Chonky, fluffy, thicc: inside the internet’s obsession with fat cat on diets

More social media accounts are dedicating themselves to specific chonky the bag of cats and their weight-loss efforts

They’re chonky, they’re fluffy, they’re thicc and body pawsitive. They’re round sons, floofs and absolute units.

The new animal trend on the internet celebrates the rotund and plump, with social media users focusing on the adorableness of a cat’s rounded cheeks, a hamster’s many rolls, a dog’s rounded shape and a raccoon’s voluptuous volume.

The Instagram account Chonky Animals has more than 409,000 adherents while the Round Boys and Round Animals accounts top out at more than 455,000 and 487,000, respectively. The Facebook group, This Cat is Chonky, has more than 395,000 members and hundreds of new posts each day.

The trend creates concerns about overfeeding and maintaining a pet unhealthy for the sake of cuteness. While humans can decide if they are healthy at every sizing, animals cannot , nor do they have the ability to tell their owners if they need help. But it has also inspired a wholesome movement toward building sure these animals remain healthy, as well as cute. More and more accounts are now dedicating themselves to specific chonky cats- and their weight-loss efforts.

” A heavy cat is pretty adorable ,” said Mike Wilson, one of the owners of Bronson, a cat who was 33 pounds when he was adopted and is now 23 pounds, one year later.” A big cat on a diet is a guilt-free way to follow an obese cat .”

In addition to Bronson, who has more than 214,000 followers, there’s Bruno Bartlett, the gray polydactyl cat that likes to stand on his hind legs, and his brother, Carlo. On Facebook, Fat Laila’s efforts at fat camp are lovingly documented, as well as her missteps- when she snuck into the closet to steal treats one night.

” There’s a reason why the internet is so preoccupied with fat cats ,” said Lauren Paris, the owner of Bruno and Carlo. “They’re so cute.”

Paris felt drawn to Bruno when stories about a “thicc” cat up for adoption went viral last year. She and her friend wrote a song, Give Me That Fat Cat, ensuring not just the adoption, but Bruno’s Instagram stardom.

However, upon session him, she knew his claim to fame – his chub- could not stay.

” He was so adorable, but he was able to barely move ,” Paris said.” The shelter was doing the best they could do, but he lived in a room with other cats and he would just eat their food .”

Bronson has now slimmed down to 23 pounds. Photograph: Courtesy of Mike Wilson

Because Bruno was already so public, his weight-loss journey became public as well. Paris posts when Bruno loses a pound, along with tongue-in-cheek hashtags such as” real cats have curves “. She posts pictures of him gazing longingly at human food, or meowing in the background to cooking bacon.

” I’m not going to lie, I think fat cats are cute, but not so cute that they shouldn’t be on a diet ,” Paris said.” Bruno, we look back at old videos of him and we guess,’ oh he’s so cute ,’ but he’s really cute now and he’s going to live a lot longer. That’s style better .”

Wilson and Bronson’s other owner, Megan Hanneman, felt the same way when it came to Bronson’s health. When they met him, he had to lie down to eat.” He merely was like a giant swollen ball ,” Wilson said.

” He was three years old and he weighed 33 pounds ,” Hanneman said.” The standard cat weighs like nine pounds, so he was about the dimensions of the three fairly big cats at three years old. He couldn’t move around .”

Bronson used to cry for more food before Wilson and Hanneman switched him to a wet diet that was less caloric but more filling. Even worse was when he would coax them awake for feedings.” At 3 in the morning, he’d come over and lay on us and purr in our faces ,” Hanneman said.

They enjoy posting about his weight-loss journey because cat weight loss is difficult. If cats lose weight too quickly, they can develop fatty liver disease, and typically sleep 18 hours a day and are hard to exercise, said Shari O’Neill, the chief shelter veterinarian at the San Francisco Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Cat are also grazers, so it’s hard to measure out how much food they need to get through a day.

” It’s been a lot of fun sharing tips-off on losing weight and things we’re doing with Bronson, knowing that a lot of people have this issue with their cat, even if it’s not that extreme ,” Wilson said.

