Yes, Smoking Weed Can Improve Your Workout

Yes, Smoking Weed Can Improve Your Workout

Yes, Smoking Weed Can Improve Your Workout

Yes, Smoking Weed Can Improve Your Workout

A few weeks ago, I was chatting with a friend over dinner about his work-out routine.

He told me,

I merely smoke a little bit before I head to the gym. It gets me in the zone. It’s awesome.

I sat back in my chair, perplexed. I’m not big on marijuana. The few times I have smoked weed, it’s left me unable to leave my apartment and in a state of giggly paranoia with my lungs burning. In what world could I go to a gym full of people?

This wasn’t the first time I heard of people smoking a bowl pre-workout, though. I recollected a friend in college telling me he biked around campus a lot faster when he smoked prior to his ride.

So, I started asking around. As it turns out, these friends of mine weren’t merely freak cases.

Karen Nuccio, a fitness and spin instructor in New York City, told me a funny story 😛 TAGEND

While waiting in my automobile before teaching an evening spin class one night, I spotted one of my students. He tapped on my window and get in my automobile to chat.This was one of my all-star spin students — aripped, shredded dude with tattoos and position. Hewould spin faster and harder than anyone.

He gets in a automobile, we start talking about the playlist for the class and then he goes,’ Do you mind? ’ beforepulling out a joint. Yep, my best spin student to date was high during every class.

Moral of the narrative? Not every pot smoker sits on the couch and orders Domino’s. Some of them are dominating your spin class.

We are all very specialized animals. Do I promote mixing narcotics and fitness class? No. But I think we all need to find our route and for some people, the road to health is not a typical one.

OK, so a fitness instructor I know well and respect corroborated marijuana can be extremely effective in athletic performance. Upon farther digging, I discovered some long-distance runners use it before operating races, and yogis use it to get a better stretching in.

In more weed-friendly nations, there are even yoga class specifically designed to incorporate marijuana, like Ganja Yoga in San Franscisco .

So, what’s the social sciences behind all this? Truth be told, there’s not a lot. The medication is only slowly becoming legal, after all, and many researchers hesitate to study it.

From the limited examines done, here’s what we know about marijuana and exercise.

It confuses youfrom your pain.

Need something to take your intellect off the pain of workout? Try smoking.

San Milln, the director of athletics performance at the University of Colorado, Boulder, told Shape magazine weed can act as a distraction.

He explained,

Obviously your mental state plays a role in how well you perform. And in certain situations when reducing anxiety or pain is beneficial, marijuana may be helpful despite its ergolytic properties.

Marijuana has long been prescribed to cancer patients to treat nausea or vomiting from chemotherapyand is proven to improve food intake in HIV patients, according to the American Cancer Society.

It’s prescribed to people in pain because it works. So, it merely induces sense it would help with the pain of a super intense workout as well.

It gets you “in the zone.”

Say you’re someone who gets easily bored by workout. While it’s hard for me to get bored during a long run outside when I’m somewhere between a runner’s high and thinking about when the pain will end, I can definitely relate to getting sick of the elliptical or stationary bike.

A blog post on Wellspring Collectiveexplains many long-distance runners used edibles or vaporizers before a long run to promote a “steady rhythmic zone for maintaining at a competitive running speed.”

In other terms, for some people, a marijuana high can severely improve focus and keep them “in the zone.” If you’ve ever smoked marijuana and watched the same YouTube video on recur, you can probably relate.

Don’t forget to take care of your lungs.

Marijuana may boost your athletic performance, but it goes without saying lungs filled with smoke are never a good thing.

Although there isn’t quite as much research on marijuana and lung cancer as there is with cigarettes, smoke is harmful to your lungs no matter what.

So if you do choose to work out while high, it’s safer toopt for a vaporizer or edible( be careful with edibles, though — they can get you route too high if you feed too much ).

I’m not saying you should utterly light up before your next spin class, and research on this topic is still very limited, but it’s certainly interesting to know for some, marijuana utilize is the key to exercise success.

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Yes, Smoking Weed Can Improve Your Workout
Yes, Smoking Weed Can Improve Your Workout
Yes, Smoking Weed Can Improve Your Workout
Yes, Smoking Weed Can Improve Your Workout
Yes, Smoking Weed Can Improve Your Workout

Yes, Smoking Weed Can Improve Your Workout

Yes, Smoking Weed Can Improve Your Workout

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