, honestly.”

But Mama June is remain tight-lipped about her lover’s identity until her WE docu-series Mama June: From Not to Hot airs this month. The show will follow Mama June’s impressive physical transformation- which was achieved through lifestyle changes and a number of surgeries- as well as her attempt to starring in a beauty pageant herself. Well, they do say that if you’ve got it, flaunt it! According to Mama June, the secret behind her new figure is sleep in until 1 pm and missing breakfast. “This sounds bad but I’m more of a snacker, ” she said.

“It’s all about portion control for me. It’s not easy to feed like you’re’ supposed to’ and reached the gym all the time, but I’m just trying to maintain it the best I can.”

Despite being a famous face, Mama June has claimed that her new man had no idea who she was when they first met “but his kids did.” “That’s what I like about it, ” the 38 -year-old said. “We grew up in the same town but didn’t know each other. He doesn’t care about me being famous or anything about it. He’s having fun with it.”
Until now, Mama June has been particularly unlucky in love. Her ex-husband Sugarbear was reportedly abusive to her and her children. He denied these allegations but admitted to cheating on the mom-of-three with both females AND men. “He’s my rock and my best friend, ” Mama June said of her new boyfriend. Shockingly, McDaniel isn’t the only sex delinquent Mama June has dated. In 2014, it also emerged that Honey Boo Boo’s older sister Jessica “Chubbs” Shannon’s father, Michael Anthony Ford, was also jailed for sexually exploiting a child over the internet in 2005. Ford was busted for his predatory behavior on an episode of NBC’s To Catch a Predator in 2005. We can only live in the hope that Mama June’s new man doesn’t have something to hide.

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