But as with anything on the internet, there are trolls. “We’ve seen it all,” Paris said.” We watch,’ You’re mistreat this cat ‘. We also ensure,’ I miss when Bruno was fat ‘.”

Some of the top regulations in the Facebook group, This Cat is Chonky, include no chonk-shaming , no owner-shaming and don’t do politics or medical advice.

” People watch a picture of a fat cat and they think we attained it fat ,” Paris said.” Or when we just started to show his weight-loss photos, people who don’t know anything about cats will say,’ Oh, he only lost two pounds? Well he should have lost more by now .”

She continued:” You don’t know why a cat is fat. You don’t know what diets ought to have tried. You don’t know if it has diabetes or not .”

In between cute pictures of Bronson and videos of his monthly weigh-ins, Wilson and Hanneman also post about adoptable cats around the country that are largely overweight, something Paris thinks is a much-needed effort.

” Something that’s good about this internet trend is that it does draw attention to these pets that would be passed by traditionally ,” she said.” All of these famous chonky cats came from shelters. I think that shines a really good light. Kittens are more likely to be adopted, but if these internet-famous chonky cats are more likely to get adult cats adopted, then we did our undertakings .”

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The 10 Cancer Symptoms In Dogs That You Should Absolutely NEVER Ignore

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, cancer is a matter of about 50% of deaths of pets over persons under the age of 10. And for puppies specifically, cancer affects them atroughly the same rate as human beings.

Now when it comes to our own health, we are always on the lookout for cancer symptoms that we should never dismiss. Andwhen it comes to the health of our puppies, it is also its own responsibilities to be vigilant about any possible red flag in their health.

But how do we know what those red flag are? Veterinarian Dr. Phil Zeltzman writes, “Early detection is key when dealing with cancer, so learn to spot the signs.”

This exclusive appear at cancer symptoms in puppies shows you exactly what to keep an eye out for.

Like many dog owners, I know my dog well, so I know when something is wrong. But with cancer being so common in puppies, I want to make sure I know exactly what I’m looking for. Thank goodness I know this now!

Scroll through to watch which symptoms are a red flag indicating that your dog should be screened for cancer right away.

Symptom# 1: Weight Loss


Heeral Chhibber for LittleThings

Dr. Ann Hohenhaus writes, “Weight loss may be indicative of cancer or other significant health problems, ” and that it “should always prompt a discussion with your veterinarian.”

Just like in people, your dog’s unexplained weight loss could be caused by many serious health issues, including cancer. In general, your pet should be maintaining a normal weight unless you’ve put them on a diet.

So if you notice a big drop in weight, particularly in conjunction with other cancer symptoms, it is extremely important to bring your dogto a doctor right away.

Symptom# 2: Declined Appetite


Heeral Chhibber for LittleThings

Dr. Karen Becker writes that you should watch out for“loss of appetite. Reluctance or refusal to eat is another possible sign of illness.”

While at first you are able only notice a little extra food in your dog’s bowl, it is important to monitor if they truly have stopped or only slackened their eating. There are several types of cancers that cause a loss of appetite. A cancerous mass present in the bowels could be triggering stomach aches that induce food unattractive to them.

If you notice this lack of appetite in your pet, you should definitely take them to the vet to be checked out.

Symptom# 3: Disinterest or Lethargy


Heeral Chhibber for LittleThings

A sudden drop in your dog’s interest level or a reluctance to be active should tell you that something is not quite right.

Dr. Gerald S. Post writes, “Unexplained lameness especially in big or giant breed puppies is a very common sign of bone cancer. Radiographs of the affected area are useful for detecting cancer of the bone.”

Other possible explanations for your dog’s disinterest could be nerve or muscle cancer. In any case, it was vital to that you take them to the vet right away, especially if this lethargy is accompanied by any of these other symptoms.

Symptom# 4: Abnormal Swelling


Heeral Chhibber for LittleThings

When it comes to looking out for your dog’s health, you have to keep an eye on any abnormalities on or under their skin. This abnormal swelling is a prominent symptom of doggie cancer.

