Shine brings its female-focused self-care app to Android

Shine, one of the many apps capitalizing on the growing self-care trend, has now brought to Android devices its app used by 3 million people. Originally launched as a simple messaging bot that doled out life advice and motivation, Shine has grown over the years to become a larger self-help platform aimed largely at the millennial crowd — and, in particular, millennial women.

As of Shine’s $ 5 million Series A round last April, the app’s user base was 70 percent female, and 88 percent were under the age of 35.

Since then, it has added another million to its then 2 million users. That growth came despite Shine having missed the mark at times, as with its failed life-coaching subscription product that never emerged from testing.

Today, Shine’s focus is on personal growth, motivational messaging and other self-improvement topics, which are delivered by way of text and audio. Through short-form audio, users can get help across a number of areas, including things like productivity, mindfulness, focus, stress and nervousnes, burn out, adoption, self-care for online dating, creativity, forgiveness, work frustrations and more.

The app also sends daily motivational texts based on research-backed materials that help users better understand the topic at hand. These are published in a more casual style — almost like it’s a friend chatting with you.

Shine now monetizes through a Premium subscription that offers expanded access to Shine’s audio talks and challenges, as well as additional features like offline listening and the ability to save favorite texts. This is either $4.50/ month if you pay the $ 53.99 annual fee at once, or $9.99 per month. That’s roughly in line with what some meditation apps charge — for instance, the top meditation app Calm is $59.99 per year. And it’s cheaper than Headspace, which is $ 95.88 annually, by comparison.

Shine had said last year that one of its plans for its Series A was to build out the Android experience, as nearly half its customers were accessing Shine on Android devices. In those cases they were utilize the texting service due to the lack of an official app.

On iOS, Shine is fairly popular in its category. It has jumped to become the No. 16″ Health& Fitness” app in the U.S. following the Christmas holiday — a time of year when people get serious about wellness and self-care. However, it’s only the No. 86 app on the” Health& Fitness” Top Grossing chart, which sets it far behind other wellness apps, including meditation apps like Calm, weight loss apps like Lose It! and workout apps like the No. 1 app, Sweat from Kayla Itsines.

Given the app stores’ larger transformation to subscriptions over paid downloads in recent years, it will be interesting to see how many apps the average consumer will actually pay for through the subscription model — and to what magnitude more niche apps like Shine will be sustainable in the long term, as a result.

Shine is a free download on Google Play.

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8 Reasons Drinking More Water Is The Key To Reaching Your Fitness Aims

We’ve read the the blogs and health magazines, and we’ve watched Dr. Oz.

But we still tend to take the importance of drinking at the least eight glasses of water a day for granted.

Carrying a giant jug of water around the working day is tedious, and we’d all rather sipa venti chai tea from Starbucks than boring, flavorless water.

Water may not provide us with the caffeine that coffee does, but it provides us with many other nutrients and health benefits we truly need.

Water is so obtainable. We take for awarded the fact that we can easily procure clean drinking water that provides us with so many benefits.

Drinking water is essential to our everyday lives .

1. Water helps themaintenance and balance of body fluids.

Our bodies are composed of the representatives of 60 percent water.

Drinking water throughout the day helps maintain these fluids, and stimulates sure we are staying in check with our 60 percent.

2. Water helps with calorie control.

Drinking water is used as a weight loss strategy because ithelps you feel full more quickly, thus causing you to ingest fewer calories.

Also, feeing foods with higher water content will require a slower digestion process, causing you to feel fuller longer.

3. Water is good for your muscles too.

Water energizes the muscles.

Muscle cells need to be filled with fluids in order to perform at their best.

When your muscles are not filled with the right amounts of fluids, they tend to shrivel and not work tothe best of their ability.

4. Water keeps your skin looking its best.

When your your scalp is dehydrated, wrinkles and lines are more noticeable.

Drinking eight glasses of water a day will help keep your scalp hydrated and looking its best.

Over time, drinking lots of water will help your scalp maintain its perfection.

5. Water maintains kidney function.

Our kidneys are responsible for processing 200 quarts of blood each day.

In order to do that efficiently, the kidneys need to be supplied with lots of fluids.

6. Water is actually better for fighting off wearines than coffee.

Who knew, right?

Dehydration is a common symptomof tiredness.

Drinking water first thing in the morning will assist hydrate you.

It’ll get you feeling your best in order to start your day.

7. Water is a brain booster.

Studies have shown that water promotes greater thinking.

Water can help your brain feel freshened, ready to think and learn.

8. Water helps fight sickness.

Drinking lots of fluids can help with decongestion.

Water also provides you with the nutrients you need to maintain a healthy immune system.

It may seem difficult to find the time in your busy schedule todrink a lot ofwater, but it’s so worth it.

Drinking eight glasses of water can be easy if you find a scheduled routine and stick to it.

Buying cute water bottles and tumbler cups will build drinking water more fun.

I recently bought a 24 -ounceStarbucks tumbler, and it’s decorated with the cutest black and floral lace print.

It matches my attire, and it has become the perfect way accessory.

The best part is, it’s an incentive for me to beverage at the least eight glasses of water a day.

Once you find your awesome water beaker or bottle, set a schedule for how often you should refill it.

A good rule of thumb is this: Every hour you get up from your desk or leave your room to use the bathroom, go and fill your beaker up.

It will be easy to remember because you’ll be using the bathroom so often thanks to all the drinking you’ll be doing.

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