Dr. Phil Zeltzman writes, “The most obvious sign is a mass( or bump, or clod) that keeps growing under the skin. Any surgeon will recommend that you don’t only’ watch it, ’ but have it removed AND biopsied. If the mass turns out to be benign, that’s great. If it is malignant or cancerous, then at the least we know and we can discuss what to do next.”

As with any illness, it is important to catch your dog’s cancer early, so you should take them to the vet right away if you notice a lump.

Symptom# 5: Bleeding, Discharge, or Wounds That Do Not Heal


Heeral Chhibber for LittleThings

In monitoring your dog’s skin for hunks, you should also keep an eye out for any abnormal fluids or open wounds.

PetMD writes that any “abnormal substance being discharged from any part of your pet’s body should be checked out by your veterinarian.” They go on to write, “If your pet has meanders or sores that are not healing, it could be a sign of infection, disease of the skin, or even cancer.”

Most normal meanders will mend themselves within a week or so. If you notice that your dog’s injuries are not mending speedily, you should have them checked out by the vet right away.

Symptom# 6: Bad Odor


Heeral Chhibber for LittleThings

Dr. Kelly Ryan writes, “While’ dog breath’ is common, if you notice unusually foul odors coming from the mouth , nose or rectal area, it may be due to a tumor.”

These tumors are quite common for different oral types of cancer. In order to perform a full oral exam, your dog will have to be sedated for a radiograph or CT scan.

In order for your dog is correctly screened, it was vital to that you bring them to the doctor as soon as you notice any kind of regular foul odor.

Symptom# 7: Difficulty Eating or Swallowing


Heeral Chhibber for LittleThings

While loss of appetite is something to look out for, your dog may also want to feed but have trouble chewing or swallowing. This difficulty in eating could indicate a larger medical problem, like cancer.

Dr. Phil Zeltzman writes, “A lump in the neck could be putting pressure on the esophagus( the tube between the mouth and the stomach ). ”

Again, the only way to genuinely tell if your dog’s eating difficulties are being caused by cancer is tohave them screened by their doctor as soon as possible.

Symptom# 8: Difficulty Urinating or Defecating


Heeral Chhibber for LittleThings

While it is not always the most pleasant part of being a dog proprietor, maintaining an eye on your dog’s bathroom habits is perfectly key to monitoring their health.

PetMD writes, “Changes in your pet’s urinary or bowel habits- difficultly use the bathroom, frequent bathroom employ, blood in urine or stool- these are all potential signs of cancer.”

If you notice any of these problems considering your dog’s bathroom habits, particularly if they are accompanied by frequent retch, frequent diarrhea, bloating, or distention of the belly, you should take them to the vet right away.

Symptom# 9: Frequent Coughing


Heeral Chhibber for LittleThings

Persistent coughing from your dog is never a good sign and could indicate a variety of health issues including cancer, heart disease, or lung disease.

Dr. Jake Zaidel writes, “If the dog coughs once or twice, it’s of no concern, but if it continues to coughing for more than a few days, that’s a matter of concern and could signal lung cancer.”

In general, puppies are not supposed to coughing, this is something that symptom including with regard to should be taken very seriously when deciding whether or not to get your dog checked out.

Symptom #10: Hiding or Behavior Changes


Heeral Chhibber for LittleThings

You know your dog better than anybody, so you surely know when they are acting strangely. There is almost always an explanation for why your dog might suddenly be hiding from you or lashing out at you.

Dr. Kelly Ryan writes, “Has your dog been snapping more than usual? Are they spending more day away from you? They could be in pain. Also, pay attention to how they are walking, eating, and playing. If you notice any limping or fighting- it’s time to see the vet.”

Strange behavior from your dog is certainly one of the signs that something like cancer could be going on.

Keeping all of these symptoms in mind, and taking your dog to the vet when you see something wrong, can be extremely effective in the early detection of cancer.

Please SHARE this vital information about early canine cancer detectionwith friends and family!

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